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What's up with the Tavern?


Posted 5:38 am, 07/17/2021

My comment was intended to encourage the OP to seek an answer from the managers/owners of the Tavern. Unless one of the responses came from said owner/manager/employee it is speculation. Try your question here 336-846-2121. Let us know what you find out.


Posted 4:26 pm, 07/15/2021

I may have forgot the o in hello that is why the stars are there

I guess hello without the o is a cuss word
sorry for the mistake goashe


Posted 4:24 pm, 07/15/2021

**** grrrrrl

I was out shaving my legs. I do it out in the sun with hedge trimmers. I told you I was part neanderthal and unfortunately I got the hair part. With all this sun and rain and sun and rain well I am sprouting hair faster than I can hedge trim it.
I thought I would come in and talk to king. I am sorry he had a not so good post so I wanted to pick his spirits up. Hopefully he will still post.
Great hearing from you grrrrrrl


Posted 4:13 pm, 07/15/2021

mental - you're a gem! Happy to see you posting here and really happy that the two resident arse-holes are silent these days.


Posted 4:05 pm, 07/15/2021


Hello King I hope all is well
Dont get discouraged about the site. We are going through a transition and it is a little slower than what was expected.
I used to come on here when I was constipated because well some certain posts always made me want
defecate so that is why I used to come on here. Then when I wanted to lose some weight I would
come on as well because vomiting and reading certain posts went hand and hand and the weight just vanished.
I dont know what tavern you are talking about by the way but I am sorry you could not drink.
I can get high anytime!!!!!!

Hope everyone has a great day!!


Posted 8:21 am, 07/13/2021

I thought this was a community voice site where locals can get local information. I asked when we were turned away and got no real answer. I just thought maybe someone on here might know why the change in hours. I guess I was wrong.


Posted 6:37 am, 07/12/2021

Why are you asking here?


Posted 7:52 am, 07/10/2021

I don't remember that. We used do day drinking there on Friday and Saturday afternoons all the time. Even outside on the patio.


Posted 9:57 pm, 07/09/2021

I know when they were at the old location they closed for an hour to prepare for menu change from lunch to dinner. Also to give their staff a break.


Posted 6:25 pm, 07/09/2021

We went to the Tavern this afternoon for some Day Drinking and the bar was closed from 3 to 4 pm. WTF is up with that? I thought I was in London back in the old days when the bars closed from 3 to 5 every day.

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