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Children's Books
Is there anyone out there that would be interested in some children's books?

is there no one watching over this site and taking down post that do not follow the rules.?

Emergency Docs
Dr. Rody WTF? What's up with this guy?

Local group gives money to county to fight asphalt plant
http://ashecountyline.com/p...407 95.htm And according to this article commissioner McNeil said the county can not accept donations. Qout...

Shoe Shop or Leather repair shop
Will someone tell me if there is a shoe repair shop in Jefferson or West Jefferson and if so where?

What happened to that place?? Nothing but overpriced junk on the shelves now and everyone is rude as *(&^*.

Possible murder
Anyone heard about a possible murder by a local druggie?

Petition: Ashe County Commissioners: Recognize Tourism as an Extractive Industry
Hey everybody, please visit and sign my petition, if you feel so inclined! https://www.change.org/p/as...e industry

Trash sites, dogs and cats and homeless people
Ashe Co. Spent $520,000 paving the dumpster sites, over $226,000 went to animal control...but $0. went to providing Ashe Co. Coalition fo...

Welches food truck
I see Welches has a food truck. Reviews?

Shatley Springs Restaurant?
who is the owner now?

Would the people of Ashe County like to have a new gun store?
I'm just asking would the people like to have a new gun and ammo store with all the stuff that goes with it in about a 3000 sq ft buildin...

Looking to buy a Gun Store Business
Hello If anyone knows of a Gun Business for sale please let me know. We are very serious and we are not green about this business. So we ...

We have lost America
https://www.infowars.com/mo...s at home/ We lost. ABC doesn’t care! They’re laughing.

Gov Cooper's 'Compromise' Budget
https://ashecountyline.com/...28 172.htm 4th Paragraph, when has the legislature or governor ever spent less in a tax year than the previ...

Section E of 221 delayed again
I guess they wasted to much money on unneeded things on the other 4 sections. A couple examples are curb and gutter islands and turning l...

Coming distllery
A fried that works in the courthouse told me adeveloper is trying to by the new river park to build a distillery and hotel he has a group...

July 4th River Blast
Everything is of course still n track for the 4th. But I just got confirmation, we’ve got this guy building us a new Jello pit for the ...

Fight at the courthouse
Heard there was a fight at the courthouse the cop had to break it up

Is GoWilkes down?
I keep getting an error when I try to refresh the page for that site. Did Jason forget to pay the power bill?


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