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Ruth Bader Ginsburg dead at 87
Say hello to trump choosing another supreme court justice

1993 2010 Delinquent Tax Write Off
Someone mentioned the County Manager was on WKSK this morning talking about the Tax Administrator requesting to write off 1993 2010 delin...

Dix replacement
Any names circulating as to who might be our next commissioner?

Yes, I support Trump.. Yes, I am a Republican. BUT NO to Ashe County Sheriff!!!
Ive said it before and will say it again. Howell is bad for Ashe. I attempted to post images once and will do so again next year... Inclu...

Independence Lumber Bankruptcy
So who got the scoop on Inde[endence Lumber filing for Bankruptcy? how many times does this Make?

Already staring drama
The new community member is already starting drama for the county.... https://www.patheos.com/blo...ives here

In this upcoming election we are faced with the unfortunate choice of Evil or Mediocrity. In 2016 we had the choice of Evil or DC Style P...

Current COVID 19 Cases
As of 3/27/2020 From App Health Care's COVID 19 webpage: Alleghany County 2 cases Watauga County 5 cases Ashe County no cases As of 3/29/...

Ruth Gainsburg has kicked the bucket
Now watch the democrats go even crazier..

We started out with the China Virus and now we have the Trump Plague. We're almost at the 200k mark for deaths from Covid 19 and what did...

Our glorious leader is now proposing that our schools go back to preaching xenophobic propaganda in place of history. History is an accur...

After insulting John McCain on live TV The Chump denied doing so even though millions of viewers saw and heard him do so. And yet most of...

The hot superintendent on the happy time show
The hot superintendent was on the happy time show this morning and did anyone see her phd? Every other word was uhhhh. She couldn't make ...

Election Sample Ballot
Here is the Election Sample Ballot. FYI https://www.ashecountygov.c...le ballots

Time for a Change on the School Board
It's time for a change on the school board. We have had Beckworth and Jones for 20+ years and it is time for new blood. Simmons has a PhD...

Just been reading something rather interesting. Apparently in 2016 when the Republican hierarchy realized that Trump had built a substant...

Did you see that crowd waiting for The Chosen One the twisted smiles on their otherwise empty features. Very reminiscent of pre WWII Germ...

Flash Flood warning
Just came through for Wilkes and Ashe

Gov. Cooper, bonuses to teachers
I missed the first few minutes, but he just proposed a $2000 bonus to teachers, and $1500 to other school staff

myrtle beach
Now all the sunburned rednecks are back from Hill Billy Coney Island after a fun Labor Day weekend can we expect an outbreak of Corona Vi...


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