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County issues statement on sam Yearrick
It seems they are going to keep on paying him to do nothing. With all that he's done I can't believe the contract can't be broken. http:/...

Terry Buchanan’s web footprint is hilarious
Haha that hacks life is ruined lol. $70,000 doesn’t go far for a hick that age.

Another attorney bites the dust
What is it about Attorneys in Ashe County. Another one is now suspended. Not sure what this means for the area??? Or who are drawn to pra...

Another huge fail by AP&T
https://www.ashepost...b2038.html You don’t even need to go behind the paywall. A festival in Glendale Springs was apparently held in J...

Ever wonder who the Houck family is voting for for sheriff?
Some have tried to place the blame for the Houck incident entirely at the feet of Howell and say it makes him unqualified as sheriff. The...

Election 2018
Hello! I'm a long time reader. First time poster. WITHOUT slinging mud, who does everyone think will win their races in a few weeks. My o...

Inappropriate Conduct
Who was the assistant coach at ACHS that got fired for inappropriate conduct? I tried clicking on the link to read the article, but I’m...

What do Dr. Ray Russell's students say about him?
I hope these student reviews aren't any indication of what type of representative Ray Russell would be...

Rainbow Recycling
Are they still in business or did they shut down?

Say No to Dix
I am confused! Didn’t Larry Dix run as a Democrat in the past two Commissioner races, but is running as a Republican this time around? ...

Corruption in the jail
You’ve heard the issues about corruption with the head jailer. Her using inmates for personal gain and rewarding them with illegal toba...

Hello everyone my name is Juan Enrique Rivera a former inmate of the Ashe county detention center. I have currently been writing about my ex

Ashe High School?
Who on here knows anything about the high school. I have real doubts. I know that the new principal was there for several years and if Ya...

What's Up With the Hubbard Case?
What is the State looking for in this case? From the APT: JEFFERSON " Jessie R. Hubbard’s first day in Ashe County District Cour...

Need Help After Flooding To Fix A Car
Hello ! I am in need of help ! I have a 1996 Subaru outback ( 2.5 size engine ) that I need DESPERATELY fixed but can not afford to fix i...

James Hendrix files laws suit against Jeff Rose
http://ashecountyline.com/f...767 95.htm

Here comes the lawsuits
Who told y’all this was coming? Fins told y’all this was coming. https://www.ashepost...6d821.html I especially like the part of list...

How much money burned up today?
See the Life Store bank was burning like a torch in Warrensville today. Not a fire truck or hose jockey in site.

Hurricane Florence response
Who knew there was this much to a response? http://ashecountyline.com/e...735 95.htm

Cop kills mental health patients
http://m.wmbfnews.com/story...r drowning Pray for the cops. They have your best interest at heart. #selflessness


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