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The top 50 not paying property taxes in the county


Posted 9:55 pm, 08/27/2019

Sam was a conniving crook that schemed with Roark and Rose to get Bufurt appointed sheriff then gave Roark a county job in exchange for his own raise and a big severance package. He didn't do squat to increase tax revenue. He sure didn't collect millions. He took credit for any taxes that were just paid late.

jack rip her

Posted 5:55 pm, 08/27/2019

Potashe your buddy roark hasn't had those yellow camaros repossessed yet?

jack rip her

Posted 5:49 pm, 08/27/2019

You need to go back and read those texts again potashe. Your boy Sam was neck deep in with his friend Roark and bufurt.

Dont think we will let one soul forget come next election where I hear Roark is going to be dumb enough to run again.


Posted 4:46 pm, 08/27/2019

Lying again Jack, Sam didn't have a few collections done to make it look good. The last tax collector would not collect. He retired. I agree the former commissioners should of seen they were collected. Sam was behind making sure we had one person working on these collections. As for the airport and all that former sheriff stuff he wasn't a commisioner. He had nothing to do with that mess. He worked with the previous sheriff office on matters with the budget not just Buchanan. That was his job . Oh and when have you ever talked with Sam's mother or anyone who is not trash.


Posted 6:34 pm, 08/25/2019

I'm going to also point out, even if Sam gained the county $100million in annual revenue, it doesn't undue the illegal meetings and under the table schemes he participated in. It doesn't change that he repaid Roark with a county salary.

jack rip her

Posted 2:27 pm, 08/24/2019

Potashe the collection of taxes may have begun under sam but it was after Little retired. Also Sam had the county attorney doing a couple of foreclosures just to make it look good. It wasnt until the new tax administrator took seat he hired a firm out of Asheville that does foreclosures for counties all over the state. This is when it got real on collecting back taxes. Sam was long gone. I hear his poor mother is still so ashamed to call him her son.


Posted 1:49 pm, 08/24/2019

First of all, a commissioner shouldn't need someone else to point out that taxes are outstanding. In their budget workshops, that should be one of the things on the list. If not, that's their fault. Second, it wasn't millions. Especially when you consider the expenses spent to collect. It was a nominal number at best. And then Sam wasted way more than that between the airport and the crap spent on Bufurt.


Posted 1:35 pm, 08/24/2019

By the way it was millions in delinquent taxes that have been collected in Ashe due to Sam. Commissioners had said it was never brought up to them before about collecting long overdue taxes. Even some county employees were not paying there's for years. Thank you Sam.


Posted 1:31 pm, 08/24/2019

Hundreds of thousands of dollars for hiring a man who did his job. I am not a supporter of Roark but really you are delusional.


Posted 2:07 am, 08/24/2019

Yeah and we can thank Sam for costing us hundreds of thousands perhaps millions due to his mismanagement and improper hiring of Roark......


Posted 8:37 pm, 08/23/2019

We've debunked your so called truth before.


Posted 7:26 pm, 08/23/2019

That's the truth. Which is something you don't know about.


Posted 6:57 pm, 08/22/2019

Your nose is growing again


Posted 5:36 pm, 08/22/2019

They were millions owed on taxes thanks to CHICKEN LITTLE. YOU can thank Sam for the taxes getting collected.


Posted 1:32 am, 08/18/2019

Largely I was agreeing with you, in most cases the owner could sell those at 80% market value (assuming no mortgages), pay off the taxes and still make a pretty penny.


Posted 11:39 am, 08/17/2019

What's your point Jr?


Posted 1:06 am, 08/16/2019

The top defaulter's parcel is valued by our tax agency at 419k. The second top defaulter's is worth 100k.....the third is well that parcel # doesn't exist, and the fourth is worth 665k.

jack rip her

Posted 8:31 am, 08/14/2019

Every now and again a deal comes along. I have seen and been involved in two properties.


Posted 9:43 pm, 08/13/2019

Rarely do good properties get sold at tax sales. Usually the owner figures out a way to come up with the tax money, or they sell it themselves at a significant discount below market value just to get something.


Posted 12:27 pm, 08/13/2019

I ask because it would appear to be a means of obtaining some cost effective property is you are buying for the tax lien.

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