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Dog and Fins July 4th river bash
We are changing up things this year at the river bash. No more drunk thugs and scum like panky and homie are invited this year. We are go...

set the record straight
Fin, when you make your insipid and fallacious attempts to refute my posts you resort to paraphrasing your great hero, no original though...

Wonder why we didnt try to fix all these racial issues while Obama was in office for 8 years .

Gov. Cooper, masks are now required in all public areas
Gov. Roy Cooper on Wednesday issued a mandatory mask requirement across North Carolina and ordered a "pause" on easing any othe...

Trump is constantly harping on Biden's age and his infirmities. How much younger is Trump than Biden and does Biden have the following in...

Happy Fourth Everyone!!!
I'm proud to be an American and though I know we're not perfect I wouldn't want to live anywhere else.

Trump is planning to deploy a large portion of our security services around the nation to protect statues! we have a deadly disease rampa...

So Trump will not allow the CIA to release their information on the murder of the Saudi/American journalist that was carried out at the b...

Name changes
Insane how we are changing names. Redskins gonna have to change their name. This has been taken to extremes. Shame that Loyd has to die t...

Current COVID 19 Cases
As of 3/27/2020 From App Health Care's COVID 19 webpage: Alleghany County 2 cases Watauga County 5 cases Ashe County no cases As of 3/29/...

How many covid cases in Ashe now.
I know that the state puts out numbers but I wonder how many active cases and people being watched are? The state numbers don't show true...

James Williams
Anybody know who this man is? Former PD? Just PM me if you don't want to post here. Apparently his houseguest or son or stepson or someon...

Name changes
Insane how we are changing names. Redskins gonna have to change their name. This has been taken to extremes. Shame that Loyd has to die t...

Jefferson and West Jefferson" Mt. Jefferson will soon be history..
As statues of Jefferson are facing certain destruction so will his face on money, name & most everything else that represent this slave o...

Rebel flags out of Nascar
All people have to do is ask for something to be gone cause it offends them and poof there ya go . Wasnt an issue 10 to 20 years ago or l...

I am tired of the Democrats and their wishy washy way of dealing with Trump. He recently challenged Biden as to his physical capabilities...

The Great dog is going to explain to you rubes why the blacks are mad
The blacks were sold into slavery by their own kind back in the 1800's. Now these persons from the jungles of Africa were integrated into...

the wall
Newsreel footage of Trump's visit to the wall showed it's nowhere close to being complete, oh yeah that was fake news the democrats docto...

New statues.
With all the controversy around historic monuments, I think the way to help people through the transition is to give them new statues to ...

12daysofPhyllis (Tax payers)
If you anyone listened to the board meeting tonight, they should know that our Central Office Staff has spent the last 12 days of taxpaye...


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