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Homeless in Ashe

Green Arrow

Posted 7:52 am, 01/28/2023

Dog from some of the rental dumps I have seen I think it might be better to live in a sewer. I know of some very near here that had a hole in the roof. They were worse than my old popup camper and what was bad there were children in school living there. Then the landlady decided that they should have to pay extra for the WATER those children used to take a bath in. Gouge is the name of the game in the rental industry and from some I have seen they should be closed up. At least my old 1969 new moon mobile home may not have been perfect but it was mine. I didn't have to buy water. When the roid on it caved in, shortly after my ex walked with the help of some fine teenagers at one of the churches it was fixed.When my electric panel started flowing I went and got a new one and with my dads help fixed it. I didn't have to wait for a landlord to do it. Air leaks in my camper fixed, you get the friggin idea so close up, it might be a blessing. If I were going to pay a thousand dollars or more a month for a rental, which I have no intention of doing, but if I were that thing better be cherry and perfect in every way. **** it better come complete with a maid. Not the finest rental can compare to having something of your own and not having to account for everything you do. That is true freedom! If that bill passes I just may have to rethink my party affiliation!!


Posted 3:31 pm, 01/27/2023

There will be no such protections or laws or we will simply close up shop and you all can live in the sewers.

Green Arrow

Posted 9:32 am, 01/27/2023

Now according to news sources the government is trying to pass a bill to stop some of those landlords and add protections for tenants. It's about time!!

Green Arrow

Posted 9:25 am, 01/27/2023

Oh more insults huh dog?? I am curious did that post hit too close to the TRUTH about Lousy Landlords of Ashe. I guess renters should just kiss their landlords as, pay up and shut up about living in dumps huh??? I look forward to the day some WAKE THE **** UP!!!But don't asked me or anyone else to stand up for them and make sure they get their money's worth..


Posted 8:15 am, 01/27/2023

Yep a 5 y/o has more sense then you krazy

Green Arrow

Posted 8:05 am, 01/27/2023

But I am curious, is where I am now where "my place" was supposed to be in your minds?? Or was the hope was that I would be RENTING from m.j one of this county's LOUSY LANDLORDS??, Did some make a ton of money destroying all my Hope's and dreams to put me in my place?? If so I hope it got all the conspirators something. I saw on that other site some wanted a place to discuss the LOUSY LANDLORDS of ASHE COUNTY. I gave them the opportunity but have yet to see a single one that did not want me or someone else to post the truths they were too much of a coward to do themselves. I told one I REFUSED to post what she would not. Some would rather pay to live in a rundown, dangerous rental than to tell the facts. That is their fight not mine. I gave them the page to tell the facts and they did not preferring to hide rather than stand up for their rights under NC law.

Green Arrow

Posted 7:57 am, 01/27/2023

ins. It's easier Fins to blame me than accept the truth isn't it????


Posted 6:58 pm, 01/26/2023

You were only dragged to court because of your own actions.

Green Arrow

Posted 7:50 am, 01/25/2023

Fins Sorry you haven't confused with Roger Greer and your buddy James Heafner. I have never been accused of fraud or scamming by any one but trolls on this site. Being accused by proven liars is kind of pathetic in a way. How many times have I been dragged into court and sued for money and savings that I scammed by polishing lousy investments?? How many corporations have I formed to hide my actions, how many alias??? Your fantasy are getting old and your mobbing attacks even older. I see old Chendo has returned to the mob and we are missing is Scottie boy infamous lying reporter. **** he can't even scope out information without someone putting it in writing for him. Maybe you could drag in the ex relatives noeand we can have a party. On second thought I really don't feel much like a party today


Posted 11:06 pm, 01/24/2023

You are responsible for your own situation, krazy. You brought everything into yourself by trying to scam and steal from others.


Posted 6:02 pm, 01/24/2023

She ain't the only one, Buff.


Posted 5:40 pm, 01/24/2023

My, how you do go on!

Green Arrow

Posted 3:39 pm, 01/24/2023

Now let's see if I can explain this to you fins. It didn't matter that there was a bridge I could drive off of. I had been pushed to my limits twice first with ole Jim then with ole Roger with that little conspiracy crap. Then I came here and you, and some others,decided to gabg up with the ex relatives to toss a little more **** in my back. **** you didn't even know the ones you sided with as long as it was against me did you??? I left that day with the intention of never coming back or ever being found found. I looked after a man's property for 31 years with the expectation I would be treated as a human being and I was never disappointed until James and Bill got rid of their mother. It was,made to look like a **** crime and I got called everything but a white person for doing what an old man had,asked of me. Anyone and I do not care who they are has,a breaking point. I was already showing symptoms of something but hiding it for a long time. Panic attacks, blood pressure rises and falls, etc etc all signs of something the doctors kept treating but could not find. It was not until a I got up one morning and my sister asked me if I had had a stroke that I realized something serious was wrong. Add a paralyzed eye that would not close, vertigo, and me sitting g in an old beat up popup. It did not take long once I got an MRI for the problem to show its ugly vicious little head Round to specialists in Winston and treatment slowed the growth but it's not a cure. Even now some s on here claim oh we've seen your records and there is nothing wrong with you continue the lies.NO YOU HAVE NOT SEEN ANY RECORDS. Otherwise you would realize how stupid it is to continue the lies. Neuroendocrine cancer is silent often mistaken for just high blood pressure, panic disorder, etc etc. It is often misdiagnosed and misunderstood. I just happen to be that one in several million who got the **** beastie and have to live with the damage it has done. I don't push anymore, it isn't worth it, nor do I have to keep up with the Joneses. All I have to do is have Mris when scheduled and live with the thing. My next big decision might be if it starts growing again do I want to undergo gamnaknife again or say the **** with it. Now try to exercise a little commonsense because some days I am on a hair trigger and some days I am not. Oh and a little tip about those you chose to side with. They once lived near Jefferson Apparel which the one threatening me broke into. Their house burned down while they were off to the beach and I certainly never saw,anyone here claiming they burned it down nor the second that burned down at Brownwood. And junkyard, maybe the good old county would like to see a real junkyard complete with garbage dump at their front door.

Green Arrow

Posted 2:27 pm, 01/24/2023

Fins maybe not but there are some really good boat docks that you could. You could also drive off the embankment near the bridge. And those fish skeletons I saw along those banks. I wanted to go fishing when I was over there but never got the chance. My sister should have kept that land after her husband died of cancer instead of coming back home to hang me out to dry with lies.


Posted 2:05 pm, 01/24/2023

No krazy, I said there isn't a bridge you can drive off of. Try reading. There are lots of bridges that go over the lake

Green Arrow

Posted 9:43 am, 01/24/2023

Dog can you do anything except name calling???? If I am going to jump off any bridge it will be one that finishes the job not leave me laid up. I don't think Ashe has a decent bridge to jump off of. Not to mention that New River isn't hardly deep enough after all the silt to drown a,fly.

Green Arrow

Posted 7:40 am, 01/24/2023

Fins your statement was that there was no bridge over Watauga Lake was it not?? I proved you wrong.


Posted 7:13 pm, 01/23/2023

But there are a few you could jump off hag.


Posted 5:36 pm, 01/23/2023

Krazy, I know all about Watauga lake. Unlike you, I do have some lake front property. I know the elevation lines of where you can put temporary structures and where you can put non movable structures. And I also know it's a flood control lake. And most of all, I know you can't drive a car off Butler Bridge.

Green Arrow

Posted 2:18 pm, 01/23/2023

 Home Waterfalls Hikes Overlooks Drives Parks 

MONDAY, MAY 18, 2009

Butler Bridge

Butler Bridge, completed in 1948, spans the Watauga Lake in Carter County, TN. I can't remember the last time the water level was this

It is claimed to be one of the most haunted bridges.

Now once again Fins you are lying.

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