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I say boycott the NFL and seen these kneeling SOB's to the unemployment line. I'm sure the teams can replace them with more monkeys that ...

Phyllis Yates
I agree with what has been said about this so called educator. She is no more an educator than a dumb mule. She falls asleep in meetings,...

Looks like we will have a new sheriff in town
I believe we will have a new sheriff tomorrow and it will not be Mr Absher. Expect a house cleaning of six to eight of the county deputie...

It grows...

Dirty Truck
**** my trucks dirty


Public Hearing, Sept 25
I received this notice from the county today: The Ashe County Board of Commissioners will hold a Public Forum on Monday, September 25, 20...

Ya'll hear about Commissioner Roark getting locked in the jail and couldn't get out
I heard from the grapevine that Gary Roark, our most beloved and esteemed County Commisser (hold the snickering) seemed to have gotten lo...

163 Closure Staring Monday Sept 25th
Staring Mon Sept 25th, 163 will be closed from the 221 intersection down to the electric substation. I just thought folks might want to k...

Red Cross
Do you ever donate to the red cross if so you should red this thread about that I found. https://www.ar15.com...99/?page=1

Is the jail still running pizza and wings night on Fridays?
I was just wondering does anyone know if the jail is still selling. Pizza and wings on Friday nights to the inmates? Or did the inmate th...

The recent talk about moonshine got me thinking. Which is always dangerous. Anyone here interested in doing a little bit of writing for a...

Ashe County High School Pathetic!
Today Master Sergeant of ROTC says pledge of allegiance stating " One Nation indivisible"? Not One Nation Under God! Question A...

Will Trump pardon Buchanan?
With the recent news of President Trump pardoning former sheriff Joe Arpaio, I got to wondering, do you think the president will pardon B...

Are county department heads issued county credit cards?
And if so, do those cards have limits to prevent rampant unapproved spending?

Has anyone received notification from Verizon that they are discontinuing service in the area? Possibly an issue with Carolina West's cha...

Time for a CHANGE Ashe Football Coach
Bad attitude, poor leadership skills, loss of pride from the community, awful coach, terrible relationship with parents of players, loss ...

Is Chief Deputy Clayton drawing a retirement pension?
When Ricky took the job as 2IC, didn't the paper say he had retired from the Durham PD? So would this mean he is drawing a pension and ge...

Better Business Bureau bad reviews
I've noticed several different businesses in our county that has very poor ratings by the Better Business Bureau. One business known as Jeff

Selling Real Estate
If you are in the market to sell anything in Ashe County try something new in Lieu of what you been trying. All realtors in Ashe are tota...


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