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Easter Trip!!


Posted 9:28 am, 05/04/2021


When I was back there in seminary school
There was a person there
Who put forth the proposition
That you can petition the Lord with prayer
Petition the Lord with prayer
Petition the Lord with prayer

Successful mountains are here to stay
Everything must be this way
Gentle streets where people play
Welcome to my Soft Parade

When all else fails
I can whip the fish and dogs eyes
And make them sleep
And cry

Hope everyone has a great day!!!!!!


Posted 3:16 pm, 05/03/2021


I noticed someone mentioned mushrooms????

Hey Cliffary, I never once "fantasized" tripping. What has happened are "hallucinations".
A hallucination is thinking the wall is melting or watching a rain drop fall from the sky never to hit the ground.
Or walking in sub zero weather with a freshly fallen snow trying to find your way home when your house is in plain sight but the longer you walk towards it the further away your house gets.
That is hallucinating!!

Fantasies are what you have thinking about the fish batter.
Or how the fish fantasizes about that green and yellow discharge you male dogs have dripping from your
mutt hood.

Judas Priest what is that. The Toto's are flinging that green and yellow stuff everywhere!! I noticed it's been a lot more lately. Looks like my walls have been splattered with green and yellow paint. It's everywhere!!
Must be allergies. And doesnt green and yellow make blue? I wouldnt mind a pretty blue discharge.
It would go with my leather couches.
They used to be brown but now they are green with a yellow hue

Hope everyone had a better day than me


Posted 8:21 am, 04/26/2021


What have they done to the earth
What have they done to our fair sister
Ravaged and plundered and ripped her and bit her
Stuck her with knives in the side of the dawn
And tied her with fences and dragged her down

I hear a very gentle sound
You falling to the ground

Hope everyone has a great Monday!!!!!!


Posted 9:47 am, 04/25/2021


Harmlessly passing my time in the grassland away
Only dimly aware of a certain unease in the air
I better watch out
There may be a dog and fish about
I've looked over the mountains and I have seen
Things are not what they seem

Bleating and babbling
The six Toto's and I fell on their necks with a scream
Wave upon wave of demented avengers
March cheerfully out of obscurity into our dream

Have you heard the news?
The dog and fish are dead!
They should have stayed home
And do what they were told
They played in the road
Now they will never grow old

Today is the future you created in your past

Hope everyone has a great Sunday!!


Posted 12:00 pm, 04/24/2021


So the 6 Toto's and I came up with an excellent plan. We were going to move. We needed a new start and what better time than now. We packed up what each of us wanted and headed out.
We love the mountains. As we were hiking we ran into hippie and Santa. They were happy we had Toto 6 back and we told them our plan. They wanted to come along because they always have a good time with us.
We hiked for miles.
We came to a fork in the path and decided to go down the path we have never been down.

It started out fine but things became weird. Almost evil like. I wasn't scared seeing who I was with but I admit I was a little nervous. Then we noticed things started to get really dark. Started seeing signs saying
"Whites Only" and something about a Q and we saw bison heads on the side of the paths. We saw these flags we could not recognize. We also saw something about a lodge.
I looked at hippie and he looked really scared. He kept a hold of Santa's robe.
You see hippie isn't white. He has seen the hatred of an all white world and he knows he is in a bad place.
We kept hiking and came across this lodge. As we approached the building we were stopped by two men. They introduced themselves as Mr. M and Mr. R and asked what we were doing at their lodge.
I told them we were looking for some land to buy.
They said they know all the land in the area and they would be able to help us get that land. Then they noticed hippie.
"What the **** is he doing here?" Mr M shouted. I told him that is hippie. He was a good friend of ours. Mr. R shouted "he ain't white". I told him that was mean to say and boy did that get them angry. They started calling hippie all kinds of names. Hippie hid behind Santa.
Mr. R and Mr. M stated they will no longer help me find land because of hippie. I told them we made a mistake stopping and that we were going to leave.
As we were walking away Mr. M and Mr. R started to yell again.
"We also hate teachers, cops, firemen, democrats, independents, women, flowers, happiness, baby chics, people who accept stimulus money, homeless people, hungry children, gay people, trans people, handicapped people, deflated blow up dolls that can't color or tie knots, preachers and we especially hate your friend hippie"
We started to run at that time. We ran what seemed for hours. We came upon a beautiful fen and decided to set up camp. We all knew what we needed to relax.

'Mental stimulation" and a good game of chess......


Posted 9:35 am, 04/22/2021


One of the best ways to learn an opponent in the game of chess is to actually watch them play against other people.

I hope everyone has a great day!!


Posted 7:22 am, 04/19/2021


I am so sorry beenthere. I never got back on line yesterday. I would have loved to hike with you.
You said you are on some type of journey. I love journeys. Only if I am walking though. I do not like getting into my car for journeys.
Keep me informed on your trip. Again I am sorry for not getting back with you yesterday. And the Totos go everywhere with me. I know #6 seems to have the most fun but the rest of them are fun in their own way.

Hello Henry. Hope all is well. I thought the writing was a good one for the rabid mutt. He just seems to be so lonely I think that is why he is always angry. He is lonely. I do feel sorry for him Henry. I am going to ask him to be a friend again. I don't want him to be so sad.

Cliffary you are a waste of human flesh. You are done on this site. Your posts are as worthless as you and your dead fish Just go away Mr Preacher.

Do you two want to try to be friends again? I have Henry and beenthere as friends as well as others who dont post but send me PM's. I want you two to become our friends. I know you can do it. I know you love my posts and you love the way Henry slaps you down.
You know none of that is true what you are saying and it is not nice what you say. If you want to be my friend you will apologize to Henry and anyone else you raped verbally on this site.
It will be well worth it to become our friends. Otherwise I may have to start playing chess with you again and it will not go well.
Please be nice and be our friends Cliffary and BBW

I will wait for your response.
Think first before you post O.K?


Posted 12:47 pm, 04/18/2021

Hello Mental...Are you up?

I was wondering if you want to go hiking with me today. I need to practice the hiking code as I am setting off on a new and strange journey this week. You can bring the Toto's with you but it is restricted territory and you may not have enough leashes. Just bring number 6, he is the most fun.


Posted 10:24 am, 04/18/2021

I like the modified version of the old hit song very appropriate for Dung Beetle. Do you know Mental if that was a real monkey he was spanking we'd have to call the ASPCA on him.

He really gave his doctor something to think about when he was diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome. Poor old doc. was scratching his head saying; "you don't type for a living, you don't operate machinery that requires repetitive movements of the hands in fact you don't work period, "what can be the cause?" Then he found out about Dung Beetles porn collection and his perverted sex fantasies. The doctor recommended amputation, guess what has to come off? But for Dung Beetle that will be a small sacrifice.


Posted 10:14 am, 04/18/2021

Mental were you to be able to pay attention you may learn about the Piss ant. He is a registered sex offender. His exwife and daughter contacted the dog and fins with this information. His daughter is very hot and she and I have hit it off. Piss ant is a sorry individual with his treatment of his exwife and daughter. I dont have to make up fairy tales and little rhymes like you do.


Posted 7:04 am, 04/18/2021

Hello Henry

I hope all is well. Henry why is he so ignorant? Always talking about peoples wives or daughters in such an ignorant way. I meant to post this last night.

Another Saturday night and dog has nobody
He has no money and food stamps wont get him laid
How he wishes he had someone to hump on
He is in an awful way

Cliffary I told you to get off my thread and I meant it. Go somewhere else. Dont care where just get off my thread
Now watch Henry they wont say anything. They will act like I never posted. Such predictable little boys
Hope everyone has a great day!!


Posted 7:17 pm, 04/17/2021

Dung Beetle just put his wrist brace on I guess he's gonna give that monkey a real good spanking while he lives out his fantasy.


Posted 7:13 pm, 04/17/2021

Rather busy this evening with your daughter piss ant, I'll report our escapades later.


Posted 4:56 pm, 04/17/2021

Poor Dung Beetle, he was having such a great time while was surfing the porn sites with one hand while he was spanking the monkey with the other. You shouldn't distract him when he's getting the inspiration for his perverted fantasies.

Do you think he's butt ugly as well as undereducated, or could there be something else that prevents him from being able to copulate with real women? I know, he has chronic erectile disfunction, let's have a whip round and get Adam & Eve to ship him a blow up doll and a couple of dozen vials of Viagra. Can't think what could help him in the lack of education/intelligence department though.


Posted 4:50 pm, 04/17/2021

Hello beenthere!!

Thank you for explaining the story to the mutt. You did it perfectly!!

What did the female cannibal do after she dumped the male cannibal?
She wiped then flushed!!!

While we are discussing feces I think this would be a good time to bring up the mutt and his dead fish. They sort of go toilet in toilet. I wish you would go away. I know you want that record for the most posts saying the same thing over and over again but that ain't happening here. Stick with your broken record thread and leave this thread alone. I don't want you here.

Now watch beenthere they are going to run away and not post anything like the cowards they are.


Posted 3:30 pm, 04/17/2021

Pleeeeze tell us how it will end Dog and I will decipher it for you. Mental was worried they were coming in without a warrant so she scaled the place for goodies. Santa is hiding out so he had to put his beard on for disguise. Those jelly beans are little green buds, and the sugar...well surely you can figure that one out. They were having fun pretending the Toto's were miniature bulls and engaging in fights, a little mean but Mental, Hippie and Santa are tired of being cooped up and going stir crazy.

Then the wicked witch from Oz showed up and tried to take Toto 6, and Santa or Hippie, I can't remember which, talked Mental into giving him up so the men in black wouldn't show up. She very reluctantly did and her and the remaining Toto's had to partake of sugar and those mushrooms that she finds while hiking to help with the grief of losing him.

Lo and behold the witch couldn't handle little Toto because he had been well trained in how to handle those folks in black and they returned his snarly a** and everyone was happy.

Reety awrighty an I was a Zombie for you, little lady


Posted 3:19 pm, 04/17/2021

A third grade education could make more sense then you. Its obvious you have gained internet access at the insane asylum.


Posted 2:56 pm, 04/17/2021

Hello Cliffary

You need at least a third grade reading level so maybe you should get your coloring doll to decipher it for you
Crap? I think not. You could only wish you had a mind like mine. Jealousy will never get you to that next K-9 level.
Thank you for reading my post!! I bet it was difficult coming away from that ever so interesting thread you got going on. Can you please tell us how it will end?????


Posted 12:21 pm, 04/17/2021

Can anyone interpret this crap?


Posted 10:59 am, 04/17/2021


The knock on the door startled everyone. We all know about those warrantless entries from law enforcement.
I looked to see if anything was out that could get us in trouble but it was clean.
Can't say the same for the rest of the crew.
Santa mixed up some sugar and water and used the potion to glue his beard back on. The Toto's bull fight show was over. Hippie was throwing jelly beans at Toto 6 like they were roses. Toto 3 had the worst of it. He had toothpicks sticking out all over his body. Toto 6 was using toothpicks as daggers when he was bull fighting. So we pulled the toothpicks out and I went to answer the door.
It was Toto 6's past owner. Remember? I took Toto 6 to make the Toto's even in number.
Her name was Magill but she called herself Lil but I knew her as Nancy Love. She was a cross between Nancy Reagan and Courtney Love. She would love you to your face but turn around and she would use that shotgun she carries with her in a heart beat. So I really don't know her real name???
"Hello Mental" Nancy said. "Hello Nancy" I said. Then the hammer came down!
"Mental I want Muffin back".
I said "who the **** is Muffin"? "Don't play stupid with me Mental".
"I'm sorry Nancy but stupid comes naturally for me" "Not playing"
She just stared at me with those coal black eyes. She wore a black bonnet hat and a long black dress. Black stockings and black shoes. On one shoe a buckle was missing. She rode up to the house on a bicycle that looked like it was from the 1930's. It had a wire basket across the handle bars.
As she stared at me I noticed she was carrying a picnic basket. "What's the basket for Nancy"?
"I WANT MUFFIN"! "Ohhhh you want muffins? We don't have any Nancy. Bye"
As I was closing the door on her face she shoved it open lifted up that shotgun and screamed "I WANT MUFFIN".
I told her that I stole Toto 6 from her fair and square. I told her that Toto 6 wants to live with us. I told her we loved Toto 6. She just shoved the picnic basket in my face and said "get him".
Santa came over and asked what was wrong. I told him Nancy wanted to take Toto 6 alias Muffin.
"Mental" Santa said. "Yes Santa" I said. "Mental this is Nancy's dog so he must go back to her.
"NO NO NO Santa". I was getting mad. "No he is mine and I am keeping him". "No, he must go Mental"
Santa put 6 in the picnic basket.
Me and the rest of the Toto's were furious. I asked Santa and hippie to leave.
Me and the Toto's 1-5 went to the fridge and grabbed the rest of my shrooms and tried to eat them all. Toto 2 got a five pound bag of sugar that he was hiding from Santa and he poured it out on a plate. The 6 of us passed that plate of sugar around and had our way. We all looked like Scarface with all that sugar.
We went into my bedroom. Dont know how many bong hits we took but the shrooms were really kicking in!!

Then all of a sudden the window in the bedroom shattered as we watched Toto 6 land on the bedroom floor.
"Oh Toto 6 you are back. You are back" We were all so excited but we knew we had to plan our next move.
We let Toto 6 have the rest of the shrooms and he took a lot of swats!

We played Zombie Wolf from Zappa, pulled the glass from the window out of Toto 6 and contemplated our next move!!

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