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Middle school girls softball
We need a complete overhaul of girls softball. Wilkes and even alleghany teams make us look bad. No coaches . No knowledge of the sport. ...

33 million is going where?
https://ashecountyline.com/...217 95.htm I've read this article and I see that the commissioners approved 33 million 25,000 going to the ...

I hear some news is coming...
Stay tuned folks.

Asphalt Plant
It seems the NC Supreme Court as sided with Appalachian Materials in neighboring Watauga County....what does that mean for Ashe? https://...

Who should we run for school board?
I’ve been thinking about this for a while, and wondering who should we run for school board in the next election? Looking for intellige...

Ashe County resident, Rebecca Plitt murdered, tortured and dismembered
Murder crossed state lines, NC and VA. Supposedly Whitetop suspects, drug related....but the big question is: When did our local drug add...

The trash sites are being abused
https://ashecountyline.com/index90.htm Seems like I remember Elmer Fudd kill the complaints that our trash sites are being used by as man...

Double murder in Deep Gap
I just heard that a Watauga High School student killed his mom and dad in Deep Gap. Has anyone else heard anything about this?

Fire club asking for 3 cent increase
https://ashecountyline.com/...4 hIOhP1TM

Bill Browns court case
Has anyone heard what happen with Bills case where Rose had him charged with assault?

SROs = Glorfied babysitters
Yep, I’ve told you before, the whole SRO thing is a waste of money. This article just confirms it. We are paying them to tie shoes and ...

Happy Birthday Ashe County Line.
Good Job People! https://ashecountyline.com/...o36 xdF2yw

ISO folks interested in having Passover Seder
Shalom, The venue where our Passover was scheduled has been canceled. I am ISO of folks interested in joining in having Passover Seder Ap...

Davie county has issured a Big Foot warning
With so many calls coming in to 911 about a big red eyed big foot animal control was sent out and they have confirmed there is a big foot...

Today is Vietnam Veterans Day
Take the time today to tell a Vietnam Vet thanks, and apologize for the way you treated them when they came home!

UNC Board of Govenors approved another tuition hike
The board of governors met in Boone last week and voted to increase tuition on UNC campuses. We are one step closer to the collapse of th...

Jack*** convention this saturday
I saw where the Ashe Democrats are holding their annual convention this saturday at the courthouse.

There are plans being made for the next commissioner election
There is a group that is planning on running some new comers that are well known in the county. First on the list from mine and Fins sour...

OK folks, what do we need to fix?
There have been comments about this site has been dead lately, and I have to admit, that probably my fault. I’ve not been posting much....

Anyone noticed..
Have you noticed here on goashe that when you come to the site first before you come to community voice that the Ashe News hasn't been up...


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