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Naked Post


Posted 11:17 am, 01/30/2010

Today would not be the day to be naked


Posted 10:03 am, 01/30/2010

Oh well, it looks like every time I go out looking for my new summer bikini, look what happens more snow. I'm so depressed, Roy and Johnny had to go back to rescuing Californians, you know with all that rain they got so now I'm all alone with just my dachshunds to keep me warm.. I may just go back and jump in the New River again.


Posted 5:17 pm, 01/29/2010

nobody's been naked in almost two weeks


Posted 11:54 am, 01/15/2010

OK everyone, the next big cold snap we are setting up a warming room at K-37's place! It is REALLY cozy there with Gage and Desoto! Clothing will be required!


Posted 10:39 am, 01/15/2010

I don't have them chained. I just keep serving the hot choclate and they are hanging around. We're having a HEATWAVE.


Posted 10:58 pm, 01/14/2010

Trista, have you not heard? She has Gage and Desoto chained to her house....on the inside....know what I mean???? K-37 is very warm...no chill with her right now. No way!


Posted 3:30 pm, 01/14/2010

update due to the recent heat wave they were able to rescue kmeridian37 .Reported at the scene doing quite well .When asked were do you go from here the reply was I'm still thinking of that one .So we will see where it leads from here .


Posted 9:00 am, 01/12/2010

Don't they look good. LOL. Amazing what makeup can do isn't it?? They can hang out with me as long as they like or until the chocolate runs out. Then I'll send the dog out for more by dog sled. I'm not risking getting stuck in the ice again. But what about me being the latest tourist ATTRACTION for Ashe county?? I can't be that if I'm not bobbin in the New River and now that I've been recued and the ice refroze I can't get back into the river.

Oh well you can't have everything and I guess I'm just not fated to be famous.


Posted 10:17 am, 01/11/2010

Yes, they are going to hang out with you as long as you feed them hot chocolate and Aleve. They decided they were too old to be swingin' out of choppers as they are really sore today!

Wow...they look good for their age!


Posted 9:08 am, 01/11/2010

Yeah, I'm out of the ice. Good work guys and you even sent Rescue 51, with Johnny Gage and Roy Desoto. I'm not coming out until spring as we sit and sip HOT Chocolate by the electric heater. They have agreed to stay and keep me out of trouble until spring. Not taking any chances on me getting stuck again. Give that dog a bone, he's a good dog and saved all the barking until rescue, except for barking at the deer that kept trying to pee on us.


Posted 2:31 am, 01/11/2010

K-37 we finally got you and the dog out of the ice today. The rescue team from Charlotte wanted to practice, so I told them to fly on up the mountain. The pilot did a great job staying at the right height over the ice. The rescue 1 put a harness around you and all of the ice covering you. He gave the pilot a thumbs up, and the chopper pulled straight up and you and rescue dude went spinning! The two of you were going round and round and round, and you just missed the tree tops before the bridge! It was frightening to watch because that was not suppose to happen. But they got you on board, and next they got my crazy dog. They practiced with the basket with him and he barked all the way!

What a day....glad you are safe and get warm, soon!

Sorry the chopper had no heat....those old Heuy's are known for being cold. No naked flying in one of those old things!

And yes, you got to keep all of the money. The dog spent his before I could get him home.


Posted 6:14 pm, 01/09/2010

newriverrat: Will I get money from the winner of the bowling game?? Is it snow bowling? If so be careful those frozen snowballs HURT. Just ask them not to throw any more beer cans.It's hard enough for me not to take up drinking right now. It's hard enough for me to not take up drinking right now. But just think I might thaw out Wednesday since I think they are calling for a high of 40 degrees. Maybe I can get a development named after me on the river. I'll be famous, just what I always wanted LOL.


Posted 9:56 am, 01/09/2010

K 37, the dog said he is glad he is already neutered, because he does not think he could stand his b**** being pulled lose from the ice. OUCH.

Oh no....you two are getting too popular, as now they have started a bowling game, and they are trying to knock you guys over. When will the fun ever cease?


Posted 9:06 am, 01/09/2010

Whoever threw that beer can I got you tag number and I've put it down on every page of my little black book. Just wait until thaw paybacks are ****. No beer cans plase just MONEY cold hard coins.


Posted 8:56 am, 01/09/2010

Do I get to keep all that money tax free? If so keep throwing., I'm so pleased to be the newest tourist attraction. I knew I had a claim to fame somewhere in this county. Bet old Christmas Mountain is breathing a sign of relief now that I'm frozen 6 feet under. Wonder how they are enjoying that "easy access" now Unfortunately my computer goes everywhere with me. But just think of what that water quality is going to be like in the spring thaw when this dog and I thaw out. Hint the hairy one is the dog since my hair is getting thin since I've just about pulled it all out. 9 years at a certain job will do that to you.

But would someone please toss me a thermos of coffee and this poor dog, I don't know his name so I call him Jim, a dog biscuit or a bit of kibble..


Posted 2:48 am, 01/09/2010

Wait! They have started a new game at our tourist attraction....there is so much ice covering K and the dog, they do not know which is which. It is called a guessing game and they are making bets. The winner will be announced this spring! Stay tuned!


Posted 12:40 am, 01/09/2010

Dang...anyone nekkid in Ashe (12 degrees right now) or Wilkes (14 degrees right now) is in bad trouble.


Posted 12:27 am, 01/09/2010

K 37 have you missed that you are now part of a new tourist attraction? I mean we had to do something to get people to come to Ashe county! Come see the New River, river of the frozen bums. I am trying to get folks to quit throwing coins at the two of you....but hey, it is MONEY!


Posted 8:52 am, 01/08/2010

Oh well, back down to 4 degrees. Guess I'm a popsicle until spring unless someone can chisle me out and take me to the Polar Plunge at Chetola. Hey the old boss lives up there, maybe that is what gives him his high class attitude. Maybe I can Polar Plunge him. HELPPPP!!! Poor doggie needs help to or a biscuit one. We're getting HUNGRY out here stuck in the ice.


Posted 2:31 pm, 01/07/2010

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