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Current COVID 19 Cases
As of 3/27/2020 From App Health Care's COVID 19 webpage: Alleghany County 2 cases Watauga County 5 cases Ashe County no cases As of 3/29/...

2 Word Game
Delete 1 Word and make a new Word : Example Telephone Book Book Club Club House Open House

Ashe Compared to Neighboring Counties... Coronavirus
I was somewhat surprised to learn that Watauga and Alleghany seem to be doing better than Ashe treating Corona Virus. For example; 1 in 4...

Over 70m Americans voted for Trump why? Why does anyone vote for someone who is bereft of empathy and compassion? Why does anyone vote fo...

I keep getting robo. text messages on my mobile phone asking me to buy Trump wrapping paper, we aren't doing the gift thing this year so ...

Hippy commune
Does anyone know if the hippy commune/nudist colony is still in existence? Or did it finally go defunct? They've managed to keep tat thin...

While the Trump lackeys are busy trying to contrive grounds for challenging the results of the election where Biden won narrowly the Dem'...

Homie out
Homie's out of here for good with these few thoughts: 1: You folks that voted for trump are ridiculous but I certainly appreciate your ci...

Biden’s Cabinet
Well, Biden's list of appointees are out. Its nice to see a new circus since Ringling Brothers shut down. Next time someone tried to tell...

The shap shooter is now a county commisioner
So will the sharp shooter find a nice position to put his good buddy bufurt in? He may have the county picking vegetables and strawberries.

So now Trump is resorting to overt bullying. When his Trumpoids could not scare people away from the polls he encourages them to use scar...

Democrats cheated
Yesterday I spent all day driving a passenger van hauling people to vote. I talked to 6 other people that did the same thing. Between us,...

Will Biden have the authority to rescind Trump's in laws citizenship and deport them. By rights they should be made to go back to Slovaki...

I’d father have her than our current District 5 congresswoman...
Congratulations Cori Bush! There's hope for ALL of us after all! https://www.theguardian.com...uri speech

NPR & fins...?p
Fins, I'm pleased you actually read the entire the article that I linked to and gave it a thoughtful response with consideration & answer...

Sean Connery

Who has already voted?
I'll start I'm going to my usual polling place with my immediate bubble/family on Election Day.

Toxic Masculinity
Here's a topic from a woman who's educated and knows the harm that can come from a toxic masculine leader. Talk among yourselves...

Halloween in your neighborhood on or off tonight?
My mother would love trick or treaters coming in and showing her their costumes but I've convinced her to turn on the porch light & put o...

Trump and first ladu quarantined
Trump got bit by Covid


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