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Let's sit back and see if Hartley is a man of his word. 1.) He said that he isn't going to fire anyone!! 2.) He also told everyone that h...

Find Christ in The Passover
Does the faith and practice of Jesus and His disciples influence ours?

Mickey communicating threats
I decided this shouldnt distract from the sheriff thread. Fat Boy Mickey seems to have now started sending threats through PMs. Can you b...

Looks like we will have a new sheriff in town
I believe we will have a new sheriff tomorrow and it will not be Mr Absher. Expect a house cleaning of six to eight of the county deputie...

Anything New?
Is there anything new up for discussion besides the Ashe County Sheriff, or the alleged corruption of the County Commissioners? Same crap...

Ashe Post & Times
Is anyone subscribing to their website? I just can’t get myself to do it

Craft Beers & Reviews
I've recently developed a taste for craft beers. I don't drink often (maybe one beer a week), and there are a lot to choose from, so I th...

Fleetwood man charged with kidnapping
reports Burke County officials said Carlton Lamaar Edmondson of Valdese was reported missing by his family January 19th and his family sa...

Justice was served today
It seems that one of Mickey's frame jobs was dismissed today. Slowly the corruption from the Buchanan administration is being torn down.

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2018 Election Filing
I know it did not start until noon today but does anyone post the people that have filed for the upcoming primary?

Rainbow recycling
Someone told me that they closed up is this true or did they move some place else.

Did they get some new patrol units?

KFC/Taco Bell in West Jefferson Overcharging
I have noticed this for a few years now and wanted to know if anyone else has caught this? Items on the drive thru are cheaper then what ...

Happy Track hoe day
Every February 15 since 2006 we have celebrated the Ashe county holiday Track hoe day.

Youth sports
I know baseball and football reign supreme here in Ashe County. But this weekend the rec league youth basketball had its championship gam...

Is it foggy up in there today? Traveling....

Can I bail someone out of jail w/o knowing them?
There’s a hot girl sitting in the Ashe jail. Can I bail them out if I don’t know them? Will they have to stay under my watchful eyes ...

Special meeting of board
What was the outcome of the special meeting yesterday?

wood for smoking meats
Is there any demand for wood from an apple tree for smoking meats?


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