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New Ashe County Drug Bust..


Posted 6:16 pm, 06/13/2018

Even ole Terry wasn't smart enough to conjure up some "drug bust" to gain any community support.


Posted 5:38 pm, 06/13/2018

I'm just glad we now have people in the Sheriff's Office that know what they are doing. We never got anything close to this with Buchanan, Clayton and Mickey. Absher for sheriff!


Posted 9:18 am, 06/13/2018

Checking mobile patrol shows most arrested were very low hanging fruit. Mostly possession charges. Very little investigative skills needed to flush out these low level scumbags. Just a publicity stunt that didn't work for me.


Posted 9:17 am, 06/13/2018

I don't think Buchanan done much of anything but chase County employees for crimes they didn't commit.

Down in Flames

Posted 5:28 am, 06/13/2018

I'm sure there's plenty of druggies to catch - God knows Bufurt certainly didn't make any drug arrests during that debacle. Frankly I don't care which it it as long as someone is getting them off the street and behind bars.


Posted 10:17 pm, 06/12/2018

I read about another drug bust being called conducted in Ashe. What's your take? Is this just a political plot? Wonder if the recent arrest has been blocked from Mobile Patrol to avoid public knowledge and to make a bigger splash? or, if it's to keep others from tipping others off??

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