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Whiney vacation renters!
Over on a social site we all know we have a bunch of those vacation rentors complaining abd wanting to LEAVE good old Ashe. They knowingl...

The Dog Part 8
Next up in GoAshe news, bickering fellers complain about any other fellers complaining. Check every single thread from here all the way b...

So, I hear that Rose's is closing and big lots is taking its place.

Rolexes and identity theft
Remember when there was a big uproar about a stolen Rolex? I'm told one of the participants in that case is in jail now for identity thef...

cue fins. calling me a liar because I flounced on out and said never come back Then I d
And Billy, you're enjoying the woes of green arrow WAY too much. C'm on B,, You're a smart guy, it's obvious & Billy I like you but...

The Dog Part 7
Why is the Ashe paper sharing this article from the Watauga paper on their social media when it has nothing to do with Ashe but has been ...

When did Russ Limbaugh die?

Green Arrow bashing thread.
Please for heavens sakes post the bashing of me here. I am getting weary of going through all of them just to find out what in **** I did...

The Dog Part 6
New topic to help the GoAshe feller. The new school superintendent is doing a whole lot better job at making snow day calls than all the ...

The Dog Part 4
Let's try it this way. One, should Charlie have to show proof of his rabies shot on request? Two, should landlords have the right to requ...

The Dog Part 5
Dear GA feller, you don't have much to work with here. Sorry. How about this? One of the Ashe BOE turned in his resignation last night. T...

The Dog Part 3
All the other threads are completely derailed now. Nice work Charlie. Arrow brought up Ashe landlords. May as well bicker about them too....

The Dog Part 2
You fellers need to be asking the questions, not me. I can't help you with every dot. https://www.taylorsvilletim... employer

Ashe athletes
Basketball season home opener tonight! Gym will be packed again. Got me thinking who is the most famous athlete ever from Ashe County? An...

The to the county for the recreation department is going up
Heard on the happy time show (far from happy to me) that the county has a contract on 150 acres that borders Ashe park which is alreay 60...

Traveling for the holidays
Those of you that are traveling for the holidays know that you must take a Rapid COVID test within 2 days of travel. There's an at home t...

Why is the Sheriff buying ads
My old man saw a sheriffs department sponsored ad on his news feed and asked me to ask on here if anyone knows why the sheriff is buying ...

Our rights are under attack
found out from my friends mom that works at the courthouse that the county aldermen are trying to attack Womens tights. They are discussi...

Badger is overwhelmed with dead COVID folks
https://www.ashelawn.com/ob...homas Ring https://www.wxii12.com/arti...g/37533161

The Dog
Let's all help the GoAshe feller get some more traffic with a new topic. He's been so good to us; we should return the favor. Here's a qu...


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