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Looks like we will have a new sheriff in town
I believe we will have a new sheriff tomorrow and it will not be Mr Absher. Expect a house cleaning of six to eight of the county deputie...

County maintenance supervisor position still not filled
I can't believe it takes so long to make a decision on a job. Dang its been over 3 months and still haven't hired anyone for the Maintena...

Craft Beers & Reviews
I've recently developed a taste for craft beers. I don't drink often (maybe one beer a week), and there are a lot to choose from, so I th...

Does Ashe have an illegal commissioner?
In the link that LEO posted on the sheriff thread I saw that it says before being sworn in, a sheriff elect should determine if he holds ...

Lowes Hardware
Does anyone know what is gong to be built at the lower end of the parking lot?

Tips for Rhino lining an entire vehicle
I am Rhino lining a vehicle and looking for information from anyone who has done this. What product did you use, did you prime it after s...

Looking for other homesteaders and/or preppers in Ashe/Watagua/Wilkes areas
Hey folks, I'm just beginning to homestead on my small portion of land. I'm seeking mentors and/or folks with which to build local homest...

Looking for local Messianic folk who would be interested in fellowship
Shalom y'all, I am a middle aged widow in Ashe County who has been a Messianic Gentile for nearly 30 years. My husband and I have been in...

First of all thank you for your many years coaching football. Next I wanted to say : Not enough people around here like you. You are a man o

http://jeffersonpost.com/ne...ver survey

Local holiday coming up this week
Just want to remind everyone, we have a local holiday coming up this week. So dust off those caterpillar hats and get ready for the 15th

mens basketball
congratulation to scott grubb on averys conf title you get run out of ashe county cause you cant please the parents and then go to avery ...

Virginia Foxx
Does Virginia Foxx ever hold Town Halls? I know she did a few telephone events early in the Obama years as part of the Tea Party stuff (m...

Perfect example of the Jefferson Post
Ok, this is just something funny I noticed. But at the same time I thought, it shouldn't have surprised me. At the top of their site unde...

a local company is preventing employees from getting a better paying job
The contractor doing section c of the 221 project is looking for help but can't hire anyone who works for the contractor doing the other ...

I curious about what Ashe County retirement benefits are.
I heard a rumor that the retiring Tax Collector would get his full salary in retirement.

What is fun?
It would be great if our county had something fun. Some have suggested a dirt track race track. Has this ever been looked at?

The best divorce lawyer in Ashe?
Any advice would be welcome. Thanks

I understand there is a new Chief Deputy in town
Anyone know who it is? Did they hire locally or go out of the county to find him?

Whats the latest update on the continuing Hoppy situation?


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