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Ashe county foreclosures
Well well it looks like The Fleetwood Mail man Benny McNeil is about to loose his farm on Worth McNeil road. http://ashecountyline.com/a....

New to the area, just wandering if there are any fun upcoming events close by?

2020 Board of Education Race
So who's running for the two seats on the Board of Education? Anyone filed yet?

Commissioner race 2020
So far we have Jonathon Jordan, Paula Perry, and Jason Krider for the GOP and Beth Sorrell and Jim Cain for the Dems. Know of anyone else...

Bill Brown
Bill Brown passed away this afternoon. He was a great man who stood his ground and spoke his mind. Rest In Peace my dear friend.

Is this who I think it is?
Is the victim in this story who I think it is? Is it the same autumn that's from Ashe? https://www.wral.com/cary m.../14711433

Did Laura Bentley retire?
I noticed her Fakebook and website are no longer in existence. Did she retire? Or get a new job as PTA president?

WJ annexation of Saloon Studios
Sounds like some money is being thrown around town. There was talk last night about annexing in 21 acres outside of town on Mulatto Rd.

computer repair
I'm looking for recommendations on where I can obtain quality computer repair.

Ashe Hospital
what is going on up there I heard 5 people quit today and more are talking about leaving.

did they die?
they said someone got hit on the main road. what happened

The Hotel Tavern
So I hear the new owner is kicking them out? What's folks know?

Dinner theater for sale.
Just saw where the dinner theater is for sale again.

Ashe County Schools
So, when is the interim Superintendent Yates going to retire? Does she have a degree? Heard that teachers are being written up for speaki...

Please Help!!
Single family of 7 in desperate need for home to rent ASAP!! I'm a father of 5 wonderful kids and accompanied with my fiancé. We have cu...

ISO skilled someone to build a Rocket Mass Heater
Hi, all...I'm in search of someone able and willing to build a Rocket Mass Heater using refractory aircrete according to provided plans a...

Fins, Was This You?
Someone paid $1.9 million for a bottle of Macallan Fine and Rare 60 year old 1926

Michaelhjsr needs prayers
Michaelhjsr needs prayers....you can find him on gowilkes.

Best auto shop in Ashe for war veterans
Are there any mechanics in the county who offer discounts for veterans? Not trying to get fleeced by some jerk, just a no nonsense car gu...

Shatley Springs up for Sale
At 1.9 million that seriously overpriced I think....


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