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FBI Raided Donald Trumpís Mar A Lago Resort

Green Arrow

Posted 7:59 am, 08/14/2022

But don't worry about it too much since the DEMOCRATS are also busy trying to DEFINE what a WOMAN is!! Maybe I coujd fibd a 6 year old to explain it to them. Oh wait won't work since the schools already have them confused into thinking they can change sex like a frog. However shall we teach them what a womab is? Scotty have you found that dilithium crystal yet?? I am more than ready to beam up before Russia does decide to wipe this country off the map.


Posted 7:58 am, 08/14/2022

Krazy you drug the thread off topic as usual.

Green Arrow

Posted 7:43 am, 08/14/2022

Back on topic. Perhaps some shoukd be questioning WHAT is goibg on while you are being diverted by TRUMP. Congress just passed a big spending bill that is going to almost force you to buy and electric car. Just the other I read about an electric car that caught fire and took I forget how many 100s of gallons of water to put out. It was,dragged off to the junkyard where 3 weeks later it burst into flames again. Another story talked about a person whose battery in one of them died and it cost almost the same as buyibg a new ine to replace it. Does RUSSIAN COLLUSION ring a bell ??? FAKE, several impeachments?? I can go on but perhaps you get the point. What is done in the dark will come to light and here's a tip you won't like it. Look behind that big story at what is really goibg on and remember HILLARY destroying all those documents and they coukd not prosecute her. This whole thing is a smoke screen to make you not see what is actually going on.


Posted 12:22 pm, 08/13/2022

Krazy, all you had to do was move off the property that didnt belong to you. Simple enough.


Posted 11:52 am, 08/13/2022

It was not your house krazy you burned down Hals house.

Do you really think your daughter growing a couple of tomatoes is feeding a soul. Like Chendo told you that you have no idea what you are talking about. But it is hilarious how you weave Jim, Roger, and the gang in the subject that has nothing to do with the subject. Get jobs!


Posted 11:29 am, 08/13/2022

A-A-A-NNDD, she's off!

Green Arrow

Posted 10:44 am, 08/13/2022

Chendo, let me ask you this. If you watched that video. Woukd you like to have what was done to me done to you?? After 31 years,abd the messy boondoggle this county abd Geafner had,already pulled??? I lost everything in 1979 when my home burned down, again when thos was done in 2006. Then again in 2012 after another "not a rental, not a buyer seller funny situation, CONSPIRACY to shut me up and PUT ME IN MY PLACE. I am 67 years old and I am done with trying to get up to be kicked down again.
Now if you or anyone else does not like the way I see things or the fact my current situation is what it is then thats just to friggin bad cause it is what it is and if it makes some look bad in that old Public Eye then that too is not my problem. Bitter its a wonder I am not certifibly totally off my rocker shooting up the whole county but I am not. I am simply loving within my means, don't have to keep up with anyone, and don't particularly care what anyone thinks of my situation or me. So call names or anything else because in 67 years I have heard them all abd ceased to care long ago.

Green Arrow

Posted 10:14 am, 08/13/2022

Chendo I wasn't at Kmart to win a popularity contest I was there to do a job and earn a paycheck. You don't know abuthibg about it. I had the highest integrity rating in the whole store. I could do just about any job in that store. There was even a point I would have to pull my till in the gardenshop when personel found out someone was trying to frame me. So like me or like me not has no bearings on me since I was not put on earth to suit you or anyone else. Bitter perhaps I have cause to be. But the fact is a lot of customets left Kmart when my daughter and I left. I talked to some of them and they stated they woukd never shop there again because they did not care for the customer service and coukd not get the associates off tgeir cell phones to help them. As to hating myself I am not a narcissist and never have been. I am exactly what I am and see no reason to try to impress anyone. Opinions are like ****s abd your opinion has been noted abd tossed since it has no bearing on my life now and never will.


Posted 9:54 am, 08/13/2022

you stupid twunt...just admit you were wrond and move on.

you are a bitter old spider who hates herself and her life, but doesn't realize that it is because of choices and decisions you have made.

by the way...nobody liked you at kmart

Green Arrow

Posted 8:37 am, 08/13/2022

Chedo abd tell me exactly WHO i ls workibg the fields growing the food?? I believe you will find that that is illegal migrabts. Now exactly what good is food if NOONE can AFFORD it. Have you missed the fact that grocery prices have gone up?? As to owning propeety are you goibg to take that with you when you DIE?? Orhas someone invented a way to stick 50 acres of dirt in their coffin? You can work tge land, live on the land bit you CANNOT make the land do anything. And you definitely are not taking it with you after you die. The stupodest thing I ever heard from old James Heafner was that you had to make the land WORK for you. Now I have worked the labd. My husband and I by hand cleared over an acre of trees abd roits to have a garden to feed our children. But I never saw tgat labd do anything more than grow food If half the labd beibg wasted on development was used for food growing in this coubty then people would not be sitting in the line at the SHARING CENTER to get food. I don't have access to a lot of land here but my daughter is raising tomatoes, lettuce, etc you get the idea. So you can calk me names, big deal. That makes you exactly WHAT?? If you lije California, New York or Charlotte great. My son worked in California abd from listening to him it isn't that great. They have to get water from dams in other states to water those fields so California isn't doing all that growing by themselves. And for the record Anna Hesch was declared dead,so the LA police are no longer investigating her for felony dui. As one of my kids used to say. Well DUHHH. Coming next week will be the making of her as a misunderstood saint and a movie of the week about her love affairs. That is what this country is becoming. Enjoy it. All haul California labd of tge GODS


Posted 6:25 pm, 08/12/2022

what you don't know about owning property would fill a library.


Posted 3:37 pm, 08/12/2022

california film employees number about 700,000

california farm employees number about 900,000


Posted 3:33 pm, 08/12/2022

In the U.S., California is the largest producer of food despite having less than 4% of the farms in the country.

Over a third of the country's vegetables and two-thirds of the country's fruits and nuts are grown in California.

That track hoe video is old news.

You are a dirty old inbred, mental deficient

Green Arrow

Posted 3:00 pm, 08/12/2022

Cheno go abd watch this abd then tell me how you would like it if someone did the same to you! Especially after tge man was emailed abd told I woukd be turning power on the next day abd getting the **** out of his way. As to California all that state is is,a bunch of wealthy better than you actors abd actresses that think because the stabd in front of a camera they are soecial and can justufy anything they do with money. Take Ann Hesch for example, now not expected to survive her little escapade. Do I feel sorry for her no but I do feel sorry for her victim, a woman almost killed by the reckless, drugged behavior of an actress who really coukd not decide if she wanted male or female lovers. That woman was sitting in HER HOME minding her own business when that car came within 2 foot of her and destroyed just about everything she had. Do you think for one minute she will get anything from Ann Hesch's estate or will her labdlord reap the windfall of insurance payout. My bet is on the labdlord making a killing out of it and tge woman whovwas almost killed will get a GOFUND me account. So no I don't hapoen to care about California, now Texas tgere is a state with decent leadership and I say run him for President. Now you maynot like what I say but until old Joe abolisjmhes the Constitution I do have tge right to say it and will continue to do so. They say a picture is worth a thousand words so take a look at what a hissy fit by a white collar crook looks like.


Posted 2:37 pm, 08/12/2022

you wish California would fall into the ocean for no other reason than "they worship celebrities"

you stupid cow...California is where they live because that is where the entertainment industry is. They are no more exalted in California than any other place in the world. Your son sounds like a mental defect...with you for a mother, how could he turn out otherwise?

you have also turned your illiterate vitriol on denizens of New York, and various other places.

Maybe it helps you cope with the realization of your own shabby existence to disparage people you don't know and places you have never been

I believe I will join the "conspiracy"

Green Arrow

Posted 2:07 pm, 08/12/2022

Chendo I believe people have earned some hatred from me by their own actions. I turned the other cheek twice and gave some the benefit of the doubt and look where it got me. I won't do that ever again. Now this country is a sick sick mess. If something does not chabge in tge next few month then buddy you ain't seen nothing yet. Or did you miss tge little news blast yesterday that Russia is now threatening nuclear disaster on both the US and England?? As for the politiciabs,I personally hope Russia has good aim if the go for nuclear. Don't know where any of you have been for tge last couple years with covid and the woke bs but man have some been played for fools.


Posted 10:25 am, 08/12/2022

filthy, hateful, and crazy...

what a combo


Posted 8:34 am, 08/12/2022

The difference Krazy, is yours smells from 300 yards away

Green Arrow

Posted 8:11 am, 08/12/2022

Henrii opinions are like ****s everybody has one. I'm curious as to why search Melania's closet and underwear. If I wereger I would burn all those clothes and buy all new. Henrii the only problem is I am not the only person saying they'recrooked. Now they are investigatin old Pelosue and why she took her son to Taiwan sibce he was a big businessman working with CHINA?? RUSSIAN COLLUSION?, What about CHINESE COLLUSION , INSIDER TRADING, old Pelosues hubbys dui, etc etc
Have you not got the point if the could do it to me, then fo it to Ex Oresident Trumphow long before they are at your door, or fins, or dogs? Why wait until Trump was,about to make,a atatement if he was going to run in 2024?? Weaponizing the JUSTIC DEPARTMENT right they are. Don't worry about my door since my father insured we would be protected no matter what. He said this was coming years ago.


Posted 1:34 pm, 08/11/2022

bloodthirsty, aren't you?

you are always wishing death and destruction on people

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