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The to the county for the recreation department is going up


Posted 9:35 pm, 12/05/2021

You mean you were fired in 2010.

Green Arrow

Posted 9:53 am, 12/05/2021

FIN??????I LEFT kmart in 2010 started in 2000. They closed a little while after theur two best employees left. I talked to maby customers who saud they would no longer go there after I left. Now I know that CONTEMPT in Ashe County court is like PERJURY abd doesn't exist in district court, superior court, or congress. Probably the Supreme courr also It amazes me that perjury dependson whether you are a fancy *** lawyer from Ashebpro who got his *** handed to him in front of the judge with a letter on the stationary of the law firm he was employed by at the time. Make no mistake after the beloved bought and paid for court in Ashe had the gall to send for me for jury duty,they now know exactly what I think of them. I told them if they didn't like my letter to them concerning their stupidity they could send the sheriff and I would tell him in person. They were also told tokeep it in case they ever forgot abd calledme again. I would hang any jury they ever sat me on and theywould never get a conviction on even jaywalking. Maybe ypu woukd like to see if they kept it and read it as it was one of my finest works that isunless it disappeared as documents are always doing there.


Posted 9:25 am, 12/05/2021

No it wasn't krazy. I remember caring the dates of when you posted on there to your termination.

Green Arrow

Posted 9:01 am, 12/05/2021

Fins darling that forum was YEARS before I finally left ole Kmart in 2010. It never fails to amaze me the dossier you three have on me. I am so FLATTERED to be the major thorn in your *** I may just cry. Now let me correct your misconception about morgaging my mobile home. Tell it to old Jim since he definitely did it while it was already collateral on another loan. Try dening it but I know exactly where he abdmy ex had to fetch that title from, the circumstances of that loan abd who the JUDAS was behind my back. Now carry on. It may take me a while to get over being the object of affection from three of you.

Green Arrow

Posted 8:52 am, 12/05/2021

You three are a never ebding source of amusement with your attacks and your hail James H. Fins can you produce SOLID EVIDENCE that I was guilty of CONTEMP??? Where is the WARRANT, THE COURT RULING?? I can tell you it got tossed out when it turned out the Ashe County Sheriffs office was too stupid to tead me my MIRANDA RIGHTS which they have to do any time you are taken into custody thereby interfering with my civil rights. Not surprising sinc our lastSheriff tried to interfer in my free speech rights to say online what was true. He went slinking back when I set him straight threatening to sue both him and the county. So once again you embellish the truth with lies.


Posted 9:51 pm, 12/04/2021

The final straw was when she went on the Kmart employees forum and started complaining about her store managers. She wasn't smart enough to realize they would read the forum too and figure out who she was when she listed dates and store number.


Posted 8:26 pm, 12/04/2021

And when you stopped taking a bath Kmart was done with you both also.

Green Arrow

Posted 6:01 pm, 12/04/2021

And I don't owe one **** person in this county. What does that tell ???? I will have you know my EX died and I do not know or care who he owed. His sons had to foot the cost to bury him and I had had nothing to do with him for years until he decided to sell the roof out from over his daughter and my head. He walked and threatened me once to many times, , I got a job and told his brother to keep him. So you don't go blamin me if old Jim finally screwed the pooch cause I could care less. As I said if you deal with ole Jim, anyone and lose your *** its on you. Blame me if it makes you feel better but its your own fault.


Posted 11:01 am, 12/04/2021

Krazy, you can't mortgage personal property.


Posted 9:56 am, 12/04/2021

Krazy you cant keep your past seperate from what you read about Jim today. Track hoe day occured because you defied a judges order. You and your late husband owed everyone in the country. No wonder the poor soul passed away after living with you.

Green Arrow

Posted 8:51 am, 12/04/2021

Had my then husband not chosen th stab me in the back for a barrel of fuel oil to keep his sorry *** warm the TRACKHOE DAY would never have happened as it did abd hence the reason I DIVORCED the man and refused to see him planted in the ground and I have no doubt the devil has a pineapple for him now.

Green Arrow

Posted 8:39 am, 12/04/2021

Goat, sorry he wasn't my late husband when he died. The contract on the mobile home was in my name from the beginning. My mother and I went to Sparta and purchased it while my ex would have loved to sit on his *** and live in my parents house The payments were made by me and when the man I purchased it from morgaged the thing while I had first claim on it the lawyer talked to ME. My then husband left and nevercame back but by then he had morgaged it in Boone. He later filed for zBANKUPCY. Those are FACTS, irrefutable FACTS. Now if old Jimmy boy were so up front and honest explain the lawsuits, the crooked dealing with BAKER, that resulted in a 500 000 dollar lawsuit. The 1.03million dollar finra fine, which he didn't pay, the FRAUD of whichhewas found guilty of. Its a pattern of behavior with him but you know what it won't change what he did to me. I won't ever forgive him. I don't have to particularly care but I am theilled the crook has been caught. He destroyed a lifetime association between my family and his abd he can live or die with that. He will answer for what he did either now or when he dies. Unlike with his father all I will do iscelebrate his demise, just as I did Roger Greer, and Jim Reeves. Now I haveno doubt you abd the trolls lost money with that little plot. I was told so by someone in the know. I have no doubt Reeves and the Christmas Mt. Gang engineered the scam with old Roger in SPITE of the fact it was agreed the would never interfer inmy business again at that mediation. Don't know why after what was done to me ANYONE wouldtrust Jim Heafner in an outhouse with a muzzle on but if so afyer hearing the story of how they treated me after 31 years, they do then THEY HAVE WHATEVER RESULTS THEY GET, coming. I will continue to stand by what I say, it was ILLEGAL abd it was a ****y way to treat someone who had done nothing but be in their way. You maynot like the truth but there it is. If you want it SUGAR COATED look elsewhere because the simple fact is I have nothing left to lose by shouting that truth from the rooftops or writtine a **** book if I choose to which I may yet do.


Posted 8:09 am, 12/04/2021

Your late husband owned the trailer.


Posted 7:34 pm, 12/03/2021

You never owned anything that could be mortgaged, Krazy.


Posted 4:50 pm, 12/03/2021

Kilby only stated the truth Krazy.

Green Arrow

Posted 4:43 pm, 12/03/2021

Now I am going to inform you of a little known fact. The mobile home old Jimmy boy thought.nothing of doing what the **** he pleased with was already tied up.in a loan at acompaby in Boone as well as a bankrupcy. It left meopen to further litigation and my then husbabdhad to clean up that mess before old Jim could buy the title from him. Personally I was pretty in the cleat since I never filed bankrupcy and I filed for divorce 30 days later. I was given the option of taking ole hubby for spousal and I opted to be rid of him completely. But oh the tangled mess ole Jim made. That was why I consulted a lawyer and he yelled mediation. He almost blew that when old Kilby insinuated an affectionate relationship between myself and Hal. He got a notebook between the eyes and they almost lost any chance at mediation.

Green Arrow

Posted 3:27 pm, 12/03/2021

What would you call MORGAGING someones only home behind their back exceot STEALING. Would you like it id someone did it to YOU. Remember I had the ONLY BUILDINGS on that property. Certainly explains why that bank was DEMANDING didn't it Of course that was only one of the BULL**** stories I was fed. Everythibg else is smoke and mirrors. Perhaps I should try tgat technique to steal soneone'shome and hand it to a bank. I find tour idea of him not stealing hilarious. 22 people aren't finding it any too funny from what I hear.


Posted 2:45 pm, 12/03/2021

When the judge told you to move you should have heeded his order. Did you think he would not get you off of Jims land after he orderd you off?


Posted 1:01 pm, 12/03/2021

Krazy, Jim didn't steal anything. He owned the property. You were trespassing

Green Arrow

Posted 7:49 am, 12/03/2021

You three are a never ending source of amusement with your pathetic attemps to hide the major truth in this mess. Since you brought God into this I am going to tell you a little story of King David and Bathsheba, wife of Uriah. Now David took Bathsheba while Uriah was away and he got her pregnant as the Bible tells us. Yep I've tead it all many times. He sent for old zUriahin an attempt to cover their sin hoping he would sleep with his wife and solve Davids problem. Uriah tefused and David sent him back to the armn to bekilled which he was. So everybody happy, happy right? Wrong. Nathan the prophet came to David with a question. A rich man has many lambs and the poor man only one. One day the rich man has company and he takes the poor mans one lamb. kills it, andfeeds hiscompany. Nathans question what shouldbe done to the rich man andwhat punishment should he get? David becomea furious and says DEATH to the rich man whereupon Nathan informs him " that man is you" and the child will die Now think about it. I had one home and it was taken. Jim Heafner had many but he had to steal the only one I had. Lesson over

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