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Track hoe day 2021


Posted 8:08 pm, 05/05/2021

The squatter that ruined Kmart of Boone.,


Posted 7:29 pm, 05/05/2021

Our lives have nothing to do with your criminal activities.

Green Arrow

Posted 4:49 pm, 05/05/2021

Sure you do. I'm cusious don,t you put your pants on the same as anyone else, does not stink?? Are you going to take your place in sociery with you when you die. I don't think so but you will do anything to change the subject from yourvlies


Posted 2:18 pm, 05/05/2021

We have sources for anything we want to know. You need not forget that. Unlike you we rank high in society.

Green Arrow

Posted 2:00 pm, 05/05/2021

Dog thats because you don't have a source, you are making it up as you go, much like that fraudulent canceled check for 20 thousand signed by me you all are claiming to have.


Posted 12:46 pm, 05/05/2021

I cant tell you my sources but Fins and I have been accused of being everyone but God and Jesus. Maybe we are.


Posted 12:44 pm, 05/05/2021

Money makes the world go round. That's how it works. Locals need people spending money. Locals don't need you

Green Arrow

Posted 12:41 pm, 05/05/2021

Thats all Ashe County is about is MONEY. Now back to that email. If and as I said I never received said email but assume I did the only way you could have it is if you accessed my computer. So said computer was STOLEN by James Heafner on Trackhoe day and he had it in his possesion for weeks. I know he or someone hacked that computer as I found a list of files accessed and dates in the history. Seems to me someone should have been arrested at that time. So explain again exactly where and how you got access to that email.


Posted 12:32 pm, 05/05/2021

Those renters pay rent to landowners that pay taxes for county services. Stop trying to lump yourself into the same category as people that bring positive cash flow to the county.

Green Arrow

Posted 12:28 pm, 05/05/2021

But at least I'm not burying it in the backyard with large machinery like some I can name.

Green Arrow

Posted 12:26 pm, 05/05/2021

Doggie when this county STOPS those TOURISTS and SHORT TERM RENTERS from using those sites then they might and notice I said might have right to talk to me but not until then. Get the **** tourist freeloaders out and this county might stay ahead of the trash. Or would you rather I do like a lot do and take it down and toss it in the **** New River. That rivers already has trash from dead dogs to old tires. I guess a little more won't hurt will it??

Green Arrow

Posted 12:17 pm, 05/05/2021

If it was sent to ME then how in **** did you get it. I detect some more fraud, and bull**** going on
Beginning to think I need to ge law enforcement involved
Or were you in cahoots with old James Heafner when he stole my computer and absconded off to Charlotte with it. I believe computer tampering falls under Federal. And the at the sheriffs office asked me how I knew it had been tampered with. Ever head of HISTORY?? All computer keep records of when they are accessed and mine was accessed when ole Jamie boy had it in his possession.


Posted 10:29 am, 05/05/2021

The email was sent to you and you know it.

You own no property and have never paid property tax and you are using our dump for free which should stop. You pay no more taxes then a tourist does. You are only a squatter on property you dont own.

Ohh wait you are pissing and crapping in the woods so I am betting you throw your trash in the woods too.

Green Arrow

Posted 8:58 am, 05/05/2021

Let me tell YOU how you got it. You and some of your buddies got togethercand wrote it. Since old James H never sent me any email asking if I needed more time. Why would he when I had already emailed him to tell him I was having power turned on at old Rogers dump and was moving forthwith. Of course old Jimmy Reeves coconspirator had already informed him OPERATION SETUP had begun. You don't think they weren't buddy buddying do you?? Old school chumbs abd assholr buddies. **** probably sharing wives too.

Green Arrow

Posted 8:47 am, 05/05/2021

Just how in **** did you get that email?? I'm curious since it never came to me

Green Arrow

Posted 8:38 am, 05/05/2021

Oh yes and when I shop on Amazon I pay taxes. Do that quite a bit since then I don't have to associate with local ****sc like you.

Green Arrow

Posted 8:36 am, 05/05/2021

Underpuss unless you are too stupid to realize the fact when buying my own groceries I paid taxes, when I worked I paid taxes, when I buy anything I pay taxes. Are you that stupid or is your desire to attack me so strong commonsense gets lost.


Posted 8:17 am, 05/05/2021

You have never paid taxes and you are still a squatter on someones else's land. I was made aware of the email years ago and have kept it all these years. You cant even take a bath much less be a computer hacker.

Send Bozo to Lowes and the Walmart and put her carcass to work or has she worked the system also?


Posted 8:04 am, 05/05/2021

You aren't paying taxes. You're squatting.

Green Arrow

Posted 7:15 am, 05/05/2021

Oh let me guess to be a GENIUNE LOCAL of ASHE COUNTY now you got to be PRESIDENT of an HOA and have hundreds of acres. Darlin how can I be squatting now when you,yourselves said I had partial claim to my fathers estate?? Seems to me I have every **** right to be where I am living in a tipi if I wish. It amazes me in this county how rules apply differently to different people. Oh yes heard ole county commisdions now want double landfill fees on people who are living in tents. Yea right. Never occurs to those smart college educated **** if we had money to throw away we would not be living in a **** tent. Double it on the HOA developers. I sure as **** am not paying it. They are already getting it once here and not even providing curb pickup.

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