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voter suppression


Posted 5:20 am, 07/20/2021


Hello weasel. I am glad I am not the only person that has "multiple parts".
My court appointed Dr. calls my "parts" multiple personalities.
I just call them voices.

Weasel you are lucky if you only have two parts. I had two parts back when I was living with my wolf pack.
But when I ventured out on my own that is when I really started to expand my parts.
Now I have at least 14 parts to me that I am aware of. Some come and some go but for the most part 14 parts to me.
Also weasel I believe most people know where they live. You asked Henry if he knew where he lived. I know where I live and I am quite sure you know where you live as well. There was one time when I was tripping I could see my house but I could not get to it but I still knew it was my house and I knew I lived there even
though I was tripping my butt off.
I believe most people know where they live so I guess it was just a trick question for Henry.

It was great talking to the two of you weasel!!!!

I hope everyone has a great Tuesday. Tuesday right?
Jesus hippies dad what the hello without the o day is it
Wait a minute......
Yup It's Tuesday
I hope everyone has a great Tuesday!!


Posted 5:37 pm, 07/19/2021

Hey Wild how far would I have to stoop to talk down to you and would I need a megaphone?


Posted 4:19 pm, 07/19/2021

Part of me is convinced HenryII is suffering from mental illness.

The other part of me wonders how nobody has beaten him up in a parking lot yet with how aggressively he talks down to people. You do know where you live, right?

I really hope nothing happens to you, but dang, man.


Posted 8:28 pm, 06/04/2021

What d'ye think about the Trumpoids plan for his reinstallation in August? They're all gonna dress up like Bozo and drive up to his podium then jump out of their little clown car and give him the NAZI salute.


Posted 8:42 pm, 06/03/2021

Syph. and Gon. are not good friends my son.


Posted 8:22 pm, 06/03/2021

My balls are swollen


Posted 6:43 pm, 06/03/2021

Dung Beetle's drinking while he's having a hissy fit, Wewee!


Posted 4:21 pm, 06/03/2021

I think I'll have a drink. Jack


Posted 3:28 pm, 06/03/2021

If you two twerps are going to Trump's "reinstatement" after you get back from Japan don't bother to take any manure along, they'll be bull crap up to your knees at that event.


Posted 3:28 pm, 06/03/2021


Lock up your baby chics and lock up your latex!!
Now that was funny.

Hello Henry. I loved the "equine" slip!!
I am sorry for intruding on your post but I felt the need to embarrass the dyslexic Abbott and Costello
I mean God and Jesus. My mistake....
It's a shame your post has been contaminated by the local filth as well as mine.

Do you think they are going to Montana to raise dental floss?
Maybe they can buy a horse this big and they can call themselves the Fish, Dog and Pony STD Filth Show.

Also did you know 16 is the consent age for girls in Montana? The fish dog and pony show must have
restraining orders from all the young ladies in this area so yup these two fellers going to Montana for some
adult 16 year old
Your filth will be the same in Montana as it is here little fishsdicks.
Have a great trip and please do not keep us posted on you two getting arrested.
You embarrass this area enough as is...

Bored by the ordinary time to take a trip
Dog calling up a little fish with a bull whip
Lickety split go snap snap
Fish gettin' off all in dog's lap
The tallest tree seen the two loosing saps
Dog and fish travelin the STD map
Ooh it's nice out there
You both should stay for a while

Everyone have a great night!!!!!


Posted 9:57 am, 06/03/2021

What a great idea! Pinocchio goes to the Olympics with Dung Beetle and together they can pick up after each equestrian event. Who knows they might be allowed to bring some of the results of their labors back with them, then they can fertilize the garden of fiction where Pinocchio cultivates his lies and false statistics. I guess bull crap would have been more appropriate but you do the best with what you've got.


Posted 9:31 am, 06/03/2021

Lets leave at 7am Friday. I got a driver lined up.

One time at band camp...


Posted 10:26 pm, 06/02/2021

Dog, I'm always down for a road trip. What time do you want to leave?


Posted 9:21 pm, 06/02/2021

I was laughing so much I typed equine instead of equestrian, the thought of that dumm arse with his bucket and shovel picking up horse crap got to me.


Posted 9:03 pm, 06/02/2021

He'll be cleaning up after the equine events.


Posted 8:38 pm, 06/02/2021

The dog is in the Olympics.


Posted 8:04 pm, 06/02/2021

Good idea Dung Beetle those snaggle toothed, hairy legged and unshaved underarm beaches in those militia compounds would be about the only women on God's green earth that would allow you to be within a mile of their outhouse.


Posted 7:49 pm, 06/02/2021

Fins I am going to Montana hunting for a few new concubines, you in?


Posted 6:17 pm, 06/02/2021

Has anyone been listening to Ron Johnson (R) Wisconsin, is he aware of what side his state was on during the war to end slavery?

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