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The crickets are the only thing chirping on GA.
Why is this place so dead?

Ashe County GIS Website Removed
I just tried to access the GIS website for Ashe County and got a message saying that the tax assessor has removed access to it for the pu...

There were lots of kids who were recognized at the board meeting last night from what the kids and parents are talking about. There were ...

Its a perfect time to put the parks in priviate hands
https://ashecountyline.com/...3A dgrdGdE

School bus problems and long rides
This is just another example of how combining all the schools was a mistake. http://ashecountyline.com/s...115 95.htm

Turn your clocks back an hour tonight
Dont be to drunk and forget

Arrest made in ACHS threat case while ACMS case goes silent
An announcement has been made that a female juvenile has been arrested for the threatening graffiti found in the girls restroom at the hi...

Bella Ragazza's Italian Kitchen? in Jefferson
are they open for business yet?

Why should we let the Ashe County Middle School be in in the middle of nowhere?
I'll speak the truth for all to hear, even those who do not wish to hear the truth. Warrensville is not just a hole in the ground, it's a...

RIP John Denver
He was legend. How often do you think about him?

Ashe Hospital CEO
The CEO of the hospital has went off the rails again. She thinks all staff is trying to get over on her. She has made the employees so sc...

Judge Strikes Down Amendments NC Voters Approved Last Fall
The photo ID to vote and income tax rate cap at 7 percent was struck down by Wake County Superior Court Judge Bryan Collins. According to...

Grammar for the Super
We all know that she is not qualified and certainly did not put anyone in place that got the test scores, but can she please use proper g...

Is the rumor of Roark running for commissioner true?
Will elmer fudd try for a come back. Start naming his accomplishments as former commissioner, Like the 100 thousand plus lawsuit.

BREMCO Board seat
With Bradley McNeill's retirement from the Board at the end of his current term 6/27/19. Folks who live in the Ashe district of the co op...

Russell cosponsors medicaid expansion
I wonder how he expects to pay for it? https://ashecountyline.com/...032 95.htm

Custom Tattoo Artist Now In The Area
Looking for custom art work for your tattoo ? Want to have some AMAZING skill put onto your skin ? Give Ben a call or text. Custom tattoo...

Accident on 221
Does anyone know what happen and who the driver of the ford truck was?

Happy Track Hoe Day
How do you plan to celebrate?

what happened
saw two Ashe medics vans with lights going to Winston. then I saw another going down the mountain with lights off so that means someone d...


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