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Durham family murders

got some data

Posted 8:28 pm, 10/18/2008

from Ancestry.com death certificates
Baxter Bryce DURHAMS birth date Nov 21 1920 died Feb 3 1972
he was an owner of a car dealership
son of
Coy Durhams and Collie Crab
AT his home, 10:PM

Rt 3 Boone
immediated death from Asphyxia do to rope strangulation and drowning
Homicide/rope around the neck
Burial Feb 6 1972 Pleasant Home cemetery Lomax Wilkes CO
Viginia Dare DURHAMS birth date Oct 24 1927 died Feb 2 1972
daughter of Calvin Church and Jennie Jane Eller
bookkeeper for car dealership

AT her home, 10:PM
Rt 3 Boone
immediated death from of Ligature Strangulation
homicide/ rope around the neck

AT home, 10:PM
Rt 3 Boone
Bobby Joe DURHAMS birth May 2 1953 died Feb 3 1972
he was not married
he was a student at college

immediated death from Asphyxia do to rope strangulation and possible drowning
Homicide/rope around the neck
Daughter and sister Mrs Ginny D Hall she lived a 57 Greenway Village Boone


Posted 3:36 pm, 10/18/2008

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Posted 10:53 am, 10/18/2008

I plan to do that whenever I have time.
But I also hoped somebody on here had some memory or knowledge of the case.

When such a major crime happens in a small town it surprises me it was never solved. Does that mean that law enforcement really knows who did it, but they could never find the needed evidence to prove it?


Posted 2:53 am, 10/18/2008

Probably could get information from either Watauga Sher. Dept. from cold case files or Library usually has old newspapers available on their computers.


Posted 2:03 am, 10/18/2008

My opinion: small town crooked law enforcement. But hey what do I know?


Posted 2:00 am, 10/18/2008

I remember hearing about this triple murder of a family (the Durhams) in Boone back when I was very young in 1972.

Just being curious, I tried to do a search on the web and found nothing, must be too long ago.

I know it was never solved. Anybody know why?
Or where someone could find any info?

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