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Posted 4:04 am, 01/28/2019

Remember the Bomb Threats and how much trouble the police had with just a simple phone request in this county. I mean it wasn't until the caller issued threats to Nation's Inn and Holiday Inn Express that they caught him, and that's because both of them had the phone records to police within a couple of days (it was on a Sunday so they had to wait for the phone company to open up). He'd been calling Wal Mart for a month and they were dragging their feet.


Posted 2:41 pm, 01/27/2019

A warrant removes Walmart from any liability or civil claims. Remember, this is the same company that stopped persuing shoplifters because the criminals sued them for injuries.

On a side note, Best Buy however hires former military and off duty law enforcement as their security. Give them reason to think you are shoplifting and they will tackle you in the parking lot.


Posted 1:38 pm, 01/27/2019

Did the truck have a camper top?

Joseph T.

Posted 1:19 pm, 01/27/2019

That I can't answer since I don't know but in my wife's case the cop acted like it was not a problem. However like Jack said all they need is a warrant

jack rip her

Posted 12:43 pm, 01/27/2019

They may as well as the police would simply get a warrant. Making it hard on the police is a big mistake. They will make life hard on the walmart.


Posted 12:27 pm, 01/27/2019

Joe, the way you worded that is interesting. You say they will let police watch it. But will they let the police have a copy?

Joseph T.

Posted 11:16 am, 01/27/2019

they wont give it to him but they will let law enforcement watch it


Posted 7:52 am, 01/27/2019

Think it's worth a drive by Walmart or at least a call. If by some miracle you could get the video it would be sweet justice. Nothing like it being served cold and unexpected.

Joseph T.

Posted 10:57 pm, 01/26/2019

Well now you do since it happen with my wife in Boone. Her car was hit while she was in the store when she came out and saw her car she called the PD who came to take the report. They then went inside the store and watch the video and were able to see the car that hit her car but were unable to get the tag number do to picture quality and bad angle. According to the cop she talked to its a pretty common request and the store is always helpful.


Posted 10:46 pm, 01/26/2019

For matters that don’t involve the store? I know they have let them have footage for issues that presented potential safety concerns, but I’m not aware of anything like a customer car accident

Joseph T.

Posted 10:40 pm, 01/26/2019

The one in Boone has no problem letting the cops watch the security video.


Posted 10:24 pm, 01/26/2019

Good luck getting anything useful from Walmart’s cameras. If you ever saw any surveillance footage released from a Walmart then you’d know they have the worst picture quality you can buy. A coup,e years ago they started upgrading all the stores to HD grade cameras, but I doubt they’ve gotten to west jefferson yet. And that’s if you could even get them to release footage without a warrant.


Posted 10:08 pm, 01/26/2019

According to this site AEV is the largest employer in the county.


Posted 10:06 pm, 01/26/2019

If it were my car and I actually witnessed it. I would have showed him it was his problem. The WJPD would have been called right on the spot. I sure wouldn't be on GoAshe talking about it without already taking care of it.

Joseph T.

Posted 9:31 pm, 01/26/2019


Posted 6:03 pm, 01/26/2019

Pretty sure AEV is the County's largest employer.

I really don't think they are bigger than Vannoy's or the county its self.


Posted 8:49 pm, 01/26/2019

what is AEV ?


Posted 8:10 pm, 01/26/2019

OP is probably one of those ancient curmudgeons from Stonebridge.

jack rip her

Posted 7:24 pm, 01/26/2019

Can we establish the people were from scary Creston?


Posted 6:03 pm, 01/26/2019

Pretty sure AEV is the County's largest employer.

Joseph T.

Posted 4:50 pm, 01/26/2019

I don't think they are the counties biggest employer and if you saw it you should have called the cops. They could have gotten the video from walmart and charged them.

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