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Dix replacement


Posted 11:13 am, 09/25/2020

Hearing Tyler Rash might be in the running. It would be great to have a young person involved.


Posted 7:51 pm, 09/24/2020

He was a democrat. Democrats are the only ones that get the pine cone.


Posted 4:24 pm, 09/24/2020

Curious how Dix was awarded the Order of the Long Leaf Pine? That's a huge deal. What exactly did he do before he became a child creepy tennis coach with an odd, coonazz accent?

Hop Sing

Posted 1:17 am, 09/19/2020

I say keep him. After all this is Trump country. He'll fit right in!!


Posted 8:16 am, 09/16/2020

Any action they take has to happen in a public meeting. From the 3rd to the 10th is not a long period, so if a regular meeting doesn't fall in there, they may screw up. Also, don't new commissioners get sworn in pretty quick? Like the next day or so after the election? It's not a long period like the president.


Posted 6:18 am, 09/16/2020

Based on the statue provided below, and a resignation effective 9/9/20 the remaining commissioners have until November 10th or 11th, depending on how you count the day of the resignation, to appoint a replacement to fill the unexpired term for Mr. Dix. Will the Board act before the election? Technically I guess all the current members will be seated until any newly elected members are sworn in. After watching this bunch for a few years, it would not surprise me if they let their opportunity lapse and the clerk is requested to appoint someone to fill the unexpired term.


Posted 1:20 am, 09/16/2020

The election is coming up I would guess the Republicans will wait and appoint one of the candidates who do not make the cut on November 3rd. Those odds will likely keep the GOP in control


Posted 10:36 am, 09/14/2020

I thought it was the majority party. You are right, it's technically recommend, but I've never seen one not appointed.


Posted 10:33 am, 09/14/2020


Posted 6:22 am, 09/14/2020

Yes, I said the commissioners make the appointment. But for some reason the majority party gets to pick who they appoint.

Wrong again Fins. Check your reading comprehension. The executive committee of the departing members political party gets to RECOMMEND someone. They do not get to choose who to appoint.


Posted 6:22 am, 09/14/2020

Yes, I said the commissioners make the appointment. But for some reason the majority party gets to pick who they appoint.


Posted 10:48 pm, 09/13/2020

You are ALL wrong.ยง 153A-27. Vacancies on the board of commissioners. (a) If a vacancy occurs on the board of commissioners, the remaining members of the board shall appoint a qualified person to fill the vacancy. If the number of vacancies on the board is such that a quorum of the board cannot be obtained, the chairman of the board shall appoint enough members to make up a quorum, and the board shall then proceed to fill the remaining vacancies. If the number of vacancies on the board is such that a quorum of the board cannot be obtained and the office of chairman is vacant, the clerk of superior court of the county shall fill the vacancies upon the request of any remaining member of the board or upon the petition of any five registered voters of the county. If for any other reason the remaining members of the board do not fill a vacancy within 60 days after the day the vacancy occurs, the clerk shall immediately report the vacancy to the clerk of superior court of the county. The clerk of superior court shall, within 10 days after the day the vacancy is reported to him, fill the vacancy. (b) If the member being replaced was serving a two-year term, or if the member was serving a four-year term and the vacancy occurs later than 60 days before the general election for county commissioner held after the first two years of the term, the appointment to fill the vacancy is for the remainder of the unexpired term. Otherwise, the term of the person appointed to fill the vacancy extends to the first Monday in December next following the first general election for county commissioner held more than 60 days after the day the vacancy occurs; at that general election, a person shall be elected to the seat vacated, either to the remainder of the unexpired term or, if the term has expired, to a full term. (c) To be eligible for appointment to fill a vacancy, a person must (i) be a member of the same political party as the member being replaced, if that member was elected as the nominee of a political party, and (ii) be a resident of the same district as the member being replaced, if the county is divided into electoral districts. The board of commissioners or the clerk of superior court, as the case may be, shall consult the county executive committee of the appropriate political party before filling a vacancy, but neither the board nor the clerk of the superior court is bound by the committee's recommendation. (Code, s. 719; 1895, c. 135, s. 7; Rev., s. 1314; 1909, c. 490, s. 1; C.S., s. 1294; 1959, c. 1325; 1965, cc. 239, 382; 1967, cc. 7, 424, 439, 1022; 1969, cc. 82, 222; 1971, c. 743, s. 1; 1973, c. 822, s. 1; 1985, c. 563, ss. 7.3, 7.4; 2017-2, s. 1.)


Posted 9:34 pm, 09/13/2020

It's not up to the clerk. It's up to the party


Posted 7:39 pm, 09/13/2020

It hasn't been that long since since we went through this same situation when Roark resigned. I think the party officials made some suggestions, but the clerk of court made the appointment of McNeil.


Posted 12:46 pm, 09/13/2020

I'm sure JPP would be thrilled to accept the appointment if offered.


Posted 12:10 pm, 09/13/2020

Judy Porter-Poe


Posted 11:27 am, 09/13/2020

It's not different by county. That's how it works. But the party has to hold a meeting of their nominating committee. That choice may have to be approved by the executive committee. The party chair can't just name someone. Then the commissioners have to have a public meeting to make it official. Due to the rule of three, they can't do anything without calling a formal meeting.


Posted 7:02 am, 09/13/2020

How is it that counties follow different rules as to appointing empty seats such as commissioner and sheriff? Most other counties the majority party executive board decides who to fill a seat with. Then the board only rubber stamps it.


Posted 10:37 pm, 09/12/2020

Guess I should have read it. Maybe if I was sober I would have thought of that.

But for the commissioners to make an appointment, they have to hold a public meeting to discuss it. They can't legally discuss it in private. And for them to discuss it, the party has to meet and pick a recommendation.


Posted 10:15 pm, 09/12/2020

This is from the same article.

"Dix was elected to the board in November 2018, with his term set to expire in 2022. According to a statement from Ashe County Manager Adam Stumb, a board vacancy can be filled by the board of commissioners, or the clerk of court if no consensus can be made."


Posted 9:44 pm, 09/12/2020

Thanks. I had missed his resignation. Well, even so, that's only been 3 days, so no one has had time to hold a meeting to pick an appointment. Wasn't he third place last time? Isn't his seat up this election anyway?

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