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July 4th River Blast
Everything is of course still n track for the 4th. But I just got confirmation, we’ve got this guy building us a new Jello pit for the ...

2019/2020 Ashe County Budget
https://nmcdn.io/e186d21f8c...inance.pdf Another third of a million down the toilet on the airport.... What happened to High Country Heli...

Grew up and just relocated back due to family. My current cell service AT&T doesnt work up here. Does anyone have USCellular and if s...

We have lost America
https://www.infowars.com/mo...s at home/ We lost. ABC doesn’t care! They’re laughing.

Ashe Hospital
what is going on up there I heard 5 people quit today and more are talking about leaving.

Hope they are satisfied
I have never wrote on this site, but have read posts over the past couple of years. I am a parent who has two students at Blue Ridge and ...

Fight at the courthouse
Heard there was a fight at the courthouse the cop had to break it up

Trump coming to Shatley Spring in August?
August 17 heard it a few days ago from the Republican Party. Meet and greet and dinner then a rally on the ground for the local folk. Oth...

Is Osakas gooder now?
That shokudos is there now to? I got sick all the time. Lol I thought they gave me cat! Shokudos was better and I hhere shokudos and Osak...

Ashe County to petition N.C. Supreme Court for discretionary appeal in asphalt plant case

Shatley Springs Restaurant?
who is the owner now?

Appalachian Materials Wins
The Ashe County Line reports that the NC Court of Appeals, in a unanimous decision today upheld the Ashe County Planning Board. I can not...

BREMCO building power in Boliva
I know most probably read this story and got warm and fuzzy feelings and thought how wonderful it is that BREMCO sent a crew of linemen t...

So I hear someone was denied a walk due to some issue. Just curious if anyone has information. There are always two sides to a story.

Can Trailer
Does anyone know if the Burned Children's can recycling trailer is back in place or if it has been moved to a new location?

A year ago today...
Last year I decided to take a month off from GA to see what would happen. Actually, I ended up taking a month off from the internet all t...

The top 50 not paying property taxes in the county
https://ashecountyline.com/...25 180.htm

Women dating in the area
I just moved to Deep Gap from up state New York. I met a guy online who seemed to have it all together. He is born and raised in Ashe Cou...

ACL Opiod treatment articles
I’ve just been reading the Medical Pedulum Swingith series on the ACL website. And to be written by a doctor, they could be some of the...

Memorial Day Weekend River Blast
I’ve got good news and bad news folks. The bad news is I haven’t heard from the Secret Agent in a while. I figure he’s somewhere in...


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