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The trash sites are being abused


Posted 5:21 am, 04/16/2019

I agree that the trash sites should be maintained for Ashe county trash, they should also have easy access for others so that trash is not thrown all over the hills and valleys of our communities. The site staff are not there to assist residents in unloading their trash, there are paid services which will do that for you if you are unable to do so yourself. If a paid service is beyond the means of someone, put yourself out there to help someone else, haul their trash with yours.

jack rip her

Posted 7:39 pm, 04/15/2019

Remember Alleghany has only one site and its the transfer facility in Sparta.

Emptying Balwin 3 times on a Saturday this time of year says its out of county trash.


Posted 7:03 pm, 04/15/2019

I think Watauga and Allegheny have the same problem at their sites near the line. But the out of state people are the ones that really need to be cut out.


Posted 6:19 pm, 04/15/2019

Are those employees even worth the cost? They sit in a green hut all day. I always see olds struggling to unload stuff and have never seen the green hut guy bother to help. What purpose do they serve?

jack rip her

Posted 5:33 pm, 04/15/2019

I think we need to keep all non residents out of our garbage dumps. If the poor old retired men we have working there cant write a license plate number down and call the sheriff then they can be replaced. Remember old Elmer Fudd said our poor old dump site employees didnt need to be checking people.


Posted 5:25 pm, 04/15/2019

As much as it costs to build, operate and maintain the landfill, this is something that should have been dealt with long ago. Non residents should pay a fee that reflects the actual cost to the county, plus a small percentage on top. Part time residents with out of state tags, could ask for a permit by checking a box on their tax bill. Very easy problem to deal with.

jack rip her

Posted 3:56 pm, 04/15/2019

I bet as many Watauga and Alleghany residents are using our sites as we have residents.


Posted 1:56 pm, 04/15/2019

On any given day you’ll see just as many cars with Virginia tags as N.C. at the convenience center in Crumpler. A few years ago I saw a VDOT truck roll through there, only to head back north.

jack rip her

Posted 10:33 am, 04/15/2019

Seems like I remember Elmer Fudd kill the complaints that our trash sites are being used by as many residents as non residents. I know for a fact they are being abused just like the rest of you do. I hear that Alleghany county is planing a sticker system.

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