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Yates retiring


Posted 6:46 am, 04/21/2020

Beckworth and Jones seem to be giving her the nod out there.


Posted 6:04 am, 04/21/2020

Have we forgotten about this? I'm still hearing Simmons.


Posted 11:33 am, 03/22/2020

I have to wonder if Yates will decide to stay on in light of the coronavirus crisis.


Posted 9:17 am, 03/22/2020

Excited to see results to come from this. Do you think school systems is putting this on hold because of coronavirus? Anyone know any applicants?


Posted 4:38 pm, 02/20/2020

It sure is.

It looks to be there until March 13 when applications are due.


Posted 3:00 pm, 02/20/2020

I'm still seeing the position posted on their webpage.


Posted 1:18 pm, 02/20/2020

I'm still hearing Kim Simmons.

jack rip her

Posted 7:13 pm, 02/19/2020

And you win our 1000th ignorant award complaining about hiding behind an anonymous user name.


Posted 7:11 pm, 02/19/2020

Yeah..., bull ****. First of all, no one tells people to read GA. They all read it, but no one wants to admit to it. Second, don't criticize people using an alias, while you are using an alias. That's called a hypocrite.

You'll be back under another name.


Posted 7:03 pm, 02/19/2020

I grew up in Ashe County, but I moved away many years ago to a different part of the state. I still like to keep up with news in Ashe County since most of my family is still there and it will always be "home." Some of my high school friends told me to check out all the "gossip" on this community forum for the county, now I wish I had not.

Finding this forum is so depressing. Adults hiding behind an anonymous name tearing into the lives of other people and spreading gossip. The worst part is most you probably attend church every week, claim to love Jesus, and then can so easily turn around and speak ill of people. You definitely don't practice turning the other cheek, fact checking, or being kind.

Go to the gym! Cook dinner with your family! Read a book. Go on a hike. There's so much more to life than the "politics" of Ashe County, I promise!

There are so many great things about Ashe County, but this forum isn't one of them. If you have real concerns about your community go vote, volunteer, donate money to charity, and attend town meetings. Don't hide behind a computer screen.

You can respond, but I won't! Bye.

jack rip her

Posted 6:19 pm, 02/19/2020

GA were you to pay close attention to us we aren't rude to people that first get on here and jump on us like we are the most wanted. So Hello yes we are going to be rude and then some. This has happened to the two of us for years, more years then I can count.

Good Ashe Citizen?

Posted 5:48 pm, 02/19/2020

Thanks for clearing that up without being rude.

jack rip her

Posted 5:03 pm, 02/19/2020

We dont discuss state or national politics GA. Local politics are open game.


Posted 4:47 pm, 02/19/2020

No one said no politics. You're lying again

Good Ashe Citizen?

Posted 3:10 pm, 02/19/2020

Jack, you can always call her yourself if you really want that.

Fins, there you go getting borderline political which it supposed to be a no no on your playground.


Posted 1:13 pm, 02/19/2020

Anybody dumb enough to buy that place sure doesn't need to be in public office. Thank god we dodged that bullet

jack rip her

Posted 12:34 pm, 02/19/2020

He owes over 400 thousand on that hillbilly joint and I dont see how he has been making it.

Maybe little Susie kicked him to the curb again. My friend the dog said tell her he is in heat if you get the chance.

Good Ashe Citizen?

Posted 11:47 am, 02/19/2020

Maybe Stevie has finally kicked her to the curb and decided to sell the entertainment barn and move on.

jack rip her

Posted 11:00 am, 02/19/2020

Those were the final divorce settlement of property that was recorded GA. Stevie had to get a new loan so as to pay Susie off.

So Susie is known to spread around her joyous body? Just for my friend dog I'm inquiring?

Good Ashe Citizen?

Posted 9:03 am, 02/19/2020

And how is it that you know they aren't together? According to Steve they were several months ago.

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