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People at AEV are
Some **** hick in a old white ford truck says he works at AEV and his **** wife rammed my car with a cart at Walmart. They didn’t apolo...

Disabled Vet Needs Labor Help & Tree Removal Help URGENT
Hello to the community. My husband & I need help urgently. He has CHF, should surgery & paralysis in one side of leg, extreme gou...

The sheriff is doing a great job
Seems he’s working hard to hold up those promises he made during his campaign.

Hoppy Hopkins
Anyone heard anything new on Hippo? I’ve had some info brought to my attention, but haven’t been able to confirm it.

I want to talk about Days Inn restaurant
https://public.cdpehs.com/N...ttst cty=5 Look, no lipstick I

village inn pizza
Has village inn pizza closed?

What is the last song you want to hear when dying? + What song should they sing at your funeral?
Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Happy Trails Will the circle be unbroken

Well folks, seems Santa brought us a late present this year
I think 2019 is going to be a good year

House Fire
Was there a house fire in town today?

Rose is done!
AP&T is reporting that Rose has announced his retirement! Can this be true?

Does a day go by?
Does a single day go by when posters on GoAshe aren't name calling or bashing someone? Does a single day go by when the posters on GoAshe...

‘Brandon’ Ashe County’s Opiate Supplier
Why has no one wised up to that?

West Jefferson Town Alderman and Manager listed in lawsuit.
Repercussion of employing a liability

Good to know attorney Andrew Jackson is a drinking man.
He was cited for drunk driving. They took his license also. I wonder if he will represent himself with all his troubles?

You folks need me and the Lord more then ever!
I have been watching you call each other names, talk trash about the Lord, fornication, and drinking. I can help you all walk down the pa...

Where do you dispose of your Christmas tree in Ashe County?
The convenience center wont take them and the attendant said he wasn't sure about where I could take it.

Whats up with all the words that dont post?
Is it me or do I need new glasses as words I type are not showing up in the post????

new Italian place in Jefferson
when is it to open?

Ashe moves up to tier 2 in NC Commerce Distress Ranking
We have moved from tier 1 (most distressed) to a tier 2. Tier 3 are the least distressed counties. Since we are no longer a tier 1 county...

Mobile Patrol
Anyone know what's going on with Mobile Patrol in Ashe? All the surrounding counties show inmates, but Ashe County says offline.


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