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Offices in Ashe
Did One Main Financial Office in Jefferson close?

Remember when we had a jokes thread?
Folks would post the funniest PG13 jokes! I was thinking of restarting it with a funny joke but then I thought that could turn into a tra...

Ashe county providing the White House Christmas tree again
Normally this is a thing of pride. But I'm a bit embarrassed this year. Someone could have let Avery had this one.

The Giant social media site has crashed
Now you people will be finding something else to post on since the joint has broken down. LOL

What's for dinner??
Always a popular topic. I just shoved a onion up a chickens butt. Gonna cook it at 350 for about ...

Remember when
I thought it might be fun to revisit some stories of yesteryear that would just blow the minds of kids today I'll go first. My first time...

Updates on Steve Roark?
Asking for a friend. My friend said he's in rough shape. I'm not on the socialmedia.

Well Well look who is in trouble again
Convicted felon Joe Boccardy arrested again this time on 7 felony drug charges and 2 misdemeanors drug charges. Calendars / Offenses Quer...

A fun game
It is called story starter. Post only one sentence to follow the previous post. Try to keep it fun and without insult. I will go first. R...

Ashe vaccine poll
1, Are you fully vaccinated? 2. If not, why?

Whatever happened to Bufurt?
I feel like 2016 17 were big years here in terms of traffic and revenue, mainly because of Bufurt and his shenanigans. What became of him...

Put your Biden signs back up
Biden is dumping a 1000 afgans in NC and they have no where to go. btw all the illegals need a place to go also coming over the border in...

Easter Trip!!
High No really high. I've been since Easter. Let me explain Santa and hippie were being processed to be deported. Neither one of them cou...

The commissioners are considering starting a county owned Ambulance service
I guess the county is tired of giving Sullivan over a million bucks a year to run an ambulance service. I have a source that says there a...

Burger King is for sale low price of almost 2 million
You think the county should buy it too?

dentist office
mountain town dental is the worst place around they cant keep staff and i worked for them. they fire people and people quit like crazy. t...

How did Rose Miller die?
https://www.ashelawn.com/ob...ose Miller In a hospital, no doubt. Awful young. Covid?

Why doesn’t the truck come around anymore
It was blue and green and it used to come around in the warm weather months

You didn't care for your children. https://www.badgerfuneralho... Spendlove https://www.gofundme.com/f/... with loss #sad

Bill resurfaces in N.C. legislature that would disband NCHSAA
The Republican sponsored legislative bill that threatens the existence of the N.C. High School Athletic Association has resurfaced in the...


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