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Trackhoe Day is coming up!


Posted 9:18 pm, 02/15/2020

Happy Trackhoe Day Y'all.


Posted 10:16 am, 02/15/2020

Happy Trackhoe Day!

jack rip her

Posted 7:06 am, 02/15/2020

Happy Trackhoe Day

Ashe counties finest holiday

jack rip her

Posted 8:01 pm, 02/14/2020

I got a buddy at AEV that is going to get her in a new ambulance with no writing. He told her that she is going go meet Dog and Fins in person but she had to be in the ambulance as it is outfitted with shields that no signal whatsoever can penetrate so she can sneak up on them. She fell for it of course.


Posted 7:32 pm, 02/14/2020

How about a uhaul?


Posted 3:33 pm, 02/14/2020

Krazy won't be in attendance. She absolutely refuses to have anything to do with water touching her. I have no way of confirming this, but I think she just might be a witch as she claims. (Witches and water do not mix so I have heard). Maybe we called BS in the witch part prematurely.

Krazy and myself were unable to reach an agreement on her attendance tomorrow. She refuses to ride in the back of my truck on such a cold day, and I do not have the stomach to allow her inside the truck. So....we are at an impasse. If anyone has an idea whereby we can come to some agreement, please let me know.

We have had many previous successful Track Hoe day festivals without our lovely witch. Perhaps we should just proceed as usual. The weather looks promising enough.

jack rip her

Posted 12:36 pm, 02/14/2020

Happy Trackhoe eve

jack rip her

Posted 7:16 pm, 02/10/2020

Let me guess, it was not a rental or a mortgage situation.


Posted 3:18 pm, 02/10/2020

We may have a problem. I picked crazy up (put her in the back of my pickup) and got a room in Wilkes County thinking I could sneak her into the room and have her scrub down. She wanted no part of it. In fact, she cut such a ruckus that the manager called the law. Law came, and didn't have kind words for me. In fact, I was lucky to get out of there without warrants issued against me. The hotel wouldn't even refund my money.


Posted 9:42 pm, 02/09/2020

Can you get the fire department to hose her down first? Surely we can find someone that still has some DDT powder sitting around in a barn to delouse her. And you still probably should keep her down wind of everyone.


Posted 9:04 pm, 02/09/2020

Let's make this a very special track hoe day! I'm gonna personally invite crazy to be the guest of honor!

jack rip her

Posted 11:23 am, 02/09/2020

Pointman that would serve as a tribute to the house she burned to the ground belonging to the Heafners. Its turning out to be the biggest track hoe day ever.


Posted 11:17 am, 02/09/2020

Maybe we could include the burning of a tent camper with fireworks as an encore.


Posted 4:17 pm, 02/08/2020

88, you know where to come claim your prize


Posted 10:47 pm, 02/07/2020

I heard from the drunken preacher. He will be here, but not for free this time. He first said his fee was $5k to make a winter appearance. But we negotiated and I got him down. He settled for two cases of Milwaukee's Best and three bottles of Ol Grandad. The catch though is he still doesn't have a license, so we have to pay his daughter to drive him down. I couldn't get her down any lower than 5grams of meth. Anyone got a hookup that can help with this part?

jack rip her

Posted 8:06 pm, 02/07/2020

I just got the good news for Track hoe day 2020. We have obtained a dilapidated, rat infested, nasty, singlewide mobile home that is almost the same two tone color of the original Christmas mountain trailer. We are even going to set it up on the spot of the old wood pile. On that very moment February 15 we are going to have a track hoe demolish it to a mere pile of rubble. Before the track hoe strikes the first blow I will read the original letter sent by James Hefner to Krazy .


Posted 4:04 pm, 02/07/2020

Like the river bash, I wouldn't dream of missing track hoe day! I will be bringing the usual champagne and light horsd'oeuvres

Will the drunken preacher be there this year to perform the usual exorcism?


Posted 3:30 pm, 02/07/2020

Well I think I deserve a prize.


Posted 2:08 pm, 02/07/2020

88, you win the internet


Posted 9:53 am, 02/07/2020

RIP Frosty, Reno, Bertha, Isis, and several cats....

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