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Why is your power bill so high?
I just saw where BREMCO gave away 100K dollars to 6 places in the county. This money could have been used to lower your power bills. This...

Look how educated App state is
https://www.google.com/sear...e&ie=UTF 8 Got a preacher to send almost 800k to an email address. Baptists are **** hull anyway and the ch...

Liquidation Store
Does anyone know the location of a store in the surrounding counties that sells from liquidation pallet items? I was told there is one in...

Tax values double and triple with reval
It was inevitable this was going to happen. Save your milk money to pay up and pray the mouth breathers lower the tax rate.

Homeless in Ashe
All I have seen on social media is complaining by a couple of people liberal democrats of course about getting a homeless shelter. Saw on...

Even squatters have right yet I had none
5 ON YOUR SIDE 5 On Your Side digs into squatters rights after neighbors' complaint Posted 11:00 p.m. Jan 19 Updated 12:00 a.m. Yesterd...

Easter Trip!!
High No really high. I've been since Easter. Let me explain Santa and hippie were being processed to be deported. Neither one of them cou...

It's about time!!!!
SKIP TO MAIN CONTENT CONGRESS MINUTESPROE&E NEWS SEARCH FINANCE & TAX White House prepares new tenant protections, alarming housing indus...

Owners of rental property pay attention!!
JAN. 11, 2023 Some Buncombe County rental property owners were recently surprised and dismayed when they received a notice reminding or...

News 10 signs of Origin Images How to respond to Am I Subtle signs of At work Quotes Synonym Videos Urban Dictionary Meaning in Tagalog B...

Blue Ridge Energy announces another rate increase
After the 3.4% October rate increase, BREMCO announced another rate increase for February. This one is called a temporary wholesale power...

Butthole sex
Trump won

Panel finds Charlotte area financial advisor committed securities fraud, awards punitive damages By Jennifer Miller and David Hodges Upda...

Go ashe has become a great place to order a 2 dollar watch from some unknown person in China but their posting of local adds is a very di...

Looks like old Biden is now hate speeching the Irish. Being of both Irish and Scottish decent I am more than miffed . Most Irish have mor...

Merry Christmas
I only want to wish my friends Fins, billygoatgruf, Hikingmom, and Chendo a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. Piss on the rest of you.

Brittany Griner a roll model????
Beam me up Scotty there is absolutely no intelligent life left down here. And to leave a Marine veteran there while bringing this poor ex...

Hatchet wielding perbs
Heard last night there were two arrests of hatchet wielding criminals, one in Lansing on in West Jefferson. My first thought would have b...

Israel Daughtery scum
Beats women and scams his customers out of thousands of dollars..

Best place to live in Ashe?
Our best would be defined as peaceful, a few neighbors but not too many. Enough space to garden. No junk yards in sight but also no HOAs.


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