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Todd Fire Department Insurance Lapsed


Posted 3:22 am, 08/18/2017

Well if she has an attorney she's probably been told to be quiet.

After all from the outside looks like embezzlement to me, which is of course a felony.


Posted 12:08 pm, 08/17/2017

I was just thinking, Chris's wyfey sure has been quiet on this issue. She had a lot to say when he was running for sheriff.

jack rip her

Posted 9:59 am, 08/17/2017

The 20+ thousand was to help him start a business and came out of the departments tax money. The 7100.00 came out of the firemans relief fund and was deposited directly into welch account. This is against the law. The papers have put it all together at 30+ thousand he has from the department.


Posted 8:53 am, 08/17/2017

I thought it came out during one audit it was to help him start a business.


Posted 1:41 am, 08/17/2017

It could be the reason, but it should be disclosed.

ยง 58-84-35 (1) Might allow distribution in such a case.


Posted 1:36 am, 08/17/2017

I was just wondering, since I know his wife battled cancer around that time


Posted 1:24 am, 08/17/2017

It can be used to help a member avoid destitution based on the rewrite in 2014 of G.S. 58-84-35. However it is not legal to not disclose what the money was spent on. Severe misuse of funds giving himself a loan and then possibly bailing himself out though.


Posted 1:10 am, 08/17/2017

Could the relief fund be used in hardship cases?


Posted 12:54 am, 08/17/2017

She was or is.

She should resign as well.


Posted 6:23 pm, 08/16/2017

Wasn't Welch's wyfe the treasurer? I do think she'd make a better chief deputy than Ricky.

jack rip her

Posted 6:10 pm, 08/16/2017

I had the same thought about him running for sheriff. The 7100 that the fire club deposited in Welches checking account came from the Firemans relief fund. This is against the law to take money out of that fund for the undisclosed purpose. Its still hard for me to believe that no investigation is being done.


Posted 4:03 pm, 08/16/2017

The chief of Todd VFD finally stepped down. A criminal investigation on the financial dealings (especially regarding the "loan" of taxpayer money to the chief should be investigated.

Just a reminder......this clown once ran for sheriff. Heck, he would probably be better than what we have now.

same leadership style......


Posted 1:25 pm, 08/16/2017

I think if I lived in the section assigned to creston, I would be checking into the prices of sprinkler systems.


Posted 4:21 am, 08/16/2017


Here's the latest on the situation. It is good they finally had the fire chief resign.

jack rip her

Posted 8:33 pm, 08/15/2017

I would have to believe if the fire club didnt pay the insurance bill they have not been paying the bank payments. I did a little title search and saw about 1 million in debt for the fire club. I cant believe the banks would loan this kind of money to this small a department.


Posted 8:22 pm, 08/15/2017

Wait, looks like there was an investigation, by Watauga and it was found to have no legal wrong doing. Actually, it looks more like they called the SBI and got them involved. I remember this now, it was an election year, when Nathan was running for DA.


Buchanan 2018

Posted 8:20 pm, 08/15/2017

Good point


Posted 8:17 pm, 08/15/2017

I don't believe either sheriff's departments investigated. I believe one or both counties did audit the frat house, but they didn't press for charges. At the time, Nathan Miller was a county commissioner in watauga and was planning to run for DA. He was going around trying to buy fireman votes.

Buchanan 2018

Posted 8:01 pm, 08/15/2017

Maybe because he resides in Ashe Co ??

jack rip her

Posted 7:57 pm, 08/15/2017

Todd fire club is in Watauga county. The Ashe county sheriffs department has no jurisdiction in Watauga county. The investigation was done by Watauga and was obviously flawed to put it nicely.

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