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jack rip her

Posted 5:10 pm, 11/12/2019

How long is left on their contract? I got a feeling the family will have more to say about them pulling out.


Posted 3:48 pm, 11/12/2019

I heard from a very credible source that Novant wants out and that may be sooner than later.


Posted 4:35 pm, 10/31/2019

Dogwood, Folks get hired and fired all the time, situations change and the skill set that was appropriate when the person was hired might not be what is needed now.

I don't have a current listing of the Board Members or even if it is at its full 18 Member capacity. the 990's on file are several years old. The Board in place in the early 1980's selected the Management Company which was in place until 2013, many things changed over that time. I do know there there has been some change out in the Board composition in the last 6 years, there have been 3 Board chairs in that time, Gambill, Efford and now Johnson.

Williams was the CEO when the Management agreement was not renewed in 2013, he was brought in after the Board requested Quorum to make a change in leadership in 1994.

The Board went through a process to select a partner who would be able to bring specialty care to Ashe and allow more residents of the area to stay in Ashe vs. having to travel to larger facilities in Boone or off the mountain.

To my knowledge there were three presentations made two of which were Novant and Quorum, Quorum does not employee specialty physicians nor did it at the time have any management agreements with larger secondary or tertiary hospitals to offer as potential partners for Ashe.

The Board was pretty strategic in its decision making process, I"d have to leave it up to the Board members to determine if their strategic objects when making the management company change have been met.


Posted 10:38 am, 10/31/2019

The key word is request. The board cannot force Novant to fire or hire someone. That's the part that some seem to be missing.


Posted 6:54 am, 10/31/2019

Onlyinashe you sure do know a lot of facts. You seem to know a lot about the prior administration. Thanks for the information. But I have one question. In the previous comment you said the board picked Ms.Lambeth, and now they campaigned to get rid of her. Didn't they do the same thing to the prior administration? Aren't most of the board members the same people that were there during the prior administration.


Posted 6:40 am, 10/31/2019

Silent, The hospital did operate in the red, but cash flow positive position, under the previous administration. An odd statement I know but in an accrual based accounting system you have a variety of non-cash expenses, such as depreciation, which are recorded as expenses in the financial statements. While that sort of financial operation is not optimal it is sustainable. The infusion of cash from the County under the new administration was and continues to be very helpful as it helps to offset the over $2,000,000 per year in uncompensated care costs for the organization.

in 2013 Novant presented several candidate for the CEO job to the Board and leadership of the hospital to be interviewed, the final two candidates were a gentleman who had experience in a long term acute care hospital (Kindred) and Ms. Lambeth, the recommendation from the Board to Novant was to hire Ms. Lambeth.

Fins you are technically correct in that the Board does not make the final hiring and firing decisions, they do have input into the the selection of the individual who is employed in the CEO position.

Under a management agreement such as this the Board retains the ultimate authority , supervision, direction and control over the business of the organization. In General the Management agreements have a statement such as the following regarding the employees the management company will provide to the organization.

"management company shall provide the Hospital the services of individuals to serve as the Hospital's Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chief Financial Officer (CFO) otherwise considered special employees. The special employees shall be acceptable to the Board on a continuing basis, and the Board shall have the right to request the Management Company remove or replace any Special Employee at any time during the term. The special employees shall function at the Hospital as "Borrowed Employees" and shall at all times while serving the Hospital, be under the direction, control and supervision of the Board."

Special Employees and Borrowed Employees are both specific terms in an agreement like this to shift the liability for decision making away from the Management Company back to the Board. There were a number of cases in Texas where a hospital management company was successively sued as a deep pocket in an employed physician malpractice case. These cases changed the entire landscape of the relationships between Management Company employees and the client hospitals.

The Board retaining the ultimate authority for decision making is pretty much a regulatory requirement expressed in CMS and other surveying organization's standards.


Posted 6:32 pm, 10/30/2019

Don't get mad at me for making you look bad. Get mad at your momma for the genetics.


Posted 3:04 pm, 10/30/2019

Go back to eating your crayons


Posted 2:16 pm, 10/30/2019

You're lying again. You couldn't answer the question because it didn't happen


Posted 2:15 pm, 10/30/2019

I spelled it out for you step by step junior. Somebody offered to draw you a picture. Maybe that would help your comprehension problem.


Posted 2:04 pm, 10/30/2019

This from the mooron that couldn't answer the question of just how did the board fire an employee that doesn't work for them. You are the typical UNC fan.


Posted 1:36 pm, 10/30/2019

You don't have the first idea how things work here. You are a sad little man and I can't believe we breathe the same air.


Posted 1:23 pm, 10/30/2019

The board doesn't pick Novant employees, you brainless cuck.


Posted 12:51 pm, 10/30/2019

You are wrong junior. The board chooses the ceo. But it sure is fun watching you show everybody how little you know about what goes on here.


Posted 12:44 pm, 10/30/2019

If the hospital is now in the black, then they would either repair the roof, replace the heating system and/or pay enough to keep the nurses here.


Posted 11:04 am, 10/30/2019

The hospital board has NO say in who the new CEO will be. The CEO does not work for the board. They are not picking the CEO. Why is this so hard for some of you to comprehend?


Posted 8:38 am, 10/30/2019

According to the thread the hospital was in the "red" with the prior administration. Now it is in the black and not close to closing. All new CEOs face challenges from prior mistakes being made by the previous CEOs. The proof comes from what the CEO chooses to do and act on. Isn't that right onlyinashe.


Posted 8:26 am, 10/30/2019

Well said, Only. My wish is that the Board will exercise patience and select the best candidate rather than rush a decision. I believe there may be a chance of finding a single candidate who demonstrates all those characteristics if the Board proceeds in a patient and deliberate manner.


Posted 6:40 am, 10/30/2019

The new CEO is going to have a mess to clean up, it may take two CEO's over a 3-5 year period to make the changes necessary. The first CEO will need to be tough but fair, not taking any guff and setting expectations for all levels of the organization, while prioritizing infrastructure and and growth opportunities. This type of turn around is very wearing on a leader, not every leader has the desire or the personality to conduct a turn around, but there are folks like that out there who enjoy the challenge and move from one challenge to the next.

Once the turn around is well established, you bring in the CEO who has the vision to build consensus, lead change and instill a value system that supports the mission of the organization and direction the Board has set for the organization.


Posted 11:59 am, 10/29/2019

If any of the good people that left can be wooed back this might be the last occasion.

Of course that's probably only going to work on people born in Ashe and for whom their salaries have not doubled elsewhere.

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