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SRO’s have no duty to protect students


Posted 9:38 pm, 12/30/2018

When they first installed the metal detectors at the Wilkes court house the deputy who ran the door was unarmed. Asked him what he was supposed to use if some one was hiding a gun, harsh language? Told him basically he was just a trip wire. If some one shot him the noise would warn people to hit the fire escape


Posted 11:31 am, 12/30/2018

I grew up in the time when we had lots of guns on school property. Probably half the vehicles at the high school had one or more weapons in it. People didn't shoot one another. Disputes were settled out past the Football Field in the woods with your fists. People were more afraid of what their parents would do to them if they pulled a weapon on someone than what the school would do. That's the problem today, kids aren't afraid of anyone and they have no respect for anyone other than themselves.

That's what's wrong with society. We allowed it to happen, we created safe spaces and gun free zones.

Schools were not a major target of shootings until after they were made gun free zones. Back when I was in school around here a shooter wouldn't have made it to far as a teacher or a student would have shot them. We need to stop creating snowflakes and start creating responsible adults again.

Unless they learn how to deal with disappointment as a child, to deal with failure, to deal with bullying, to work within a certain parameters, they will never succeed as adults.

It's like parable of the farmer who sowed his seeds. And the seeds that fell into the good soil had weak roots and when the rain and wind game they were blown about. That's what our schools have become. It produces children with weak roots. They don't have the skills necessary to make it in life. Remember it was the seeds that landed in the poor ground, the ones that had to learn to deal with adversity and strengthen their roots that made it.

The SROs are nothing more than something to make you think they are doing something to make your child safe, who is unsafe because of stupid *** policies they created.

Joseph T.

Posted 9:08 pm, 12/29/2018

When my kids were in elementary and middle school I always told them to run if school was on lock down even if they had to break a window to get out. We found places off of school grounds where they were to go and hide and stay there until I came to get them.

Granma's house was just down the road from the elementary school and that's where they were to go if they got out on that side of the building. If they made it out the other side they were to haul @$$ down into the woods and follow the creek down to the box Culvert and hide there.

We even practice this several times a year At least that way they would have a chance and not be fish in a barrel. It is also the reason I got them cell phones at a young age


Posted 8:12 pm, 12/29/2018

If you cant get up and walk out of the building at any time you want you are in custody


Posted 8:06 pm, 12/29/2018

They are full of it. If a school can be locked down which they some times are, And students not allowed to leave. That is the definition of a custodial relation.


Posted 12:00 pm, 12/28/2018

What I haven’t been able to figure out at all is how a judge can conclude that a school has no duty to protect students. She said there is no custodial relationship, but being there are laws requiring minors to be in school, that doesn’t seem true.

jack rip her

Posted 10:34 am, 12/28/2018

Dont think I ignored your comments wth, I realize you want my attention.

btw I got a boat load of Jack Daniels for Christmas.

jack rip her

Posted 10:31 am, 12/28/2018

It remains to be seen how the ruling will be judged in other cases. The case will carry weight in a judges decision as it did make the national news. Judges do read. As I said its common sense and a roller coaster does roll down hill.


Posted 9:30 am, 12/28/2018

It should also be noted that the order of dismissal was issued as a ruling. That means the Judge intended for it to have effect only in that one specific case. It should also be noted that not one of the 22 other district or magistrate judges in the SDFL made a motion to even consider it as an opinion, published or non published. So you can see how little weight that ruling carries.


Posted 8:58 am, 12/28/2018

So6. Unpublished Opinions. A majority of the panel determine whether an opinion should be published. Opinions that the panel believes to have no precedential value are not published. Although unpublished opinions may be cited as persuasive authority, they are not considered binding precedent. The court will not give the unpublished opinion of another circuit more weight than the decision is to be given in that circuit under its own rules. Parties may request publication of an unpublished opinion by filing a motion to that effect in compliance with FRAP 27 and the corresponding circuit rules.Southern District of Florida.

1. It is called precedent, and 2. it has NO VALUE outside the Southern District of Florida.

what the ???

Posted 8:44 am, 12/28/2018

And the other drunken anarchist tries to make a point.. and fails.
And you have to have common sense to cite it.. you’ve shown none.

jack rip her

Posted 7:05 am, 12/28/2018

Were a lawsuit be brought by a NC student because of a school shooting the ruling of the Federal judge in FL would be cited as prescient. Common sense would tell you a school has no more responsibility to protect you then a bank building or any other county building. The SRO is only put there to make you feel safe.

what the ???

Posted 6:51 am, 12/28/2018

All of your drunken nonsense from someone who constantly points out errors in others and then stoops to name calling.
You have nothing to be proud of.


Posted 12:27 am, 12/28/2018

Really? You are reduced to trying to pick spelling errors? For your knowledge, for some reason spellcheck didn’t catch stamina. I don’t know why it left stamenia and didn’t even try to offer another option, but it didn’t. Still, you need me handicapped with alcohol just to give you an equal chance.


Posted 12:13 am, 12/28/2018

Next time you are sober, see if you can figure out how to use spell check.


Posted 12:09 am, 12/28/2018

So In your mind protecting personal freedom and demanding responsible spending by government is anarchy. Sorry, but I don’t believe in wasting resources just to give people warm and fuzzy feelings. I also don’t agree with law enforcement over stepping their bounds or harassing citizens just because they have a badge. I’m actually disappointed in you, because I really thought you had more sense than what you have revealed to have. And it’s now very obvious that you are just another envious and angry individual that wishes you had my stamenia and tolerance for the nectar of the gods.


Posted 11:36 pm, 12/27/2018

It still has NO MEANING AND NO EFFECT out of that case. Get over yourself. Learn a little about law before you go spouting your anarchist views. You really are incredibly biased. And aren't you about due to be committed, again?


Posted 11:29 pm, 12/27/2018

I did reread it. The first words in the article are federal judge.

A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit brought by 15 students who survived the Parkland school shooting, saying the school district and the sheriff's office do not have a constitutional duty to protect students.

And then near the end is this

However, Judge Beth Bloom in a ruling issued last week agreed with the defendants that "there is no constitutional duty to protect students from harm inflicted by third parties."

Bloom said in the ruling that students -- unlike mental patients and prison inmates -- are not in a custodial relationship with the state.


Posted 11:22 pm, 12/27/2018


Posted 11:03 pm, 12/27/2018

It was a federal court, not a state court

WRONG! AGAIN! It was a State District Judge. Go back, and re-read the article YOU linked. And learn something about how court decisions affect others. If a Federal District Court Judge makes a new ruling, it has no effect outside of that particular case. It has to be accepted as a published opinion by a majority of that district court to have judicial effect. And then, it only affects that district. If it goes to the Federal Court of Appeals, and is upheld, as a published opinion, it has effect it that judicial circuit only. WE are in the Fourth Judicial Circuit. Florida is in the Eleventh Judicial Circuit. So that Judges decision only affects that one, single case. It is NOT precedential.


Posted 11:03 pm, 12/27/2018

It was a federal court, not a state court

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