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jack rip her

Posted 10:08 am, 04/21/2018

There is enough evidence in his emails and texts to fire him and not have to pay him a dime. I hope that three of them get the balls to finally send him back to Caldwell county.


Posted 9:40 am, 04/21/2018

Sand could very well have Yearick in mind when he mentions a change in leadership. I also believe the bad choices of former Commission Boards show very poor leadership and believe Sands knows this. Three Commissioners voted to give Yearick his extremely generous severance package. Then Yearick in turn gives Roark his maintenance supervisor position, both of which Sands opposed. Next came the vote to install Buchanan and we all know how that turned out.

Perhaps if McNeil and Sands win this election we can see that much needed change in the position of county manager. There has to be some loop hole to be found so we can rid ourselves of the incompetent, overly partisan "good ole boy" filling that position now. Even if we have to pay him I think we would come out ahead in the long run.


Posted 7:58 am, 04/21/2018

I think you have hit the nail on the head, Karma. Several on this site have been calling for Yearick's removal for a long time.

Hope Karma Comes Soon

Posted 7:44 am, 04/21/2018

I believe Sands is referring to the county manager whose leadership helped put Ashe County in the current predicament of having several lawsuits because "it's the cost of doing business" as Yearick was quoted in the JP. He has a penchant for being a spendthrift as well.


Posted 5:59 am, 04/21/2018

I believe that Sands has been the Chair since the last election.


Posted 2:44 am, 04/21/2018

Ashe County Line has published an interview with Commissioner Sands.

This stood out to me:

ACL: What is the least effective?
Sands: Lack of Leadership

Then the next question he answers that By changing Leadership.

Hasn't Sands been the Chairman of the Commissioners of the last few years. Yes I know he got outvoted, but if the problem is leadership and he thinks the solution is changing leadership, and he's the leader you have to wonder if he thought these answers through really.....


Posted 6:51 pm, 04/15/2018

The one name I haven’t heard much that kinda surprises


Posted 6:36 pm, 04/15/2018

Maybe. I quit following most of his antics since he left office. But it’s funny you brought him up. Jack and I were just discussing earlier today that the bank still hasn’t sold his house after forclosing 4 years ago. He probably has them tied up in court over it trying to say they used the wrong color ink and the law is void.


Posted 6:08 pm, 04/15/2018

I’m talking big picture, not just issues with his property and sleeping in barns. Weren’t he and his daughter involved in some domestic dispute with a baby daddy?


Posted 6:04 pm, 04/15/2018

I’d say Fannie Mae disagrees with you about Price being entertaining


Posted 5:50 pm, 04/15/2018

While Price was a trainwreck, he provided loads of quality entertainment. I’d take him over Perry, Rose, Roark or Poe. At least he had pinache and personality. I prefer blatantly obvious lunatics over the closet types.


Posted 2:03 pm, 04/15/2018

The fact that Blackburn, Cox, Miller, and Dix have not done anything to take advantage of social media or the internet to promote their campaigns shows just how out of touch with modern society they are. It shows they have little if anything to offer in the 21st century. The fact that they don’t comprehend that even for local elections, in this age voters expect to be able to look up a candidate’s platform on the internet. And that their not having an online presence makes people feel they aren’t serious about running for office.

If they democrat party wants to have a shot at putting someone on the county commissioners, they should have found a person young enough to understand modern society, and has a hot wife. Hot wives go along way to help getting endorsements.


Posted 11:55 am, 04/15/2018

Just remember Richard Blackburn is guaranteed to be on the ballot this fall. The commissioner discussion should be more about getting three descent Republican candidates for commission. I agree Richard would be an excellent choice, and I'm inclined, just as I have in the past, to vote for him. But if his D label is too much to overcome we need descent human beings on the GOP side. No more Roses, Perrys, Roarks, Poes, or God forbid, Prices. While there's no guarantees I believe Dix would be a safe choice, and would not be an embarrassment to the county. .

Totally get it Fins, it really is just a coin flip since nothing is definite with our choices, but since I do know Dix I think your results from casting lots is spot on.

jack rip her

Posted 9:25 am, 04/15/2018

Change his contract or just pay him off. They had no problem blowing 350 thousand on a lawsuit they were told they couldn't win. I still say elmer fudd led that battle for politics and favors only. Its long past time for him to have been back in Caldwell county where he lives.


Posted 9:20 am, 04/15/2018

A lot of people wouldn’t have voted for Bufurt. As for the county manager, there’s only so much the commissioners can do given his contract.

Down in Flames

Posted 8:05 am, 04/15/2018

I have to agree with Sassy on this one Fins. Blackburn is intelligent, knowledgeable and would use common sense and most importantly he would never have voted for Bufurt and would never keep letting that jack*** of a county manager continue to wreak havoc. Four is better than than three.


Posted 11:14 pm, 04/14/2018

Common sense above party only works now because they are all of the same party. So there is no crossing over or rebelling against party lines.


Posted 10:58 pm, 04/14/2018

I think the make up of the board will put common sence above party. Sands , Rhodes and McNeill already do this. The addition of Blackburn will make the vote 4 to 1. Hardly ineffectual. She ought to just go ahead and resign.


Posted 10:16 pm, 04/14/2018

First, I’ve seen nothing about him to set him apart from Dix, Miller of Cox. Throw him in the bag and mix them up and we will flip three coins to decide. But the big problem with him is he will be ineffective. While many of the votes in the past have had a predictable 3 to 2 outcome, with all 5 being of the same party, there is a possibility of swinging one to change their opinion. But a single Democrat will be hung out in the wind, completely unable to get anyone to side with them, for fear of retaliation from the party.


Posted 9:56 pm, 04/14/2018

And you could not vote for a proven common sence guy like Blackburn because he is a Democrat?

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