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Posted 5:36 pm, 08/04/2020

Yep, even in Springy's trolling, he has a grain of truth. This guy is new level of insane.


Posted 2:14 pm, 08/04/2020

I think his oxygen gets low from his copd and he goes off he rocker.


Posted 12:07 pm, 08/04/2020

When springy is on his meds, he can make sense...

This guy is lost


Posted 10:25 am, 08/04/2020

I'm starting to think even the wino is your better.

Chendo, I think springy is better than Hankey


Posted 10:00 am, 08/04/2020

Fin, the only way I can be bested is by my betters, well they aint nowhere on this site. Still laughing!


Posted 7:58 am, 08/04/2020

Not so much laughing anymore...it's kinda sad. He's another Springy


Posted 11:48 pm, 08/03/2020

The best part, Mr Hankey, you don't even know how or when you've been bested. Everyone except the Lansing wino are laughing at you.


Posted 7:53 pm, 08/03/2020

Oh! I'm so impressed.


Posted 7:27 pm, 08/03/2020

Oh Hankey, if you only had a clue to what I do.

Oh, and P=vi.


Posted 6:31 pm, 08/03/2020

This from someone who thinks watt is something ignorant people say instead of pardon.


Posted 5:02 pm, 08/03/2020

Should have figured a technology discussion would be above your ability.


Posted 4:15 pm, 08/03/2020

Kehin, that's what Dog needs fiber, that way he might not be so full of crap.


Posted 2:45 pm, 08/03/2020

Good one henryii-V.Fox a dog concubine! Lol.


Posted 2:36 pm, 08/03/2020

A cell tower is not totally wireless. They are unseen but most cell towers do require a certain amount of fiber to operate.


Posted 11:07 am, 08/03/2020

Yeah, listen to Dog he knows Virginia Foxx she' his favorite concubine.


Posted 11:01 am, 08/03/2020

Go see Virginia Foxx before she retires and get a promise from her. Tell her you gave her 10K in campaign cash.


Posted 8:48 am, 08/03/2020

5g is a wireless technology, it doesn't require new lines. It requires new antennas to be built. It's probably cheaper than new lines, but it's still an investment. There was s a possibility of getting a rural grant to pay for such new infrastructure (that's how skyline has paid for running fiber everywhere) but you still have to get a company interested first.


Posted 8:29 am, 08/03/2020

At this time, I don't see additional communication companies expanding into more of rural Ashe County due to a number of reasons.

Population and potential customer base needs to be of a sufficient number to justify the cost of expansion and the chance/risk of little return on the investment of expansion. With the 2020 Census numbers due out late this year or early 2021, that may shed light on this point.

Cost of expansion is a big unknown at this time. I anticipate that other communication companies have looked at expansion into rural Ashe County and have decided its not best at time.

Cost of expansion goes beyond just hanging new lines on existing poles. The majority of the exiting poles in rural Ashe County are not tall enough to allow an additional utility hung in the communication space while at the same time providing adequate vertical clearance over the roadways. With the mountain rock, its unlikely that any new communications lines could be installed underground of a significant nature.

Regulations, well this is just what it is, regulations. Some can be mitigated, some are roadblocks.


Posted 8:03 am, 08/03/2020

So you haven't researched the laws to see what they can and can't do? You just want to whine to the FCC like a little kid begging for a new toy?

There is nothing preventing a company from investing in the area and building a 5g network except a lack of enough customers to make it profitable. 5g requires a lot more antennas because the range is so much more limited than existing cellphone signals. Without finding a service provider that's interested in building a network, this is a waste of time.


Posted 7:20 am, 08/03/2020

I would like to see what they can do to help open up competition in our county.

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