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Ashe Hospital


Posted 9:05 am, 10/16/2019

In almost any group discussion there is always a small minority who refuse to accept their irrelevance to the conversation at hand.


Posted 6:53 am, 10/16/2019

You're proving to be about as smart as most Carolina fans. The ceo doesn't work for the board. So the board can't fire the ceo or make the ceo do anything.


Posted 6:10 am, 10/16/2019

The board talked about firing her but there was a few who didn't want to be that confrontational. So they decided to give her the choice of how she was going to leave. This so-called retirement announcement is so she can get out without being publicly disgraced. But that ain't gonna happen. I'm gonna use Laura's favorite line - HERE'S THE DEAL. Everybody is gonna know she isn't leaving On her own. We will see to that. The board told the old fraud to pack up. Won't be long until the followers get the same treatment. Somebody wake the CNO up and tell her to make sure her resume is current.


Posted 5:34 am, 10/16/2019

This was not her choice. The board made this decision after months of investigations.Novant was informed of their decision that Her services were no longer needed. The board made 2 mistakes though, not doing it a long time ago and not outright firing her.


Posted 5:16 am, 10/16/2019

The old fraud is not leaving because she chose to. The board finally realized what was going on and told her she was out. She could resign, she could announce her retirement or she could get fired. To save face she chose retirement. Adios, Laura!! We won't miss you! Your little gang of followers will be next.


Posted 9:29 pm, 10/15/2019

I find it funny when someone that people have beef with announce their retirement it automatically means they are being ran off. It could mean that they have decided to retire and it is on their own accord. 👀🤷"♀️

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Posted 9:28 pm, 10/15/2019

The CFO should be fired. The CNO should be fired. Terrible boss and is not knowledable about anything healthcare related
The infectious control fat brown tooth woman should be fired.
Party time is now over!


Posted 6:29 pm, 10/15/2019

Those who have the proper insight into the last seven years all wish that the problem had been addressed sooner. But it's being addressed now. The Trustees (most of them, anyway) as well as Novant are coming to terms with what has been occurring and I believe you'll see both parties more engaged at least in the short term. This should help some of the turnover. Most of the Trustees want to see the hospital be the best it can, although the obstacles mentioned previously are going to be quite difficult to overcome.

jack rip her

Posted 6:28 pm, 10/15/2019

The board is about as useless as tits on a boar hog. Does that help you people understand?


Posted 5:39 pm, 10/15/2019

There have been so many employees that was given the choice of 'be fired or resign'. Karma is a wonderful thing


Posted 5:39 pm, 10/15/2019

What do you not get about the fact that the board has no authority over a Novant employee? They couldn't call for anyone's resignation. They could only ask Novant to make a change. That's not what got this done.

jack rip her

Posted 5:30 pm, 10/15/2019

She can break the place and blow several more out the door between now and December 31. They didn't do what was expected of them to do. It may very well cost the hospital from several fronts unless she has no power. The favor was not fully Paid Fins.


Posted 5:09 pm, 10/15/2019

I can assure everyone that this was a Board decision and subsequently a Board action. An overwhelming majority of Trustees elected to bring the CEO's tenure at Ashe Memorial to an end. She was given the choice of resigning, retiring or being fired. She chose retirement. The press releases will contain the expected gratuities thanking her for her service, but her departure is a direct result of her job performance.


Posted 5:03 pm, 10/15/2019

Retiring at the end of the year. The board did let her save face


Posted 5:00 pm, 10/15/2019

Isn't she staying until the end of the year?


Posted 4:24 pm, 10/15/2019

Employees made their case with solid proof and presented to the board members of AMH. This was a slow meticulous process that took months to complete. With so much evidence the board did the right thing. Well almost.. they let her retire instead of out right firing her.


Posted 3:46 pm, 10/15/2019

I find it hysterical that so many people excited over this change have such poor grammar and spelling. It just shows that most still don't really understand what the issue really is or how it needs to be fixed. And they still don't get that the board has no power in these situations. They can only ask for changes to be made. And my understanding is that this time they didn't ask. Changed happened because someone else called in a favor.


Posted 3:12 pm, 10/15/2019

Finally after all these years they witch will be leaving, so many good employees are gone because of her and her only. She has tried to make herself look good, but destroy the hospital. She treats employees like gum on the bottom of her shoes. She goes out of her way to treat people mean and bad. To me that is just EVIL!!. The hospital is not in better shape than it was years ago, the community just gave them 1/2 million dollars. Also the services that were add like Chemo are not making money they acutally are costing money to provide. Why do you think that so many long term, good employees are gone? Why do you think that all these patients are being sent out to Winston? The EMS stay busy just taking patient down there doesn't need to be, is AMH a hospital or a Urgent Care Center? Laura Lambeth has taken a great working hospital and turned it into a place that is not friendly, not spoke of as a good place to work or go to for care. The hospital has regressed back to the way it was years ago, when nobody wanted to come there. The hospital is a needed place for Ashe county,because the county would go under without. It provides jobs and it also keeps the companies such as AEV and GE in the county. Every body has an opinion on things, but this was long over due. The board should have sent her packing years ago, she has made a mess of the hospital and it will not be the same.


Posted 2:46 pm, 10/15/2019

Good time to shut it down. We don't need it. My flight evac plan is solid and being used in other redneck locales. We'd better off without the hospital.


Posted 1:34 pm, 10/15/2019

Where is Heels telling us the trustees have no power? Probably too busy updating a resume.

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