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Todd general store
Someone started a go fund for the store. You know they had insurance. Ya think Jewish lighting?

Current COVID 19 Cases
As of 3/27/2020 From App Health Care's COVID 19 webpage: Alleghany County 2 cases Watauga County 5 cases Ashe County no cases As of 3/29/...

Track hoe day 2021
Welcome that Ashe county holiday made famous on Christmas mountain by that Track hoe on February 15.

Ashe County's Finest
Let me tell you about the local law enforcement, it's a joke. Who else would detain or arrest someone for suspicion of stolen vehicle bec...

2 Word Game
Delete 1 Word and make a new Word : Example Telephone Book Book Club Club House Open House

Folks, if youre going to wear a mask,
Wear it right. If you're not going to pull it up over your nose, don't bother. It just shows how stipud you are.

Ashe Ford
What's happening at Ashe County Ford?

Engine Failure on Boeing 777 200 Denver to Honolulu
First the story: 'I thought we were done': Parts fall from sky in plane scare (apnews.com) While the GE Aviation Plant in WJ does produce...

Dear Ashe County Drivers
In my constant efforts to improve the lives of everyone in our area, I want to pass along some useful information that can help all of yo...

Former superintendent arrested again...

Sick of varsity womens coach at achs
This is getting ridiculous, tired of players coming home crying wanting to quit. Parents went to athletic director 2 years ago and nothin...

Teachers will raise holy H when this bill passes
providing the link to a article requiring students and teachers to be in school 6 weeks this summer for make up. I can already hear them ...

Sorry for the down time!
My apologies for the security certificate error! It's "tentatively" fixed now. Here's what's going on: As far as I can tell, my...

Apphealth of Ashe gets caught
They used 40 doses on persons not qualified for the vaccine. Read the article by a watchdog on WRAL. https://www.wral.com/corona.../19522141

Jason, your security certificate has expired again
Seems you forgot to pay your extortion fee

The extreme radical rancid right continues to bring up ANTIFAS as the big boogeyman, is there something wrong with being anti Fascist? Ju...

Larry Dix

Ashley Church
Any updates on the woman who embezzled $400,000 from Carolina West?

Report Shows Facebook Let Corporate Partners Read Users' Private Messages
Outrage After Report Shows Facebook Let Corporate Partners Read Users' Private Messages ...a bombshell New York Times report late Tuesday...

How cool for Foggy Pine Books in Boone!!
Stephen Colbert surprises them with a Super Sunday commercial that includes Sam Elliott and Tom Hanks!! Fast forward to 2 minutes... http...


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