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Now a crime to glare at certain people


Posted 2:34 am, 12/08/2017

Bullying is a crime, and Sheriff Buchanan has tried bullying pretty much everyone in the county. He's not been charged with it, but it's pretty evident in how he conducts himself.

jack rip her

Posted 2:20 pm, 12/07/2017

They are facts chop chop


Posted 2:17 pm, 12/07/2017

This group needs to find better things to do than make up rumors


Posted 1:21 pm, 12/07/2017

Bufurt is not the man he pretends to be. He wants to be big and bold when in fact he’s the one that’s easily intimidated. He hates to be confronted , especially by a woman. My guess is, his wife tells him how much toilet paper to use.

jack rip her

Posted 12:21 pm, 12/07/2017

I see the problem with bufurt. He has a serious problem with women that have any kind of power or authority
.Just look back at how he began with the superintendent, clerk of court, Ann Clark, and the jail administrator. I bet his wife cant wipe her butt without his permission.

Joseph T.

Posted 12:11 pm, 12/07/2017

Since there is an on going dispute between them and the sheriff was conducting an illegal investigation into her doing her job one could argue that it was harassment or intimidation which is against the law.


Posted 11:24 am, 12/07/2017

I do not see where the article says it is a crime. And, the article does not say the accusation came from either Barlow or Yates. It does portray Buchanan as being vindictive, and possibly demonstrating an unstable personality.


Posted 11:04 am, 12/07/2017

Jackriphim, as much as you glare at people , you would be in jail if glaring was a crime.

jack rip her

Posted 11:00 am, 12/07/2017

It goes to show his unprofessional character.


Posted 10:13 am, 12/07/2017

I busted out laughing when I read that in newspaper. Glaring is a crime.


Posted 10:00 am, 12/07/2017

Kind of like Bufurt trying to file a complaint on a town officer because that officer was telling his wife, dont trust Bufurt.


Posted 9:56 am, 12/07/2017

since when is it a crime for someone to glare at you. Poor wallflowers Barlow, Yates, need the DA to protect them from someone glaring at them. Grow up. If you need Sands and DA to protect you, then you need to change jobs.

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