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Track hoe day 2021
Welcome that Ashe county holiday made famous on Christmas mountain by that Track hoe on February 15.

15 Employees Walk Out of W J. Walmart
In my little trip yesterday I heard that 15 retail employees of the local Walmart walked out in one day. Anyone know what happened?? I ha...

2 Word Game
Delete 1 Word and make a new Word : Example Telephone Book Book Club Club House Open House

Is Kevin McCarthy related to the late hate Joe McCarthy? It sure as hull wouldn't surprise me!

Shooting in Boone. Ashe assisting
BOONE — A law enforcement related situation is currently taking place in the area of Browns Chapel Road and Hardaman Circle. The public i...

Easter Trip!!
High No really high. I've been since Easter. Let me explain Santa and hippie were being processed to be deported. Neither one of them cou...

Current COVID 19 Cases
As of 3/27/2020 From App Health Care's COVID 19 webpage: Alleghany County 2 cases Watauga County 5 cases Ashe County no cases As of 3/29/...

The Best Democracy Money Can Buy
Hello Sen. Ted Cruz 's (R Texas) threat to "woke" CEOs was slammed Sunday as likely the "most openly corrupt" message...

Has anyone else noticed a lot of County trucks out on the weekend
It is my understanding unless you are on call for the county over the weekend, county vehicles shouldn't be out after weekday business ho...

matt and marge
Matt Gaetz and Marjory Taylor Greene are going on the road together, isn't she kinda old for him? Could be it's platonic, I guess when it...

Sick of varsity womens coach at achs
This is getting ridiculous, tired of players coming home crying wanting to quit. Parents went to athletic director 2 years ago and nothin...

So the Repub's trot out one of their tokens to make their rebuttal. Can't you just visualize Massa Trump patting him on the head afterwar...

Cares Act Grant
Most don't know this, but the Cares Act included money for local governments emergency management departments. How come the county EM dep...

Don't you just love this? Visions of Trump's cronies sweating bullets. They know if the Fed's have anything solid on him that Rudy will s...

house cleaner
Help! I need someone to clean my dirty house. We live in my mom's basement and there are a lot of cobwebs hanging around. Would pay well ...

Rescue Squad rating
Does anyone know the rescue squad certification rating? I hear there was a change to it recently.

What’s up with Rescue?
So I hear the Ashe Rescue Squad is on a mission to take over all the emergency operations in the county. There are a few in that departme...

What's the most remote area of Ashe County? Worst weather area?
Howdy, I'm curious what y'all would say the answers are for the following questions: 1. What are the most remote areas of Ashe County? Gr...

The Resident
I watch The Resident faithfully but can' find the name of the actress starring on the show. She just left this week. She was black, a sur...

Black people protestors/rioters
What is the end result these black militants want? Do they want a free pass on drugs, murder, car license ect... not to be held to the sa...


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