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Whats up with all the words that dont post?


Posted 8:30 am, 01/04/2019

For the record, I never attended Ruth's class at the Baptist Church!!

jack rip her

Posted 6:38 am, 01/04/2019

So we now have true censorship trying to turn the site into the Ruth class at the baptist church. Took long enough to drag it out of you goashe.


Posted 10:59 pm, 01/03/2019

GA, I sent you a PM with a link, but good luck on your efforts. Language is a living thing. Something that is acceptable slang today, may be an actionable pejorative tomorrow. Several newspapers style guides prohibit the use of the word niggling. Is it a pejorative word? No. But they are afraid some readers may not be familiar with the word, and be upset with its proper usage. There will always be certain words that are used to denigrate

or insult someone. And there are always evolving code words. So good luck on your efforts. For every rule or guide you publish, there will be a dozen posters trying to geometrically circumscribe it.


Posted 10:00 pm, 01/03/2019

You know, I almost gave you the link to the list that I use, but then at the last moment I realized how dumb that would be. I enjoy a challenge, but I’m not going to make it that hard on myself.

But I will say, my favorite is “antique farm equipment”


Posted 9:44 pm, 01/03/2019

Sorry for the confusion.

The filter is applied to all accounts, so it will catch anyone on any of our sites that are using specific words or phrases that have been found to be mostly used for trolling.

But so far it has only actually matched with posts made by 4 or 5 people. That's what I meant when I said that "it's only applied to 4 or 5 people, anyway". Add one more person to that list as of today, though.

I'm also trying to find a complete list of racist terms as deemed by Google, but so far haven't found one. The list that we currently filter came from a NetNanny database several years ago (2005, maybe), along with a few that I added myself. If I can find a more complete list, though, then I'll update it to make sure that everything is compliant with Google's standards.


Posted 7:46 pm, 01/03/2019

I just read where he said at one point that they applied to everybody, then later said they only applied to 4 or 5 people. It seems like a contradiction to me

BTW, I've never heard of camel jockeys either, and don't get how it's a slur

jack rip her

Posted 7:41 pm, 01/03/2019

Kooky he has given 3 or 4 different stories about the filters but you are saying they are a blanket to all on goashe? Makes sense now why words I cant use on GA are being used on GW.


Posted 7:33 pm, 01/03/2019

* This filter applies to all accounts, though, not just you.

** For the most part it's only applied to 4 or 5 people, anyway


Posted 2:15 pm, 01/03/2019

Cultural guidance provided to military personnel prior to deployment states, "....The term Camel Jockey has long been considered an insult to Middle Eastern people around the world. As Such Camel Jockey, and similar pejoratives will not be used by US personnel."


Posted 2:08 pm, 01/03/2019

Fins you know I'm not Toby, you can just call me "Uncle Tom".


Posted 1:40 pm, 01/03/2019

I don't either. I think he does a great job considering the amount of work he has to do and all the sites he has to moderate.


Posted 1:35 pm, 01/03/2019

Thank you..


Posted 1:33 pm, 01/03/2019

Good answer Toby


Posted 1:25 pm, 01/03/2019

Well I'll stick to good old Websters for my definitions...Not that it will have any bearing on my language. I have no issue with how Jason runs things. It's his business not mine.


Posted 1:19 pm, 01/03/2019

The Urban Dictionary isn't a viable source. Point was that words can have different meanings to different people. Just because a word means something bad to one person doesn't mean it carries the same meaning for others or that it should be banned.


Posted 12:53 pm, 01/03/2019

Timmy, have you been given a pass yet to use the n word in conversation? I’ve been told they can do that if they want.


Posted 11:22 am, 01/03/2019

Since when did we start referring to the Urban Dictionary as a viable source for anything?


Posted 9:56 am, 01/03/2019

I had never even heard the term camel jockey until I read all this nonsense. I googled it and the first thing that came up was an athlete who rides camels in races. I see nothing offensive about that but when you go to the urban dictionary and look it up the first thing that says is term used in a derogatory fashion to describe anyone from the Middle East. So it can obviously be taken and used in different ways depending on the person and the situation. I was looking for something to complain
About too. So.... since I am a woman I googled the word woman and then looked it up on urban dictionary as well. The google definition is “a woman is a female human being”. The urban dictionary definition is “ a word describing what Justin Bieber will grow up to be in about 9 years time”. That is definitely offensive to Justin Beiber So... should the word woman be banned on here too based on one definition of it? If you don’t like the site brownfrown and it offends you maybe you should find another way to occupy your time. Oh.. and Happy New Year!!


Posted 8:04 am, 01/03/2019

Good morning CHILDREN!! Is this the point where you see visions of a sobbing Rodney King saying "Can't we all just get along?" BTW Happy New Year!!!

jack rip her

Posted 7:16 am, 01/03/2019

Fins brownfrown is an obvious non citizen of the United States. He has complained for quite some time about all of us. Its the typical muslim takeover going on across the country. This site is falling right in line.

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