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Track Hoe Day 2024
I just wanted to start off the celebration of Track hoe day with the email that I have posted several times that was first posted years a...

No involvement
Hunter Biden admits he put his father on speakerphone, invited him to meetings, but denies 'involvement'

Easter Trip!!
High No really high. I've been since Easter. Let me explain Santa and hippie were being processed to be deported. Neither one of them cou...

GOP blocking Biden from closing the border
Biden, during visit to overwhelmed border, urges Republicans to back Senate bill: 'Time to act'

Worst Drivers
I conducted a study several years ago as to which vehicles are driven by the worst drivers. My study determined that the worst drivers dr...

Build Back Better
Folks, the Marxist Democrats are very out front in what their intentions are. First Mc Ears said he wanted to "fundamentally change ...

Democrats are for Democracy
https://www.foxnews.com/pol...ionist ban LOL

The PLAN to destroy America
was supposed to be under Hillary Clinton. They thought they had cake walk to victory against Donald Trump. God had,and still has other pl...

Republicans' "EMBARRASSING" Hunter Biden Deposition
All Star Democrats BLAST Republicans' "EMBARRASSING" Hunter Biden Deposition (youtube.com)

Mitch McConnell to step down from GOP leadership position in the Senate
He will step down in November. I will miss him in his role. I did not always agree with him but he was a great leader in the Senate. I ho...

biden keeps giving
Carolina West increase my phone bill $10 dollars a month. I called and the lady told me it was because the longevity of the plan, But the...

Illegal murderer beat Laken Riley... damaged her skull
https://nypost.com/2024/02/...affidavit/ biden is a completely evil SOB... And so is every evil member of his illegitimate admin.

SC will hear immunity case.
Breaking Supreme Court grants Cert. and agrees to decide Trump Immunity case. Jack Smith trial now on hold. Oral arguments set for Apri...

Michigan Primary
https://www.thegatewaypundi...joe biden/ Trump beat all democrats combined. biden lost to 'uncommitted ' in dearborn

O' Keefe video at FIVE
Here come the judge. https://www.thegatewaypundi...r engoron/ okeefe media group confronts dirty judge arthur engoron

Tucker Carlson "
" Tucker Carlson Biden DOJ told my lawyer they would arrest me for interviewing Putin.

If the illegals were taking Jobs away that paid $75000.00 up instead of of below.
The BORDER would be completely secured. They would not be a single illegal in America..But bringing in cheap labor to take Jobs AWAY from...

Keep up the good work Israel
Destroy Hamas terrorists and those who support them

BREMCO CEO Again Warns OF Biden's Headlong Rush TO Green Energy
March Issue Carolina Country Magazine, The Perspective Section: "Current state and national energy policies, and a lack of support f...

Biden’s health
Is the hospital visit today the setup for Biden's withdrawal from the state of the union address.


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