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Posted 2:57 pm, 09/17/2019

That is a lot of money given to the hospital, much of which came from employees who worked and paid taxes that went back to the hospital, and yet had to leave in order to work in peace and a comfortable environment. It is a vicious cycle perpetrated by an inexperienced and boastful person who has no idea what she is doing.


Posted 2:48 pm, 09/17/2019

To keep things in context, the first county subsidy was received by Ashe Memorial in the summer of 2015 if my recall is accurate. Therefore, the CEO has been given close to $2 million in unrestricted taxpayer dollars; essentially a gift, if you will. Yet she is unable to provide basic weatherproofing and climate control?


Posted 2:25 pm, 09/17/2019

So I am asking this question with sincerity because I do not know how it works. What would this money have been spent on that is more important than basic structural repairs in order to keep a facility properly running?

jack rip her

Posted 1:29 pm, 09/17/2019

And if memory serves me the county gave the hospital about 400K this year.

jack rip her

Posted 1:27 pm, 09/17/2019

JR if the hospital was in such great shape after the great savior Novant came on board and brought Laura in and in no time flat the board of trustees told the county that unless the sales tax passed and the county gave 500K a year then the hospital would be broke. Then we find out that the deal Elmer fudd and his gang made was for 3 years. So JR quit defending the board and Laura and remember the buck stops and starts with her and her alone.


Posted 12:44 pm, 09/17/2019

LOL! Go Cool


Posted 12:26 pm, 09/17/2019

If the hospital can't afford to fix the roof or the HVAC system, I will respectfully submit the hospital is still bankrupt.


Posted 11:58 am, 09/17/2019

Quorum was losing money, and the hospital was bankrupt. It was also time for renewal of the contract and thus an easy time to part ways.

We don't know the current terms though. Novant Health took over in August 2013 with an initial 3 year contract. However we don't know what the subsequent contract was. If 3 years is a standard contract length then it was renewed in August 2019 for three more years and thus not up for renewal again until 2022.

About the only way you could probably get rid of her would be an audit that showed significant irregularities. As for Grant money depends on the wording I suppose. The money it receives from Ashe County by law cannot be earmarked by Ashe County thus it can be spent however the Hospital chooses. If for example they took ER upgrade funds and used on something else, that's going to be hard to prove probably especially if the receipts for the upgrade exceed the grant but you might could.

The board should at least under NC have the right to ask for an audit. It is one of their duties to over see the financial health of the non profit by NC law.


Posted 10:32 am, 09/17/2019

Does money mismanagement include using grant funds for unapproved purposes? Hmm maybe a audit is called for.


Posted 10:17 am, 09/17/2019

And if it is the OR nurse that has been there for many years then yes, they will be left with no or few experienced nurses. My guess is they have been driving this nurse to an early grave with call due to the lack of help, because no one can or will tolerate the abuse. Dr. Jones is top notch and one of the few reasons people still choose to have surgery at AMH, but he has to have people that know what they are doing!!


Posted 10:05 am, 09/17/2019

If the board has no power in management contracts then we'd still be with Quorum, right? And Morehead hospital in Eden would still be with Novant instead of UNC, right? The board can address the issue and we all know what the issue is. And by the way the board will have there next meeting here at the hospital at noon on Friday.


Posted 9:44 am, 09/17/2019

I didn't 'hear' anyone yelling Jr., but if they do they have very good reason, that being they have not been heard. You have either not worked under the management of this person or you are one of the so called four. By the way, there are more than four. They are just being two sided, depending on who they are talking to. It's not like there are several options for medical employment in Ashe county and having to drive an average of two hours each shift to other counties for work is hard on folks that have families and those that work twelve hour shifts. It also puts those that may have to work on call shifts at another job at a disadvantage. Getting rid of ONE person is all it will take to keep our hospital intact. The majority of the employees that have left have never managed a business, but they should be able to know they are working for one that does know how to do it, especially one as important as a hospital.


Posted 8:12 am, 09/17/2019

You'd have to find out when they meet I suppose. However that's not publicly posted much as the members of the Board are not.

I'm not making excuses. I'm dealing in business reality. I'm old enough to remember when you could quit or get fired from a job and have another job before the day ended. People were fairly mobile in those days. During the high unemployment through the end of W and through the Obama years people were to afraid to move jobs, they bit their lips and they just stuck it out because they weren't sure if they could get anything else. Sure they may take a disliking to the CEO and that may even be a primary reason they are leaving, but they wouldn't be doing it if they didn't think they'd be able to find employment quickly.

Yelling here not going to help the solution. There are actually very few things the Board can legally do. The Contract which is not public was written by lawyers, who probably included very specific things that each party could and could not do and expressly has exit clauses that can be activated by either party in extreme situations. Keep in mind the State of North Carolina traditionally only looks into money mismanagement of non profits. The hospitals balance sheets are in order, I mean you could do an audit I'm sure they are allowed, but barring coming up with something extraordinary you would be hard pressed to find grounds to fire her.

It's almost like none of you have ever run a business or been involved in a non profit.


Posted 6:18 am, 09/17/2019

I wonder what would happen if a number of share holders were to attend, or attempt to attend a board meeting? The Hospital is not public in the sense that they have to have open meetings, but I wonder if you could exclude the shareholders from a regular board meeting, of if a group of shareholders asked to make a presentation to the Board?


Posted 5:16 am, 09/17/2019

My God, you fraud defenders will go to any length to say the mess at AMH is not the fault of the administration. You all act like the hospital was sold to Novant and the trustees have no power at all. Novant works for AMH, not the other way around. Then we hear all the turnover is no big deal. We're in a high turnover period. Yep, been in one since the old fraud walked through doors for the first time and it has nothing to do with the economy. Tell me, is the economy responsible for the leaky roof, no heat or AC, the dead equipment and the cat obsession too?

Reckon this is a good time to congradulate the old fraud on YET ANOTHER employee leaving. One more OR nurse has decided she's had enough of the toxic AMH atmosphere. She's not the first OR nurse to leave and there all being replaced with nurses who have no experience. Remember that if you have surgery. That darn economy is killing AMH. Hey board members, how much longer are you gonna let this go on? You all gonna finally step up to the plate at your meeting this Friday or are you gonna continue to pretend all this isn't happening?


Posted 1:40 am, 09/17/2019

FINS has pointed it out, but none of us have read the contract. What they can do about it is probably limited as the CEO is not an employee of the Hospital but of Novant.

This is a high turnover period, unemployment is low, people move around to find something that fits them. That is the norm in a low unemployment period. For years people were stuck because if you left a job you never knew if you were going to get another one, people were remaining unemployed for years. In time the employment market will start to stabilize but employment mobility is a symptom of low unemployment.

This doesn't just apply to the Hospital. It is affecting most industries. People are constantly blowing off interviews, heck it's even been reported there is a national situation where people are not showing up for the 1st day of work because they took another offer at the same time.

Does the board care

Posted 8:59 pm, 09/16/2019

How can over 125 people leave or quit Ashe Memorial Hospital and the "Old Fraud" and the "VP of Compliance" say AMH is below the state average. Continuous lies from the Old Fraud and her 4 butt kissers.


Posted 8:42 pm, 09/16/2019

Congradulations to the old fraud and her pitiful band of followers for running off another one. The only cardiologist in the county is closing up shop because she's had enough. I'm sure the old fraud's defenders will be on here soon to say the cardiologist wasn't a hospital employee which is true. But she did provide a lot of services to patients there. She did consults, echos and stress tests. I hope the old fraud is proud of what she's done to our hospital. And where are the trustees? Absent as usual.

jack rip her

Posted 9:08 am, 09/16/2019

Let them keep paying travel nurses. They know they are gone in 13 weeks anyway.


Posted 7:42 am, 09/16/2019

You make a valid point: we don't actually know that they haven't. We are assuming they haven't based on their lack of response to the employees voicing concerns. There is the chance that Board members are quietly discussing options amongst themselves or with the appropriate parties within Novant.

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