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Lifestore /Ashe Federal strikes again.
Seems,I was not the only screwed by Ashe Federal, now Lifestore. Look at the latest court listing from the Ashe County court for Monday, ...

The truth about Ashe County from Fox News
Median household income: $43,030 24.0% below state average, 33.8% below national average Households earning over $100k: 13.6% #2,70...

Quaint bs
Now yesterday on the van I saw a most ridiculus thing. We had to go in to WJ to pick up a passenger and low and behild in the corner we h...

Realtors get Paycheck Protection Loans
Real Estate agents across the country received nearly $4 billion in taxpayer financed Covid relief some to help pay for as little as on...

Billygoatgruf krazy has set her terms for your marriage
Here is the post where she has asked you to marry her, you wooing her is over. Green Arrow (view profile) Posted 8:45 am, 06/23/2022 But ...

Easter Trip!!
High No really high. I've been since Easter. Let me explain Santa and hippie were being processed to be deported. Neither one of them cou...

This is big news
****, you can walk through the door you will see crosses on the walls, guy singing Christian songs or Christian music playing. Which is o...

LifeStore wins national ethics award!
One of the six recipients of the Herman Bloom Financial Trust awards this year. Only recipient east of the Mississippi. That's a big deal!

Jak Reeves wins Order of the Long Leaf Pine!
That's good news!

it was frawd Trump won
just stop and look at arinsona and George. COUNT THE VITES RRUMP WON

the blacks behind the school?

Craig Sullivan is expanding
He is taking over the EMS system in Madison county NC. I am thinking the contract for Ashe county is coming up this year? Will he be addi...

New middle school
After purchasing and developing land, now they're looking at a new location???? https://www.ashepostandtime...929b5.html

New high school principal
The school system is hiring a new principal for the high school. What happened to Mrs. Hipp? Whos the new principal going to be?

Girl at Ashe county school
I thought this crap only took place in liberal crazy places but no not true. I have a source that says a girl identifies as a cat and the...

self flagellation
Ashe Counteans are constantly whining about what's wrong with Ashe, and yet they persist in voting for Republicans. Because your preacher...

Veterans Office
I had been trying to call there for the last couple of weeks and got no return calls. Decided to call the main number at the courthouse a...

May primary
So what do we know about the new sheriff candidate and the new commissioners running?

Im in love with greenarrow
I'm serious. I want the lovey

Incident in Ashe County NC.
Left a 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited with a 5.7 Liter Hemi at Quality Auto Repair in West Jefferson, NC. to have for a safe place to k...


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