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Welches food truck

Luke 6:31

Posted 9:00 am, 07/25/2019

You are so far off topic. You have lost your way.

jack rip her

Posted 8:00 am, 07/25/2019

Luke, were you told or were you brain washed at the cult baptist church you walk in every 3 or 4 days that sex is nasty? You and a couple others sure do resemble that thought.

Btw, I have a few openings for some new concubines to add to my flock. Funny, I have a flock like the preachers.


Posted 6:42 am, 07/25/2019

Well Luke, I'm guessing whoever is reading your posts


Posted 11:54 pm, 07/24/2019

I enjoy drunk ramblings the majority of the time. If I'm not feeling what's being said I usually just stop reading and scroll down to the next topic.

Luke 6:31

Posted 11:20 pm, 07/24/2019

Who wants to read the some drunk's ramblings?


Posted 10:16 pm, 07/24/2019

Personally, I find that the more I drink, the easier they get to write.

Luke 6:31

Posted 10:12 pm, 07/24/2019

Jack. How can a grown man (if you are a grown man) write posts that are so childish and immature?

jack rip her

Posted 5:19 pm, 07/24/2019

Had me all built up just to take my cucumber away.


Posted 4:51 pm, 07/24/2019

You know you are my favorite. Gnarly looking cucumbers just remind me of Jack.


Posted 2:34 pm, 07/24/2019

Now I'm jealous


Posted 1:11 pm, 07/24/2019

I have the means and a little bit of brains but I did think of you when I was in the produce department at Food Lion this morning Jack.

jack rip her

Posted 2:13 pm, 07/23/2019

Not everyone has the means or the brains to afford the battery powered toys. Dont be such a hater.


Posted 11:38 am, 07/23/2019

Good grief, Jack. Grow up, man!

jack rip her

Posted 8:24 am, 07/23/2019

Get you one of those long-----curved------cucumbers, go home and close the bedroom door.


Posted 1:26 am, 07/23/2019

They got honeydews? JELLYS??????


Posted 1:22 am, 07/23/2019

Welches is good honest peoples


Posted 1:22 am, 07/23/2019

They is good peoples


Posted 7:09 pm, 07/22/2019

I tried it and thought it was good. Just recommend using some of that produce they have right at their finger tips


Posted 12:54 am, 07/12/2019

Eh flagged my other post :(

If you go to that common social media outlet that starts with an f and look for Welch's Produce they have a July 9th post about the food truck.


Posted 7:23 pm, 07/11/2019

I had not seen that so it is indeed a food truck.

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