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You folks need me and the Lord more then ever!

shaky puddin

Posted 8:29 pm, 01/04/2019

All these people hustlin money need to get a job.

jack rip her

Posted 8:07 pm, 01/04/2019

From another thread he seems to be a big fan of Jimmy. He may pony up big.


Posted 6:52 pm, 01/04/2019

I’ll match whatever amount you can get out of that dump truck driver

jimmy swaggart

Posted 5:27 pm, 01/04/2019

I have been watching you call each other names, talk trash about the Lord, fornication, and drinking. I can help you all walk down the path straight to heaven. Can I get an Amen? All you have to do is send me a money order in the amount you can afford.

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