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Posted 9:42 pm, 04/19/2021

You never paid anything. You mooched off of everyone else. I have no reason to prove anything since you confessed.


Posted 5:59 pm, 04/19/2021

Krazy you should consider that you are wrong and you are a criminal.


Posted 3:37 pm, 04/19/2021

The lawyers you named are/were fine honorable men. You should apologize and humble yourself.

Green Arrow

Posted 12:05 pm, 04/19/2021

Personally I think just like those old Jim Heafner shafted with his lousy investment advice, I have more than paid for that GARBAGE Crapma Mountain bull****. I definitely would not trust a Heafner, Kilby, Reeves, Greer, or any of the rest of them in an outhouse with a muzzle on.

Green Arrow

Posted 12:00 pm, 04/19/2021

Thats because you can't prove anything. Just run your mouth. If you think your opinions matter to me you are a bigger fool than you continually sound like. Besides I though you were done. Now GO AWAY.


Posted 11:02 am, 04/19/2021

I don't have to. You confessed

Green Arrow

Posted 9:21 am, 04/19/2021

Show me the warrants and convictions!!!I knew you were a liar but now I know you are also a coward.


Posted 8:47 am, 04/19/2021

You already admitted you took the $20k. You confessed to criminal activity.

Green Arrow

Posted 7:53 am, 04/19/2021

You are DONE??? After years and years of character ***ination, lies, slander, etc. ,we are DONE??? Caught in your own fraud and lies we are DONE?? I don't think so. I said I WANT to see what you bragged you had, a FORGED CHECK for 20 Thousand, you claime has my FORGED SIGNITURE ON IT. You have ran your mouth and now I insist on seeing exactly what you have forged you want to be done. Indeed I believe its time I contact our sheriff to stop the forgery and fraud you, dungbeetle have in tour possession or so you claim. drag this crap up every single year just to rub my **** nose in it. I think it time it ceases.


Posted 3:17 pm, 04/18/2021

Have you had your rabies vaccination krazy?


Posted 12:49 pm, 04/18/2021

You already admitted to taking the money. We are done.

Green Arrow

Posted 12:02 pm, 04/18/2021

Now just ADMIT you dung beetle are a FRAUD AND A LIAR and you do NOT have any canceled check for 20 thousand supposedly signed by me. Save the SHERIFF a trip.

Green Arrow

Posted 11:52 am, 04/18/2021

I have no problem with my concept of reality. I lived with it in below zero temperatures sitting by a campfire and sleeping in an ice cold camper. I believe you are having problems accepting James H Heafner king of CRAPMAS MOUNTAIN was a crooked liar in 2004 and has now been proven a crooked liar and a fraud again in 2021. Of course liars and frauds flock together. The reality I pegged the man as a FRAUD and now he has been proven to be a FRAUD eludes you. I had no problem with teality in 2004 when I said he was a crooked, fraudulent liar and I have no problem with the reality of saying it now. I consider after what I was put through I am in full knowledge of reality and I have doctors to prove it.

Green Arrow

Posted 11:44 am, 04/18/2021

Have you forgetton you claim of having a canceled xheck for 20 thousand I supposedly signed right on this topic. Have you had a memort examination by a qualified medical professional?? You have INVOLVED ME in FRAUD and claim to be able to prove it. SO PROVE IT!!!! I can PROVE what I say and obviously you cannot.


Posted 11:02 am, 04/18/2021

Crazy people never back down because they have no concept of reality. You already admitted to taking the $20k. There's nothing left for us to prove.

Green Arrow

Posted 10:39 am, 04/18/2021

I don't back down, I simply get sick of dealing with s and people who think MONEY is the answer to everything. I will wait to see them take it to **** with them when they die just like Roger and Reeves. People who think they are better than me because of what they have that I do not.

Green Arrow

Posted 10:35 am, 04/18/2021

Dog you and dungbeetle are fine ones to talk about TRUTH. You and he can't even produce acanceled check for 20 thousand I supposedly signed tha dungbeetle bragged he had righton this site. He said that not me. What I have said is backed up by court documents and receipts for money paid out I can PROVE what I say. Dung beetle aka aficianado, aka fins ,aka Scott Logan, aks into infinite cannot prove that one little fact he LIED. In case you missed it I NO LONGER have to give a fiddlers **** about any of it. Heafner made his bed he can **** well lie in it. I will happily watch him sink, just as I did Reeves and Roger. There is NO MORE James Heafner can do to me.


Posted 9:27 am, 04/18/2021

Catching you in so many lies has you backing down.

Green Arrow

Posted 8:09 am, 04/18/2021

There is nothing wrong with me that refusing to have a battle of wits with unarmed s on this site won't fix.

Green Arrow

Posted 7:48 am, 04/18/2021

But I do imagine you, dumgbeetle and goat in a NICE MUZZLE so you would shut the **** up about what you don't know jack **** about

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