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i like it here
I moved here in July or something I don't remember. But I like it man it suits my style.

The hotel tavern law suit
It looks like the court case has been heard I find it funny that the new owner was recorded about how he wasn't afraid of a lawsuit. I wo...

Why no 2nd amendment sanctuary in Ashe?
Why do the commissioners hate the second amendment to the Declaration of Independence? Why do they hate our rights and freedom? Enlighten...

New river brewery
What kind of drama is going on at New River brewery?

Like water on a rock...
That's what I will be here the water droplet that is steadily drip, drip dripping on the rocks that make up most of the goashe posting ...

Best local online news source?
Any suggestions? I seriously want to be more knowledgeable about local news in and around around the county going into 2020. What do you ...

Hi, Im New Here
Hi Ashe County peoples. I jus wanted to say hi. I try to be a good Christan, and like a strong family, and make a really great jelo salad...

Hee Haw
Hi all, Somethings have bin bothered me a while. Do u think Hee Haw is an acurate potrayal of are lifes? Also does anyone haves sum firew...

There's been a shooting out near the dumpsters near Liddle's plumbing. Lots of law enforcement and roads blocked off.

arrest report for Ashe
Anyone know where to find out who was arrested in Ashe in the last day or two?

Vannoy collection for auction
https://www.mecum.com/aucti...nnoy 2020/ Why would he be selling all of this?

Swingers community's?
I was wondering, are there any swingers community's in Ashe? Please only honest answers. Thanks

Yates retiring
Phyllis Yates just announced her retirement! YAY!

Ashe Memorial has a new CEO
https://ashecountyline.com/...830 95.htm

Barneys playing army man
This is related to the standoff last night, but deserves a separate discussion. I found this link to WXII on GW about the standoff. But s...

Verizon Cell Service in Ashe
How is Verizon service in Ashe? I know they are not a local carrier there but how is the service out in the county?

club house seeking tax dollars
If my sources are correct I hear the rescue squad is looking to get the commissioners to implement a rescue tax for all of Ashe County. I...

hello who will win the election here
ah yeah what county ministers will win?

Michaelhjsr needs prayers
Michaelhjsr needs prayers....you can find him on gowilkes.

Bobby Pennington in the news again (Ashe Post & Times sucks)
I noticed the everyone's favorite Walmart bomber is in the news again. Now lil Bobby has been charged with arson in watauga. He was easy ...


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