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Tell the Commissioners How You Feel


Posted 11:01 pm, 10/19/2017

I do not think time of day or night will have make any difference in how much those 3 will lie.


Posted 10:39 pm, 10/19/2017

I guess that’s a good idea. I know I don’t like it when people call me at 10:30 at night. I’m sure they would hate to have voters calling them at this hour and voicing their feelings. Yeah, I wouldn’t want anyone to do something like that to the commissioners.


Posted 10:33 pm, 10/19/2017

Nor am I in the mood to laugh......these are sad times for the people of Ashe.


Posted 10:26 pm, 10/19/2017



Posted 10:18 pm, 10/19/2017

Finns..... Bless your heart.... You call them and listen to them lie......I am not in the mood to be lied too.


Posted 10:10 pm, 10/19/2017

These commissioners as a group have failed the citizens of Ashe County. 3 of them need to be replaced in the next two elections. We citizens should not forget their mistakes during the coming elections regardless of our party.


Posted 10:01 pm, 10/19/2017

Call them and let them know how you feel. I don’t see why right now would be too late to talk to them


Posted 9:55 pm, 10/19/2017

These commissioners as a group are not representing the best interests of Ashe County's citizens. 3 of them need to be eliminated in the next two elections. There is nothing they can do to erase the mistakes they have made.


Posted 4:24 pm, 10/15/2017


jack rip her

Posted 3:39 pm, 10/15/2017

Timmy, Williams sure did hurt your feelings along with proud, and the chairman. Get it off your chest Timmy.


Posted 3:09 pm, 10/15/2017

It’s shows your level of sincerity Timmy


Posted 12:02 pm, 10/15/2017

Excuse me you fknidiot, i didn't know i had to be registered with a certain party to say they're doing a good job. 5I-I !T didn't even know i had to vote to offer my congrats to them...


Posted 11:21 am, 10/15/2017

Timmy, you’re not even a republican. You’re registered a democrat. And you don’t even vote anyway.


Posted 1:00 pm, 10/14/2017

The commissioners are doing a great job in making their decisions for the county and it's citizens.

And thats the bottom line!!!


Posted 12:32 am, 10/14/2017

Yeah and they listened to Bucky too, one shook his hand, assured him they would support him, then went in private and voted a different way. These people would smile at you and then stab you in the back.


Posted 1:58 pm, 10/13/2017

Had a conversation with a commissioner today. Afic you were right , and listen he did. I was very pleased and voiced my concerns to open ears.

I would encourage all of the citizens of Ashe who are not happy with what has been going on to do the same.


jack rip her

Posted 1:23 pm, 10/13/2017

Proud why are they wary of the taxpayers they represent?


Posted 12:34 pm, 10/13/2017

Just your husbands right Proud, because he is too cowardly to do it and he can't use a computer.

proud native

Posted 11:28 am, 10/13/2017

Well no jack I am nobody's spokes woman

jack rip her

Posted 10:27 am, 10/13/2017

proud native (view profile)

Posted 9:51 am, 10/13/2017

Yes in the kind gentle helpful way you have been on here... right...
They are now wary of everyone in the county and a barrage of complaints like seen in here won't be helpful

Proud are you now the spokeswoman for the commissioners?

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