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Why do you want to be sheriff?


Posted 4:05 pm, 04/23/2018

Just maybe you should get all the facts before you start spouting Captain! Jefferson DOES have coverage at night 7 nights a week. Neighborhoods, businesses and streets are patrolled. How about before you start condemning you try living in their world and see it's not all roses and sunshine for ANY officer. And Heaven forbid you should ever need help from those you are so quick to condemn


Posted 7:32 am, 04/22/2018

Deplorable,are you referring to the "constitution class" offerred by the John Birch.Society? If so, you really are a member of the lunatic fringe. Those people have never been reality based. The only thing they get right about the constitution is the spelling. Are you going tell us you are a sovereign citizen next?

jack rip her

Posted 6:14 am, 04/22/2018

Deplorable you keep referring to these transcripts and they being public record. Post them or a link to them.


Posted 2:58 am, 04/22/2018

Deplorable, When I read that salary scale. I couldn't help but think of the poor old people in Jefferson who pay town taxes for their city police. The police department is the highest paid law enforcement group in Ashe County and from what I hear, they don't even patrol the streets, neighbor hoods, businesses, etc. Basically, a 9-5 job... (They don't work nights) The deputy that told me all this said he was tired of having to do his job and theirs too. LMAO. Its ashame the people of Jefferson pay city taxes and depend on having city officers to patrol their neighborhood.


Posted 12:57 am, 04/22/2018

The Ranks in the Sheriff’s Department

The duties in the Sheriff’s department are divided between various ranks.

    Deputy or officer is the starting rank within a sheriff’s department. In order to start work as such you need to pass an initial training program. You will have general duties that include patrolling streets and/or highways, and working in the jail;Corporal is the next step in the hierarchy. To be promoted as one you need some experience as a deputy or officer. As a corporal you have some responsibility over the officers but not necessarily a supervisory role;Sergeant is the first major promotion available to the law enforcement officers in the Sheriff’s department. Your role will be to supervise corporals and deputies and participate in their further training. To be promoted as a sergeant you need to have good communication and leadership skills;Lieutenant is the first senior officer in the department. The promotion includes increased responsibilities such as supervision of the officers with lower ranks and reporting directly to the captain of the division you are in;To be the Captain in the Sheriff’s department means that you are in charge of a given division, such as criminal investigation, patrol, etc. You are responsible for the entire personnel in your department, as well as for recruiting new officers. You report to and assist your majors with their duties whenever needed;Major is a top-management position in the department. You are in charge of several divisions and need to report to the higher ranks;Colonel is the next step after a major. In some departments this rank does not exist, so it can be said that the duties of a colonel and major overlap to some extent. In larger departments, there are several colonels who are supervising different departments headed by majors;The Chief Deputy Sheriff is the highest rank to which you can be appointed. Your responsibility is to monitor the overall operations of the department and supervise the staff and to report directly to the Sheriff. In some cases, the Chief Deputy is referred to as undersheriff;The Sheriff is the highest law enforcement officer in the county. The sheriff is elected for the position and their duties include maintaining county jails, policing unincorporated areas, serving warrants and court papers and providing security to courts in the county. In some areas the Sheriff may also be responsible for evictions or seizing property upon court orders. The term of service varies throughout the states with the most popular being 4 years as it is in 42 states. There is a three-year term in New Jersey, two-year term in Arkansas and New Hampshire and a six-year term in Massachusetts. There are no sheriffs in Alaska and Connecticut. As an elected and sworn law enforcement officer, the sheriff is accountable directly to the constitution of their state, the United States Constitution, statutes and the citizens of their county.
Salary range within the Sheriff’s department

When looking for a job, one of the factors that influence our decision, beside career growth, is the salary we are going to receive. So, if you are planning to work in a Sheriff’s department, here is an idea of what salary you can expect. Keep in mind that there are differences between the departments and the states.

The figures given as per the information submitted on Pay Scale show that the starting salary for a deputy or officer is median $43,270, ranging from $30,270 to $74,086.


Posted 12:51 am, 04/22/2018

And finally I say Praises to Perry, she is trying to save the county money, keep up the exorbitant salaries that Hartley has asked for and gotten approved, do you truly in all your ignorance believe that your taxes will not increase, who the **** is paying the jacked up salaries...WAKE UP ASHE COUNTY Perry was right from the beginning


Posted 12:47 am, 04/22/2018

Yeah, boy. That's why a judge suspended the last Sherriff from office. You sir, are crazy.

Sassy, I just have to ask your education level, have you ever taken or been apart of a Constitution Class, Can you site the constitution, do you really feel like and expert, because if you do I take that as a personal challenge. ALL charges were dropped because the JUDGE told Horner he had no proof, no wrongdoing to bring the charges against the Sheriff, therefore the county had to pay the Sheriff 71000 monies to keep him from further suing the wrong accusations of HORNER and BARLOW read transc and learn it is all there in black and white, Horner and Barlow had a personal interest along with appointed commissioner McNeil and before you discount and bash me READ the facts it is all public record


Posted 7:42 pm, 04/21/2018

The BOC meetings turn out much better in his absence. If only Perry would stop showing up as well. Those parasites have sucked their last blood from Ashe County's voters. Unfortunately the tax payers will be paying for their selfishness for many years to come. Shame on the crooked three.


Posted 7:35 pm, 04/21/2018

That man child doesn’t even attend BOC meetings anymore.


Posted 7:28 pm, 04/21/2018

The only way someone would hire that scheming parasite is because the puppet masters told Mochen to hire him. The parasite might be one of the lunatic puppet masters.


Posted 7:22 pm, 04/21/2018

I just had a thought- is it possible that a certain member of the BOC has decided NOT to run for re-election because he has been considered for a particular position in Mochen's make believe administration..... chief deputy, perhaps?


Posted 5:01 pm, 04/21/2018

I do not think he ever worked there.


Posted 3:44 pm, 04/21/2018

Oh I don’t either. I don’t think he works there any longer.


Posted 3:42 pm, 04/21/2018

I don't think deplorable works at the SO at all.


Posted 3:32 pm, 04/21/2018

To me, if you ever backed the corruption that was Bufurt, that makes you corrupt as well. It says a lot that "honest" Mochen is backed by the same pack of liars that that told us for over a year what a great Sherriff Bufurt was.


Posted 2:13 pm, 04/21/2018

There is some speculation about who he is, but they are obviously trying to hedge their bets before the primary buttering up to Howell. Which is quite disconcerting- does this mean they are hoping to have someone in place they feel like they can control or can get something from in exchange for support? Any show of support from a Bufurt supporter isn't considered a benefit to say the least.
Very telling, indeed.


Posted 10:40 am, 04/21/2018

Which one of Bufurt’s Barneys is deplorable?


Posted 10:09 am, 04/21/2018

Your puppet is sooooo knowledgeable he can't even pass the BLET block to transfer his law enforcement certification to this state.
Next stop, rocket science!


Posted 8:28 am, 04/21/2018

Dippy, what are you babbling about? Do you even know what you are talking about?


Posted 7:27 am, 04/21/2018

Yeah, boy. That's why a judge suspended the last Sherriff from office. You sir, are crazy.

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