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jack rip her

Posted 5:53 pm, 10/13/2017

Then you should support Trump in cutting out aid to foreign nations when our children are starving.


Posted 5:08 pm, 10/13/2017

I worked with the Partnership and worked closely with the children of Ashe County, and it is amazingly sad at what I witnessed first hand. There are children that come to school and to the child care centers hungry, dirty, sleepy, and in need of just plain love and attention. There are many reasons why this is happening such as poverty, drug use by the parents/caregivers, lack of parental education, and inaccessibility to health care and other resources. NO child should have to be hungry, have to worry about their safety at home, and have to go without medical care when needed, but hundreds of children in this county are living in one or more of those situations. Ashe Partnership for Children truly strives to better that situation with the resources they are able to obtain, which do not come without a lot of hard work, and sometimes begging and pleading. The child care directors and providers do a wonderful job as well! I would often find them rocking, bathing, singing, playing, feeding, and whatever else it took to console a child in need. Many thanks to all of the volunteers in the county that work with those in need. It is hard work to take care of children in the way that they should be cared for, and my wish is that all of the folks of Ashe County would participate in any way they can to make this happen.


Posted 12:54 pm, 10/13/2017

The sad thing is that many of those children would not be getting a decent meal if they weren’t at school. Many go hungry on the weekends. Thankfully some churches in the area do the Snack Sack program for those children in need on Fridays.


Posted 12:32 pm, 10/13/2017

Especially with the funding reduced from the state. Unfortunately we do have a huge need as JR said, and the funding is not there.

Let this sink in. Almost 70% of kids in Ashe are receiving aide of some type. Mostly Free or reduced lunches. That is the burden that the Ashe Partnership is faced with.


Posted 11:10 pm, 10/12/2017

There is so much need in this area. I know they have been financially pinched this year.


Posted 7:31 pm, 10/12/2017



Posted 7:25 pm, 10/12/2017

Bigfoot was much better when people were outing searching for him instead of him coming out in public.


Posted 5:45 pm, 10/12/2017

Bigfoot hates children.

Sasquatch in Creston

Posted 4:21 pm, 10/12/2017

The same ride they took the BOC on when they dumped a $250,000 debit on the County taxpayers - not incurred by the County


Posted 7:56 pm, 10/11/2017

All items sold by the Partnership were owned by the organization and were disposed of under its internal procedures and in accordance with those of the NC Partnership for Children. If you have questions, you could actually call the Partnership at 336-082-4588 and I am sure they will be glad to address your concerns.

jack rip her

Posted 5:43 pm, 10/11/2017

businesses dont hire jail birds and felons. They would have to close in a week if they did. However they could become a personal chef for bufurt.


Posted 5:36 pm, 10/11/2017

Personally teaching the inmates grilling skills is a excellent idea. It could prepare them for a life in the restaurant industry when they are rehabilitated and return to society.. Its a win win situation!!!!

proud native

Posted 4:13 pm, 10/11/2017

And trolls, what does this have to do with the auction

jack rip her

Posted 3:50 pm, 10/11/2017

In the sally port.


Posted 3:32 pm, 10/11/2017

What I understand since the SBI has been in town, its been at the Sheriff's Office

Joseph T.

Posted 3:21 pm, 10/11/2017

I wonder where one could find this grill?


Posted 2:39 pm, 10/11/2017

Exactly, Jack! I would rather see items not being used sold not going to waste. What does the SO need with $900 grill in the first place? Teaching inmates grilling skills?

jack rip her

Posted 2:33 pm, 10/11/2017

If bufurt is allowed to buy a 900 buck grill then I dont see the problem.


Posted 2:26 pm, 10/11/2017

If you look on their page on another social media site they were selling the items for downsizing purposes. Why keep things not being used just lying around? Who is to say anything wrong doing is going on? Money raised could be going for up to date items.


Posted 1:33 pm, 10/11/2017

Take the rumors and run with them....

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