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Todd McNeill is the new Chairman and Sands is the Vice Chair. I know Ashes and Mole are thrilled Sands will be serving the County in the ...

WBTV lawsuit vs Buchanan/Clayton dismissed.
On Dec 4th the WBTV appeal for records from Buchanan/Clayton was dismissed by the NC Appellate Court. Other defendants are still pending....

The Mexicans is all gone now
Praise Jesus they be now gone. Saw them buses get fill at the store. They ain’t freeloading and stealing my welfare and hospital wait n...

Baptist Churches
A Pastor of a Church here in the county apparently thinks it is OK to have an ongoing affair with one of the wifes in the membership. I c...

Did you vote for change?

Boone is really getting bad
https://www.youtube....sist app=1

Tax payer money going to unnamed company
So it seems that the commissioners are now giving tax payer money to unnamed companies. http://ashecountyline.com/c...883 95.htm

We get a new sheriff today
It will be interesting to see if the dead weight is culled from the herd

New fire chiefs?
Got some new fire chiefs out there I’ve heard. Discuss!

Any DirecTV customers here?
AT&T has said they have launched their last satellite. Soon your service will be brought to you entirely through the internet. https://sp...

Possibility of More corruption at Ashe County Jail?
Rumor is a certain Female got busted with a lot of meth and had a Bond set at 250,000. She is affiliated with money, the Ellers(Randall) ...

Election Results
The results won't start coming in until later tonight, but please use this thread to discuss them as they occur. You can see the most acc...

A 50 million dollar Penthouse for Putin? No wonder Trump was kissing his a**!!
To repeat an old saying " How do you know when Trump is lying? His lips are moving!"

Escaped prisoner
Anyone hear any details on what happened? Seems the sheriff’s department is trying to keep it quiet

$500,000 to be funneled to campaign contributors
In the guise of increasing funding to the states Sheriff departments, the new NC budget is trying to hide $500,000 to be given to a softw...

Looks like the Sheriffs Dept. is headed right back where it was before
Just heard people are already being fired and moved around at the sheriffs dept. it's headed right back in the same mess only this time i...

Ashe progress great!
The down town transformation to tourist Mecca is a work in progress. Progress thus far is impressive. Question, what do you do in the win...

Inmates Escaped Ashe Jail?
Anyone here WKSK today announce that two inmates escaped the jail. I'M SO MAD!

Jailers lawsuit has been amended
STATESVILLE " Three former Ashe County Detention Center jailers have submitted an amended complaint to the Western N.C. District C...

This place plays the buddy system when giving people supervisor rolls . You can work there for 10 years and then they give a big job to s...


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