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Updates on Steve Roark?


Posted 9:09 pm, 09/28/2021

Aaaand… derailed.
Why fellers?! Why every one of them?


Posted 6:15 pm, 09/28/2021

I like plump women. You've never lived until you go full hoggin


Posted 6:07 pm, 09/28/2021

Looks like they upped his vent :(


Posted 3:21 pm, 09/28/2021

Someone is going to have to step up and take one for the home team and tap this fat woman. I think billy bob should be the hero.


Posted 9:18 am, 09/28/2021

Can someone say 'drop the mic'


Posted 7:12 am, 09/28/2021


No I am upset because you do your little 3 legged empty testicle sack mutt called Lucky and I am a little taken back by that

I know looks are not something that you care about because look at that flea bitten douche bag you have been having friskies with for what decades.
And just like someone who has something they claim depicts manhood hidden in their
tighty whiteys from the 70's you are just all fish bubbles.

You are mad because I dumped you quicker than a whale dumps spoiled rotten chum it just ate!!

If one of you farts does the other say excuse me? If one of you get's embarrassed by me does the other one feel it? When one of you goes into time out does the other go as well?
I would say yes to those questions.

You see mold attracts mold When black mold starts to consume one person the person closest to that person also becomes weighed down by mold. Thick black mold that consumes everything alive
That is the two of you. You have nothing because you are black mold that tries to consume and kill all life.

Sorry I have Lysol

The two of you are so lame You have no life other than to be some shock and awe white supremacist wanna be's when in reality you are some 50 year old single men who touch each other and call it friskies!!

So embarrassing and I am better than you nananananananananana hahahaha

Get a life or a set if you want to go up against me because each post you send my way just confirms how weak the two of you really are..

Do you know any appraisers? I need a good appraiser do you have any one you could recommend??

I love the two of you.
I know you both think the two of you combined make a single man
but you have come up short there as well.
You have come up very short!!

4. Rh3

I hope everyone has a great day


Posted 3:33 pm, 09/27/2021

Menopause perhaps a bread and water diet?


Posted 12:50 pm, 09/27/2021

Menopause is upset again that I don't do the big girls like her


Posted 11:00 am, 09/27/2021


These meetings you speak of. Are they like the BDSM meetings you and the boys used to have until you got caught stealing latex girls from that adult store in Boone?
I know, it was a long question and it is Monday not that that matters for you because
well you fill in the blanks.

I will shorten the question for you

These meetings you speak of. Are they like the BDSM meetings you and the boys used to have until you got caught stealing latex girls from that adult store in Boone
I left out the question mark..

Was it not you and said boys who would fling your "substances" on each other and call it friskies?
Remember....You all bragged about how well you "handled" them.
The substances. . . You handled them well
No one complained so dont talk about someone else and their substances ok?
3. Nc3

Have a great day!!


Posted 9:04 pm, 09/26/2021

You should consider meetings. You don't handle your substances very well


Posted 8:33 pm, 09/26/2021

Sounds like coke to me.


Posted 7:55 pm, 09/26/2021

I didn't stop from yesterday. Actually microdosed and had a geltab. Haven't slept in days


Posted 7:28 pm, 09/26/2021

Billy started drinking early tonight


Posted 7:17 pm, 09/26/2021

Make you a name and get on the program. Your liberal friends need you.


Posted 7:05 pm, 09/26/2021

Asking for a friend. My friend said he's in rough shape. I'm not on the socialmedia.

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