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Why do you want to be sheriff?


Posted 8:16 am, 04/30/2018

Well Dippy, you did and still continue to support Bufurt. His chief deputy had 100 times more experience than he did. You were ok with that.


Posted 6:57 am, 04/30/2018

The chief deputy does assist in managing the day-to-day operations of the department, especially one of this size. That is rather important. And considering the track record of anyone that has openly supported Bufurt, you can understand our curiosity on the matter.
You know what you sound like- a scared, pathetic old man whose wasted resources and time on a failed project.
You should change your moniker to Desperate, seems to be more appropriate.


Posted 6:20 am, 04/30/2018

There is one thing we have learned from Deplorable. If he posts it, it is not all true.


Posted 12:57 am, 04/30/2018

So I am of 60 plus years of age NEVER have I EVER seen a sheriff's race where they were expected to name their choice for Chief Deputy, CHEIF DEPUTY is NOT a prestigious position, it does NOT guarantee you will be acting sheriff as is proof with Williams retirement the Chief Deputy Absher was NOT the new sheriff, look at Howell and Hendrix they named their choice Mochen has specifically stated that his choice is NOT made until he evaluates who is most qualified, ...., I am on the fence with my vote be it Howell or Mochen the one mistake I think Howell made is naming a chief deputy that has ten times the experience as he does. What does that say? We are not voting for president and vice president, you are not expected to name a running mate, and if you idiots think they should, then you are just that..IDIOTS


Posted 10:24 pm, 04/25/2018

Deplorable claims Mochen will pick Howell. I wonder if Howell has even been approached.


Posted 9:30 pm, 04/25/2018

Who knows- could be Rose?
Whatever the case, he is keeping his pick under wraps for a reason.


Posted 9:08 pm, 04/25/2018

Since he does not know any one here......I am betting Bufurt.

jack rip her

Posted 8:11 pm, 04/25/2018

He wont need one.


Posted 8:07 pm, 04/25/2018

So we have a Howell / Houck ticket and a Hendrix / Gammons ticket, who's gonna be Mochen's choice for Chief Deputy? Inquiring minds want to know.


Posted 7:04 pm, 04/24/2018

Fins and jack , oh I agree after I heard on radio what they were giving the airport and what they giving the park . It just seemed to get to me about the patrol cars but now it just seems mute . What does it mater ? They going to throw our bucks at something .

jack rip her

Posted 5:34 pm, 04/24/2018

Like almost 700 thousand to the Ashe park.


Posted 4:47 pm, 04/24/2018

Actually, I doubt the amount really is that much compared to other costs.


Posted 4:19 pm, 04/24/2018

Sorry , yellow banks rd


Posted 4:17 pm, 04/24/2018

Sassy it's not on 18 mtn. It's way on down past yellow rd before you get to mulberry school , so no not even a close race between pond mtn. and 18 arrival times to ACSO . In fact if he were needed to respond to pond mtn. for an emergency there I don't think he could pull it off in 1 hr at a high rate of speed no matter which way to go to pond mtn. I think on a bike I could do in 45 to 50 but that's screaming and also depends on which way you go in and where at on pond mtn.

jack rip her

Posted 2:39 pm, 04/24/2018

Fins a good way to figure it would be what the county/state pays per mile on a personal vehicle for mileage.

Joseph T.

Posted 2:30 pm, 04/24/2018

While I don't know the exact figure I'd say it adds up to a good chunk of change if you count all the variables. These are the number of Deputy's that drive a car home and wear and tear on the car and tires plus the gas. Even if the amount is small compared to the over all budget it is still tax payer money being wasted. If you take this waste and add it to the waste from all the other county Dept. it starts to add up to real money. Personally I never wanted to be a cop but if I were the last thing I would want is a police car at my house I see them as bullseye for people who have a grudge.


Posted 1:42 pm, 04/24/2018

I do not know that cost. I do know two things. There are still Bufurt hires working at the SO. Any spot on 18 mountain is closer to the SO than Pond Mountain.


Posted 1:33 pm, 04/24/2018

How much do you think it costs for a deputy to drive their department vehicles home?


Posted 12:36 pm, 04/24/2018

The Washington Post had an article last year about the heads of the FBI, ATF, Homeland Security and other agencies being chauffeured to and from work, and around town. If they traveled armed, they were not taxed on the value of their rides. Like it or not, that is the law. For that reason, the various heads of the agencies generally carried a weapon tn their briefcase.


Posted 11:09 am, 04/24/2018

Ok FairPlay was that the same situation as the x- head jailor that was driving one to and from home in allegheny ? Was she taxed or they said she might have to report to an emergency at the jail ? I'm not trying to sound like a smart*** . It just seems hypocrital to me if it's ok for some and let's just say bend the rules and make it ok for everyone , heck it only tax dollars right ?

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