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Captain D’s why is not in Ashe Country

jimmy swaggart

Posted 10:35 am, 08/04/2019

I know of a man that can part the water and you can get you a fish sandwich.


Posted 10:22 am, 08/03/2019

Abingdon also sit on an interstate.


Posted 10:11 am, 08/03/2019

The grilled haddock at Cracker Barrel is as good as any fish I've eaten anywhere, and that includes $$$$ restaurants on both US coasts.


Posted 6:59 am, 08/03/2019

Have you ever considered the size of Abingdon compared to Ashe county?

That might give you your first clue.

Have you tried High Country Seafood, fresh seafood its out on Beaver Creek School Road.

the flounder at Smokey Mountain BBQ is pretty good, mom loves it for her birthday.


Posted 8:59 pm, 08/02/2019

Yeah... quality fish always comes in wedge shapes


Posted 6:20 pm, 08/02/2019

Is best fish place ever and you can get it in Abington but why not here? Ain't no good fish place here that serve quality fish like a place like that. it would bring jobs 2"where are the jobs? People need work here but there no jobs

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